Friday, June 21, 2013

Ode to Summer

Oh Summer, I love you so!

With your warm breezes, beautiful sunsets, and billowy blue blossoms.

I am giddy with the scent of freshly mown grass, honeysuckle, and sweet magnolia.

You bathe me in warm sunlight, let me run barefooted, tease me with the flickering of lightning bugs, and replenish me with sweet watermelon.

If only you could last a little longer...

Happy Summer!!!


  1. OH beautiful! That blue is such a wonderful color and your photos are always something to look forward to!

  2. Kat - My 20 year old was just telling me she wants only blue hydrangeas at her wedding (she has to find a husband, first). Love that last pict.

  3. Oh, how beautiful. Aren't hydrangeas about the most gorgeous flowers ever? Thanks for sharing your photos with us.


  4. I've never seen photos that made me love summer more! Those gorgeous flowers against the white shed (??)... :) The close up is breathtaking!

    I'm up at the lake alone and thought of getting in touch but we are two hours behind you in Michigan. Maybe next week.


  5. Gorgeous images, i adore when Hydrangea have enough acid in the soil to turn blue.... mine don't. Happy weekend, Mary

  6. Simply gorgeous!! We are SO excited to have some beautiful purple blooms on our little bush-- maybe someday it will grow to be as big as yours!
    What a photo!!

  7. Are those your hydrangeas??? They are beautiful! Enjoy this first weekend of summer, my friend :)

  8. Kat, these images are beyond gorgeous!! The cool blues of the hydrangeas against the white wood of the shed and the green grass, a perfect cool look for summer! My post today has to do with summerizing your house, some of the blue hydrangeas in a white pitcher on a basket table with some shells and books about the beach would be a perfect addition to a summer room!
    Happy Saturday,

  9. Oh, how I love hydrangeas, Kat. To me they are the epitome of summer. Lovely post! xo, Phyllis

  10. Happy Summer to You, too! I love hydrangeas and yours are so lovely.

  11. How beautiful!!! Nothing says Happy Summer like blue hydrangeas. LOVE this post, Kat!


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