Friday, May 24, 2013

Not Again

When I first shot more pictures of flowers today, I thought to myself...people are going to think...NOT AGAIN, please, enough with the flower images.

But then I asked myself if "I" was tired of creating flower pics, or if I could ever tire of seeing flower pics, and my answer was a resounding no.

Right now my yard is overflowing with peonies, poppies, coreopsis, columbine, verbena, some blue flower that I don't know the name of, and lots, and lots of roses.

Now, I know some of you have been avid gardeners for years, and although I've always gardened and had flowers in my yard and in containers, this is the first year that I feel like I'm a "gardener."  You know, one of those people who has beautiful cut flowers strewn about their house, and who walks around each morning and evening admiring mother nature's handiwork.

My mother was a gardener, and could blow my not so tiny butt out of the water, but I'm learning to find happiness in something I used to do for others and not myself.  What I mean by that is I've always planted flowers to look pretty on my porch, or in places people could admire from the street, but I rarely planted flowers where I could enjoy looking at them.

Now, I am filling up the corners of my yard that I look at, while still wanting our yard to be beautiful for others.  I've finally grasped the concept of a secret garden, one that is reserved just for me and those I want to share it with.  Truth be told, I will want to share my secret garden too.

Lest you think that all I'm doing is lounging among the petals, here is my other new obsession...jams and jellies!  I ordered this book a bit ago and I plan to make good use of it once our blueberries are ripe.  

Since I'm gluten free, I don't even really eat much toast or things to put jam or jelly on, but that won't stop me from becoming a confiture connoisseur my friends!  You see, I think I'm channeling a bit of my grandmother these days and that makes me want to create things that are reminiscent of simpler canning, gardening, and whatever else brings me closer to nature.

So if you see a woman wearing an apron, carrying a baby lamb in one hand and stirring a pot of jam in another....just honk your horn and move on down the road...really, there's nothing to see here folks...just shake your head and say "not again!" ;-)  


  1. I never get tired of flowers, or photos of keep them coming! Baby lamb? Seriously?

    I have started getting better about cutting my flowers and bringing them in the house. I used to want the landscaping to be perfect for, I want flowers on the counter that make me smile. Simple things. Life is too complicated, we need to find pleasure where we can.

    How do you bring in the peonies...mine are always and have been for decades at every house, full of ants!

  2. LOVE the flowers - keep it up, Kat! Those are beautiful photos.

  3. I could never get tired of your beautiful flower photos, Kat! Who doesn't need more beauty in their day? XO

  4. Love your photos, Kat. The flowers are beautiful.

  5. You have truly become a gardener in my book because you are pleasing yourself. And I think a lot of our love for gardening is genetically passed on. Mysteriously so. My grandfather was a wonderful gardener and I was bored silly getting the tour of his garden beds filled with zinnias...well you know the rest. I love those Z's!

    I'm the opposite of you with the jams and jellies. I love my breads and crackers, etc, but I have a very weird abboration of textures in foods, especially sticky, jelled things; jams, jellies, syrups, confits, rice pudding, tapioca, jello, oatmeal. Aren't you glad to hear how strange I am?

    Have a happy holiday!


  6. honk honk...just saying hey :D

  7. You funny girl> Are you turning in to a real farmgirl---come on---join us, there's nothing more fun than lamb slobber :) all over one's hands. But seriously Kat, I could never tire of your florals. Yours are always the best.
    I just know you will love the jam making.
    hugs from here...

  8. Beautiful. I was a gardener, don't have one now, so very much enjoying yours.
    All best,

  9. I love your images and the lamb idea is sweet. I use to have a big garden and now I've started over and am on my 4th or 6th year and love every moment of it.

  10. I can't imagine growing tired of looking at your beautiful photographs of flowers. You manage to create a very timeless quality which I just love.


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