Monday, September 10, 2012

The Dream You Never Knew You Had

Last June I wrote a post about how I would soon be selling my artwork online.  I thought by the end of June that would be a reality, but the reality is that these things take time.

The truth is that what I've been doing since over a year ago has finally brought me to the place where I'm supposed to be.  The road I've traveled has been bumpy, winding, and sometimes downright depressing, but in the end I have learned something at each turn.  I won't bore you with the long winded version, but what I thought would be a dream come true back in January turned out not to be.  And although I was horribly disappointed at the time, it turns out that everything really does happen for a reason.

Back then I was flying solo, talking to big name stores, and within a hair's width of selling in some of them.  After a deal with Home Goods fell apart due to the fact that I couldn't compete with the low cost of imported merchandise and I couldn't find a good framer here in the US that wanted me to also make some money on the deal, I was completely bummed!  But thanks to one amazing Home Goods buyer, the one who believed in my stuff from the very get go, I was motivated to keep going.  She and I even agreed when the deal fell through that we were sure that our paths would one day cross again, and I truly hope they do.  She had a dream to design jewelry, and I hope that she is doing just that....following her dream the same way I am!

All the while, my good friend Mary Beth was also on a path of her own...and often feeling the same sense of frustration I was.  We both knew we had good saleable artwork...or at least we hoped like heck we did, but how could we get it out there, find a way to sell it?!

After traveling parallel paths for over a year, it finally dawned on us that what we both needed was each other.  She felt like some of her artwork, created using traditional painting methods, was lacking something, and I felt like my images and graphics needed something to make them more well rounded too.  So on a lark we decided to see what we could create together.  She would paint certain elements, and I would add my touches to create artwork we felt was lacking in the marketplace.

So far we've come up with some wonderful collections...several of which may be licensed by companies for things like wall decor, dishware, and who knows what else.  That's all in the very beginning stages though, so we are taking it day by day and learning to not sweat the small stuff.

Did I mention how stinking talented Mary Beth is!!!  I swear, all I have to do is ask her to paint something, like the butterflies above, and poof, she creates something beyond my expectations!

So once we had decided to start working together, we needed to settle on a name...and Bay Studios was born.  Add to the mix an amazing online art company I had found while searching around, and we were off and to speak!  Well if running at a snail's pace can be considered running.

The company we have teamed up with has been in business for years, so their guidance has proved invaluable in so many ways!  It's because of them that we've been taking our time, making sure we get this right and that we are offering customers artwork they can't get any place else, and hopefully filling a niche that hasn't been filled before.

Very soon, we will be offering some of our artwork for sale, and I have my fingers crossed that you all will love it as much as we have loved creating it for you!  It truly has been a labor of love for the two of us!

In addition to the Bay Studios pieces, I will also have some of my own images for sale on the site, like the floral above.  Because the paint is not dry on the walls so to speak, I won't put a link to the website quite yet.

But I did want to share with you why it's taken so long to get from point A to point B...or maybe point Z in this case!  And in the not too distant future I will be letting you know about some artwork you can pre-order and I will give you a coupon code as well.  It's a gift from Mary Beth, the gallery, and me, to say thank you for your patience and for your support, even when it seemed like the dream might never become a reality!

I think the biggest lesson I've learned is that even when you think you are following your dream, sometimes it is the dream that has to find you.  And when that happens, it's bigger than any dream you could have ever imagined!  Now get going and start your dream so that it can find you too!

I would like to give a special shout out to Kim, Kate, Michelle, Connie, and Linda for keeping me going when I was ready to throw in the towel.  Your friendship, support, and great taste has all been invaluable...thank you!!!



  1. I am confident you and your talent will find a way and a niche. Love the Bay Studios name.

  2. Oh Kat, how exciting..they say that good luck is really just taking the right road with a lot of hard work thrown in! I will be looking for that rose print to buy and add to my wonderful that you and your dream are moving forward and becoming a reality❤

  3. If you don't hit the big time there is something wrong with folks somewhere. Your art work is fantastic already and add to it your partner's!!!! xo Diana

  4. How wonderful..any chance you'll have anything with an old mare, grey of course on it? lol :D
    Congrats...keep following the dreams <#

  5. A long gestation for a unique result Kat ~

  6. We all know how talented you are and I'm glad you had the perseverance to make your dreams come true. We can never make it alone! I'm so happy for you and excited that we will be 'in the know' as things develope! Hugs!

  7. You know I love the first image ... said the woman who uses a yellow rose as her profile photo.

    How sad is it that American stores turn their backs on American products.

    Everything you posted today is absolutely beautiful.

  8. A lovely story to encourage others. Your talent is much appreciated by so many of us out here.
    well done
    Bec x

  9. Sooo lovely! Very well done! I can olny imagine it being just DAYS before you hit it big! As an artist, I surely can relate to your struggles. Blessings to your success, as it is sure to come!!!

  10. I am sure your dream will definitely find you very soon! Your artwork is beautiful and so creative! Thank you for your inspirational story, it is very encouraging.

  11. I am so excited for you!! I have always LOVED your art!
    I totally understand the disapointment of selling in some storeps. By the time they take their part, it is hard to make a dime!
    This post is very encouraging, I wish you much success!

  12. Kat, that is absolutely wonderful!!! I am so very excited for you (and Mary Beth). I wish you all the success you deserve!! HUGS!!

  13. Aww, I KNEW you could
    do it....and here you are.

    Sounds like a beautiful
    collaboration and I can't
    wait to see the results!!


    xo Suzanne

  14. Kelly J/Hunters HillSeptember 12, 2012 at 1:20 PM

    Kat, this is awesome news. I adore your artwork and I am very familiar with Mary Beth's - this is a wonderful match! Looking forward to hearing (and seeing) more!

  15. Kat, I missed this post so came over to read it today. I admire your perseverance, and how you learned with each step. I am a writer and there is a lot of rejection in being a writer, but we just dust ourselves off and carry on. Well done, friend.

  16. Oh Kat, what an exciting collaboration! So much depth in the artwork. You and Mary Beth have hit upon such an innovative way to create art. I want to see more! And my goodness I do love the title of your post and how your dream evolved into something you could have never predicted. I can so relate! xoxo ~Lili

  17. Oh, Kat. I'm so pleased for you! These are gorgeous images. So excited for your new venture ~ xoxo

  18. This is so awesome, Kat! Sometimes things just work out in a way you never saw coming! I can't wait to see what the two of you are doing! How exciting! Your risk taking and hard work have always inspired me!


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