Wednesday, September 26, 2012

At Loose Ends

Isn't it funny how when you look back at the same time of year last year how different things can be?  It was just over a year ago that I was wandering the flower markets of France and dreaming about where I hoped I'd be a year from then.

I was dreaming of where I wanted to take my photography, how I wanted to market and sell my artwork, ways to better myself as a person, and all the wonderful possibilities that travel opens you up to.

So why is it that when that one year mark rolls around, and we've met some some of our goals, and exceeded others, that we find ourselves unsure of which way to turn until we find the next inspirational turning point?!

The past few weeks I've been re-evaluating just about everything it seems...

Like what I want to create next, what color to paint our bedroom, and today I cleared out the black cabinet in our living room, and tore apart the guest room closet.  Now keep in mind that I have LOTS of other things I should be doing, like processing pictures, vacuuming up dog hair, making something for dinner besides sandwiches (which Mr. Tide has been making btw!), and putting out some of my fall decor that resides in the huge tubs taking up valuable real estate in our living room!

Mr. Tide lays low when I get into one of these phases, he's learned over the years that "this too shall pass."  He simply nods and agrees with my grandiose plans to sell everything we own and move into a teeny tiny house one minute, and then announcing that I want to replace every stick of furniture in the living room and buy a hot tub the next.

And he never even misses a beat when he comes home from work to find swatches of every grey known to man adorning our bedroom walls.  He knows that my "I think I want to paint our bedroom," has turned from a 2 year long idle notion into a quest worthy of the crusades!

The walls will be painted...color still yet to be determined, the need to purge will give way to loftier pursuits, and my desire to live the simple life in a one room shack will be replaced by a need to buy a second home in Paris...or maybe the Cotswolds.  Yup, I will find new ideas and dreams to churn around in this little head of mine.

Some of those dreams will become a reality in a year, some will be long forgotten, and my loose ends will be nicely tied up like the ribbon that holds a dozen roses bought at a french flower market!  Am I the only one who goes through this?!


  1. Nope, you aren't the only one. Just recently I got my husband to agree to live in an airstream trailer. He wisely agreed, knowing that it was just a phase and it too shall pass. I love how years worth of these phases have given us the wisdom to just ride them out. You can at least get the paint selected and the closet and cupboards cleaned out in the meantime.

    by the way, have you considered BM steel wool (2121-20). It is a nice true medium gray that I used on the lower cupboards in the kitchen. I could see it in a moody bedroom - or is it you that would be moody ;)

  2. Kat, maybe we are twins?? :)
    My list of to dos is growing and yet I am blog hopping and pinning away on pinterest. Also, dreaming of a summer home in Maine....and what colors to paint the inside, etc. Just like twins ;)

  3. Oh I am like this, is actually when I am at my most creative. So much is going on in my's just hard to harness it though, and actually accomplish something!

  4. No, my friend! You are most definitely NOT the only one that goes through this.

    Right there with ya. :-)


  5. Hello....have you "met" me? I am the original Dug when it comes to squirrel moments.
    I'd say all your contemplation results in some outstanding work!

  6. Hey Kat...that's why we are all kindred spirits...we are dreamers with overactive and creative imaginations! Oh...the possibilities!

  7. I think we all go through this, especially when a new season begins since it's a time of change. I see ideas and inspiration everywhere and I can't seem to corral it all into something cohesive. Sometimes I wish I just had the energy to keep up with my swirling thoughts!


  8. Kat, the difference
    between YOU and
    most of US, is that
    you have actually
    turned your dreams
    into realities! Bravo!

    So, so proud of you
    and all that you have

    And I agree with our
    friend Linda: sounds
    like you are entering
    a very creative phase,
    so go with it {even if
    it does mean sammies
    for dinner}!!

    xo Suzanne

  9. I can absolutely see the look(s) on your dear husband's face as you flit from thing to thing like you're describing. It's natural to shake up our surroundings from time to time.

    Do you really want a grey bedroom? I agree that your current color has served its purpose and is ready to retire ... but grey? I have my little Farrow and Ball color brochure handy, and there are a couple of colors that jump out at me ... sort of grey, but very dimensional and not at all depressing ... one is Skylight, and the other is Light Blue. Pale Powder is nice, too, now that I look at it. Next time I'm in Warrenton, I'll get a little brochure for you. You will love the colors.

  10. Kat- no dear- you are not the only one-- and for me, the list seems to go on and on! It's just a life process I think-- I'm learning to live with it!

    Don't worry-- be happy!

  11. Dreams are what propel us into our future! Oh gosh I can so relate to this post Kat. And I always marvel at what you accomplish too from your many goals and dreams. Mr Tide is just so sweet and very knowing...he is definitely a keeper! xo ~Lili


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