Thursday, March 15, 2012

What Would They Say?

If you were run over by a truck tomorrow what would you want people to remember about you?


I know that's a crazy #$$ question, but I think it's one we should all really ponder from time to time.

Would you want them to say that you were an awesome blogger, or that you were an awesome mother, father, wife, husband, sister, brother, daughter, or son?  Or would you want them to say both?

Would you want people to say that you were kind, considerate, giving, helpful, loving or that you were cut throat, ruthless, and #1 at whatever it is you do?  Are all of these things incongruent with one another or do we each have a little bit of all of those things rolled into us as human beings?

Yesterday and this morning I pondered all of these questions...and more.  And as I looked in the mirror and wondered if my skinny jeans would ever fit again I had to wonder who I wanted to be and what I would be willing to give up to get there.  And I had to remember that every day can't be perfect and neither can we, but it can be pretty darned close if we focus on the positives and not the negatives.  Nurture ourselves and others, not try to build ourselves up by tearing others down...what a waste of precious energy that must be.

These are tough questions my friends, hard ones to answer and some that just can't be answered.  But I think that as we push and pull ourselves to succeed, be it on a blog or anywhere in life we have to also remind ourselves to not lose a bit of ourselves in the process...unless of course you are losing the bad things, then I think that would be a good thing. 


  1. We have talked about this. I have always said that I hoped everyone would remember me as a kind person that treated everyone the same. xo Diana

  2. Thanks for putting things back into perspective. I need that every once in a while.
    On a lighter note, I want them to say that I always kept a beautifully spotless house. Yes, that's right, I want them to lie through their teeth!

  3. Hi Kat! First I have to tell you those pansy photos are just gorgeous!! Secondly, thank you for making us think today!! I hoped that I would be remembered as a good wife, mother, Nana and friend. I try to be good to everyone but sometimes there are people who just really rub me the wrong way (good thing that doesn't happen very often-LOL!!!). I treat them the same until they get so out of control that I cannot treat them nicely anymore. I hope that I am remembered for my gardening, knitting and jewelry making skills as well. I hope you are having an awesome day!!

  4. What a deep and interesting question to ask ourselves. Thank you for putting it out there.
    I actually kicked off a Thankful Thursday spot on my blog that's in the same vein of this sentiment, reminding myself to be grateful for the things I have and being less focused on the things I want. Hopefully, people will say one day that I was a grateful person. =) Working on it.

  5. I want to be remembered as "that skinny bitch". Hee hee-hee.

  6. I'd like to be remembered as that person who was always ready to help, whenever and wherever. And if just one person called me "that skinny bitch," I'd be grinning from ear to ear. ;-)

  7. Very nice post! I often think about things like this. Especially when I glance at the obits and read what someone writes about a loved one. I think, first I want it to be said I took care of my family. Then I would like be remembered as joyful. Thanks for giving me something to think about today. Bonnie

  8. I don't think I am living up to my imaginary obituary. I think it should say "didn;t live to her potential". Maybe that is harsh but painfully true.

  9. Hi Kat-
    Such beautiful photos- as always.

    Honestly- I always have wondered about this question. I'd want people to say that I made a difference somehow--- but I guess I'll never know- will I?

    I can't even tell you how pleased I was that you stopped by to leave a sweet comment a few days ago-- it meant the world to me to hear from you--


  10. A long time ago, Barbara Walters interviewed James Garner and his answer to the last question she posed to him is something I will never forget. It was simple and perfect, and I use it as my own when people ask me how I want to be remembered.

    And I tell them, "with a smile."

  11. Very insightful post and one that makes me think. I guess I would like people to know that there was very little I wouldn't try. The word "No" rarely came out of my mouth. And yes, it got me into trouble a few times, but I have always had an angel on my shoulder. And that can be mentioned also!


  12. It would be good to think I could have had a positive impact on someone else's life I guess. Just as long as I would be remembered positively-- that would be nice. Good thought-provoking subject Kat! I love how you photographed those pansies. xo ~Lili

  13. They'd probably say I shoulda been looking at where I was going instead of watching the squirrels! Just kidding.
    I've been thinking on this same thought for some time. So much so, there may be a post of some kind wrapped up in my answer. One thing I'm sure of...I want laughter through the tears. If the memories bring a giggle...I will have been a success.
    I'm pretty sure folks will say about you is "she took time to smell the flowers." Your love for the outdoors shines through in your photos. Oh...and I'll be sure and say you made me think when I didn't always want to.
    Great post darlin'.

  14. hi kat! like others have said before me, your photos are just beautiful!

    ok, thought provoking post here....well, i would hope that i was remembered as a good mom, wife and friend. i had to laugh about the other comment about being "the skinny bitch!" that made me laugh! but more than anything, i just want others to think that they will see me again in Heaven...and that would be the icing on the cake for me. the promise of eternal life and for others to recognize that God is good and things will be forever with faith and love.

    God Bless you!


  15. Oh, Kat, what a wonderful post ! The pictures are, as always, lovely, and the ideas to "ponder on" are certainly ones of great importance. You ALWAYS post something so inspirational, meaningful, beautiful, or just plain "fun". Thanks. Have a great weekend. Mickie ;)

  16. I'll probably take this question with me through tomorrow. It's something I talked about with friends last week. We have a friend who is ill and we've decided to have a party where we'll all bring poems and songs inspired by her - we don't want to wait until it's too late - would rather let her know how much she's loved now.

  17. Great post, Kat. and yeah...

    .. "with a smile".

  18. Our current posts are on
    such similar wave lengths,
    kinda gave me chills : ) I
    SO hear you, Kat.

    You have always lifted me
    and other bloggers with
    your writing and photography,
    be sure of that. But I know
    that time spent on these
    endeavors means time away
    from other things, and in
    that lies the rub.....the balance.

    Love ya, sweet friend!

    xx Suzanne

  19. Friendly and generous ... that's what I want.

  20. Hubby and I have discussed this quite a few times over the years. He came up with "giving" and I said "caring". We were happy with that and pray that God continues to lead us in that direction to be people who live up to those words. ♥

    xoox laurie


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