Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Loving Thoughts

I'm busy as a bee creating new artwork, and I think that watching all those episodes of Downton Abbey has had a positive effect on both me and my artwork.  You see, I'm not a huge lover of the Victorian period, it's often a little too formal and fussy for my taste, but there are a few aspects that I do love about that era.  One of those things is the Victorian's love of flowers.  Wealthy Victorians spent a considerable amount of time dedicated to the pursuit of gardening, flower arranging, and propagation of new flowers.

The glorious greenhouses and solariums built on some Victorian estates are a testament to their love for everything floral.  And if you've been lucky enough to visit a Victorian mansion, you know how lovely the gardens were during that time period.

When we visited Biltmore a few years ago, I was immediately smitten with the beautiful gardens even more-so than the house, and informed Mr. Tide that I could indeed of lived happily during that time in history.  He quickly added that I could have lived then "if" I had been a wealthy Victorian...so true!


I also love how the Victorians gave nearly every flower a meaning, mostly relating to love or beauty, the world of flowers became a secret language during the gilded age.  Some flowers had meanings long before the Victorians came along of course, but they took it to a whole new level with their many sentimental attributes assigned to each variety. 

Pansies for instance were said to represent loving thoughts or remembrance.  If you received a bouquet of flowers from someone in the know during that time period you could expect to find out much more about what they were thinking than just the simple gesture of being given flowers.  I like to think that during that part of our history that many a shy man was able to convey his undying love, not through words, but through his careful selection of flowers. 

Wouldn't it be lovely if today people, instead of just grabbing whatever is on sale at the grocery store, (me included), took the time to really use flowers as a form of communication?  Ahh, those crazy Victorians, at least the rich ones, clearly had a lot of time on their hands, something I'm a wee bit jealous of these days.  At least these pansies can send loving thoughts to all of you though! :-)


  1. Kat, all of your photos are just gorgeous!! I especially love the first one with the Paris words above the pansy-really gorgeous!! You are one talented lady! We must both be on flower kicks today, I just posted about sweet peas!

  2. I too like that flowers each have a specific purpose or meaning when given to someone.....

  3. Kat, these are stunning! Beautiful work, lady :)

    I've always loved the meaning of flowers and also wish we could return to the meaningfulness of that time. Such romance. Refreshing in an age of text messaging and facebooking.

  4. Lovely post Kat. Downton is so beautifully filmed. I could stand the clothes too from then if I were a size four.

  5. KAT- OMGOSH- These are just wonderful examples of your art work! Beautiful and I LOVE pansies..they have such sweet little faces! xo Diana

  6. Hi Kat,
    These beautiful flower images are so lovely. I agree that the Victorians really had style when it came to beauty and gardens.


  7. Kat-the pansy photos are wonderful! I actually just put out your framed print here today...look for it in an upcoming table top post. I just love it!

    Guess where we are headed next month? Biltmore for the Flower Festival along with a few other stops. You've made me anxious to see those gardens!

  8. Oh, I love what you've done! Beautiful, Kat.

    The Language of Flowers.

  9. OH Kat, these are SUCH pretty photos! I've always loved how flowers are used to convey different feelings...

  10. Hi Kat! These are gorgeous!!! I love what you are doing.
    I hope you are well, I got your message, thank you. I know you are busy and it looks like a good busy. :) Hopefully all your snow melted. :) Keep up with your work, you are going to make it girl!

  11. Thank you for visiting me so I could stop over here and just visit your pages and gallery. So inspiring! What beautiful photos! Thank you again and I will be back to view them over and over. I really love the flowers in your gallery.

    Big hug

  12. Oh Kat, I love what you've come up with using your gorgeous images, especially the 'Paris' themed one! And what a nice thought to know just how to convey your feelings through the use of flowers. xo ~Lili

  13. Gorgeous work, my friend!
    I read a novel in December
    called The Language of Flowers.
    It was cool how the protagonist
    uses her knowledge of Victorian
    flower meanings....

    xx Suzanne

    PS: Funny about your snow!
    We had a snow day on Feb. 29th.
    Those are nearly unheard of, here,
    but especially so late in the winter!


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