Monday, September 24, 2012

Fruits of Our Labors

In our hemisphere, this time of year is full of so many wonderful things...

Like apples and pears straight off the tree...

Sipping cups of tea with a spoonful of honey, while wrapped in a favorite sweater...

And color, beautiful warm, rich colors, like the setting sun, the falling leaves, and the bounty of the harvest.

It's as though the earth is reminding us to enjoy the fruits of our labors before old man winter pays us a visit.  Are you drinking in all that Autumn has to offer?!


  1. The luminosity of your still life is striking. I love those deep-hued rich!

  2. Again, these should be framed in a gallery, Kat!

  3. Just patiently awaiting the color changing of the leaves as our temperatures slowly cool down.

  4. I need to heed your words and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me. I do love pears and the cooler temps and I love the colors of Autumn. I always have a little trouble embracing the season but I'm going to try harder this year. Sweet hugs!

  5. These photos are stunning, Kat! I especially love the third one!

  6. I love that reddish pear. I buy pears just for their beautiful reddish hues - like the pretty anjou pears that you get in the winter. Gorgeous photos you took.

  7. Kat- I love cool crisp autumn days--- I just wish I had more time to enjoy them!!

    The photos of the fruits are simply wonderful!

  8. Yum, yum and Yum! These are marvelous still lifes! or is it lives? lol! xo ~Lili


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