Saturday, September 29, 2012


It was great hearing from so many of you that I'm not the only one who is tearing apart my house and going through change.  In fact painting and closet cleaning are not the only changes that have been going on around here.

When I went to purchase the domain name "Bay Studios" a few days ago, I realized it was already spoken for, so that meant that Mary Beth and I needed to come up with a new name.  After sending a few ideas her way, we both agreed on Ebb Tide Studios.

I like it, and since both she and I live on the water, it seemed fitting to have a water related name.  So from here on out we will be known as Ebb Tide Studios.  For now we won't have our own website, but we're hoping that will change sometime in the next year.  We would love to offer up different goods with our artwork on them, like guest towels, dishes, and fabric, but that's a ways down the road.

We are super excited though, and we've been plugging away on some artwork for autumn.  Both of these images will be for sale as wrapped canvases very soon so we would love to have your feedback on them.  

We wanted to capture the essence of Fall, and with this second one we were really going for a vintage feel.  I wanted to create something that had an old oilcloth feel, so I even added the golden checkerboard background reminiscent of tablecloths from the 40s and 50s.

Along with the new artwork, we've made some good progress on the house stuff.  The guest room closet is now neat as a pin...well as neat as it will every be, and the black cabinet in the living room has a brand new look that I'll share with you very soon.

We have bags of stuff to drop off at the donation shop tomorrow, and one of my dear friends is taking a black and cream toile bedding set off of my hands, so we are moving in the right direction.

And I would like to give a special shout out to my friend Papa Jim.  You may recall that he had surgery awhile ago and has had a very long road back to recovery.  Today is his birthday, and I know both he and his family are happy to have him home and to be celebrating his special day together.  

Change can be a very good thing sometimes!  I hope you are each having a lovely weekend and that whatever changes you have on the horizon are for the better!

If you would be interested in either of the images above as a wrapped 12 x 12 wrapped canvas (other sizes are also available), you can email me at for pricing and more info!


  1. Your images are lovely!
    I have been doing much the same as you, and today made a very rewarding trip to the St Vincent de Paul store to unload a car full of boxes and bags, What a good feeling!

  2. I'm so excited for you! And Happy Birthday to Papa Jim! I'm wishing him a speedy recovery and a good year to come! Hugs!

  3. Happy Birthday to Papa Jim!
    Change is good. You seem to be in a good place and moving forward! Love your fall images and the new name too...:)

  4. I love both of these, Kat! Combining your talents with Mary Beth is a wonderful idea. And I love the name of your website!

    Happy Birthday to Papa Jim! I wish him well. I'm glad to hear you are making headway with your's such a good feeling when you're finished. I have had a very boring day, just trying to get this cold out of my system. Blah!


  5. Beautiful & good luck on your venture! Happy Birthday Papa Jim!

  6. Maybe tidying is an equinoxal thing - I have definitely felt the urge and plan to lie down until it passes.

    Happy Birthday to Papa Jim! I wish him a lovely Indian Summer.

    1. LOL, maybe that's what I should do, just lie down for a bit until it passes. :)

  7. I like Tricia's idea ... but, like you, I am in the midst of a big wave of change ... and I plan to ride this thing until I settle into a more organized and peaceful environment. I hope it ends up the same for you.

    BTW, in case I forgot to tell you, your artwork is beautiful!

  8. Hey Kat - Wonderful to find you on Pinterest :) And a very Happy Birthday to Papa Jim!! He must be happy to be home. Have a great soon!

  9. Change is a great thing, good luck going forward and Happy Birthday to Papa Jim!

  10. Ebb Tide is such a perfect name for your joint venture! I am so happy for you, this is so exciting and I just love the vintage look of those pumpkins. It does remind me of oilcloth! xo ~Lili


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