Tuesday, May 28, 2013

She Couldn't Decide

In the end, she decided it was a little bit of both! :)


  1. You mean I can leave a comment??? Yay!! I've felt a bit like a free-loader, coming and taking and not giving anything in return. Your images are totally gorgeous ... you already know that. Combine them with your gift for words? Perfect!!

  2. There's beauty in every stage of life. xx

  3. LOVE your header and I love that I can leave a comment! Your photography is just gorgeous, Kat. I have your two prints up in my china cabinet in the back and they are just gorgeous behind my china. I think of you every time I look in there- Have a great week- xo Diana

  4. Now how come when I neglect my plants, they don't look this way? ;)

    Gorgeous photos, Kat!! They look a bit vintage-ish. Just beautiful!!!

  5. Ah, so pretty! I love old fashioned violets. Wishing you a great Wednesday.

  6. Beautiful flowers!! Just wondering how long I've been missing leaving comments--- I'm SO glad you turned them back on--- now I can tell you how much I love your photographs!



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