Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Roses and Radishes

Our weather has taken a turn back towards early springtime in terms of temperatures.   It's been a little crazy trying to decide how to dress each day when the temps have ranged from high 50s yesterday and today, to the 80s last week and for the rest of this week.

But as confused as we humans might be, I'm sure the plants are even more unsettled by this changeable weather.  Despite the fluctuations, the roses are coming along beautifully, and with warmer temps on the horizon again, it won't be long before we have blossoms everywhere.

For Mother's Day the past few years, my children have given me rose bushes as gifts, and I can't think of a better gift or one that keeps on giving in such a beautiful way.

Over the weekend, we planted all of our herbs, some tomato plants, and flowers in containers.  Now, when I sit out on my back patio, I feel like we are finally heading in to summertime and I love watching everything grow and prosper.

The other great thing about this time of year is that our farmer's markets are back in business after taking the winter months off.

Even though I grew up with a big garden each year, and we have the room to plant one of our own, we opt for planting just a few veggies and get the rest from local organic farmers.

I like the idea of supporting them, and it sure as heck beats having to water, weed, and worry about the deer gobbling up anything we would plant at our own house.

Last Saturday I was excited to see that one of our favorite vendors had French radishes.  I love radishes...and I'm the only one in my family who eats them, but I always buy several bunches.

French radishes are a little sweeter than other varieties and not quite as hot.  They are yummy in salads, but to be honest mine never last long enough to make it to a salad bowl.  

I just clean, trim, and sprinkle a little salt on them and then greedily gobble them up!  I sure hope they have more next weekend!