Saturday, June 29, 2013

Losing My Mind

Thanks so much for your encouraging words about my new paint color and our tiling project from our last post, I truly appreciate you all thinking we know what we are doing...because trust me, most of the time I haven't a clue!

So last night, while perusing the internet as I often do when I should be vacuuming or dusting, I found something that has kind of turned us on our heads.  I did a Google search for antique French oak...because I have in my head that when we add on our sunroom, that's what I want to use on the ceilings.  I know, I know, we aren't even planning a sunroom addition anytime soon, but a girl can dream can't she?!

Well, I found a great site that carries beautiful oak, but while I was on their homepage I noticed that they also carry tiles.  Do I need tiles...nope, remember my last post about how we were going to try and tackle the really hard tile job in our kitchen...but oh, the tiles on this site, well they called my name.  They practically sang to me and said, "You need me, you don't love those old tiles, they have forsaken you and been a pain in your hind parts for far too long, you love ME now!"

And the more I looked at them, the more the siren sounds called to me, and before I knew it I was sending the company that makes them an email and crossing my fingers that I wouldn't be broke or have to tell our son he couldn't finish college in order for me to use them!  And the truth of the matter is that Mr. Tide and I took a really hard look at the tiles we own (which we will use later in our bathroom remodel), and they are going to be REALLY hard to install in our kitchen, which is pretty much what every tile installer has said for 4 years.

So it's kismet I tell ya!  And because I can use them in another place, so they won't go to waste, and we can install the new tiles ourselves, because they are a much easier install...well I think we've made our decision.  So, barring the samples looking completely different than what they look like online, we have decided to go for it!

The other thing is that the original tiles, though gorgeous and hugely expensive, aren't singing to me anymore, they almost feel a little blah, at least for my kitchen anyway.  So I'm doing a total 180 and throwing caution to the wind and I have decided to embrace a little color where I once thought I just wanted mostly white.  

At first the new idea kind of made my stomach hurt a little, like, "what are you thinking, have you lost your mind?!"  But after visiting, writing, and photographing so many beautiful homes over the years, it's the homes where the owners go for it that have left the greatest lasting impression on me.

So sorry realtors if you're reading this, and chanting "resale, resale, resale," in your heads, I apologize but sometimes you just have to go out on that limb and take a chance, claim that space and make it your very own!  After all, isn't it the beautiful and unusual things in life that grab our attention and make us remember them?!

So today, while hanging out in the hammock, I spotted this Blue Grosbeak up in a tree.  We had always assumed it was an Indigo Bunting, but after finally getting some shots of it we realized that it's actually the Blue Grosbeak, which is said to be "uncommon" in our area and it truly is beautiful and memorable.  

I'm hoping my kitchen backsplash will be as beautiful and memorable once we get it installed, and I will share details of the tile just as soon as I get the samples and decide if they really are the ones!  Everything happens for a reason, so maybe that's why I never did get the other tile installed, but you can still call me crazy...just don't call me late for supper! ;-)

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. A woman after my own heart!! Do what makes YOUR heart sing, realtors be damned. (Have I told you the story of how we sold our house years ago in a down market to a couple who bought it because it WASN'T beige and "neutral"? Love your taste and I know I will love your new tiles, too.

  2. Oh, such a gorgeous bird! An indigo bunting would have had more colors I think.

  3. Beautiful bird! I think it's great that you found something that speaks to you! I'm still looking forward to seeing pictures.

  4. Go for it girl!!!! Whatever makes your heart sings is worth it Kat! The grosbeak is beautiful! SO are the posts I have missed since my last visit! Those hydrangeas by the shed are AMAZING! Every time I come here I leave felling so inspired. Thank you for that my friend.
    hugs from here....

  5. I can't wait to see the tiles you have chosen, and to hear about how the project goes! Your bedroom sounds lovely, too! I have been painting, painting, painting all week as we are re-doing a bathroom...I am getting too old for this DIY stuff lol...

  6. Oh how exciting to have a new backsplash installed. Sounds like fun, I always get excited for new projects around the home....The bird photograph is stunning! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  7. I am proud of you two for installing your own tile. We did tile once,badly, in our old house and will not be laying it again.

  8. So are you going to share the site?? Can't wait to see what you do with the bedroom.

  9. You have such an eye for detail, and color....I'm sure your project will be just beautiful when it's finished, Kat!!! Have fun with it!

  10. Once in our fourth home, I was thinking of doing over two bathrooms in white - resale! When my young son said, "so basically you are designing your bathroom to appeal to someone other than yourself." From the mouths of babes! If we have to live in it, we should love it!


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