Friday, May 27, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over

Sometimes when I think I should just quit blogging and move on to other things, I do a post and you all remind me of all the reasons why I'm still here.

You leave comments or email me about something I have written, and I know that on some level we have connected...if only for a moment.

It's those connections that make us human, which help us to grow, and what makes each of us special and able to bring something unique to this world, thereby making it a better place.

There is so much beauty in the world, found in people, places, and even things.

Yet sometimes that beauty is diminished, lost behind the pain and ugliness that exists in our world.

The good in the world is never buried very deep though, and sometimes all we have to do is to open our eyes, and our hearts, in order to bring it back to the surface.

Prejudice is the veil that some of us wear in order to color our own perceptions of what is beautiful.  And I've always thought that it's much easier to judge others than to look deep inside ourselves to find out what is truly making us dislike what we see around us and in others.

My hope is, and always has been, that my children, and their children, will one day live in a world where people learn to judge someone for who they truly are.  And the only way we can do that is to get to know the other person.   To reach out a hand to your fellow man, even if they aren't the same size as you, practice the same religion you do, love the same gender you do, or live in the same type of house you do.

I also hope that if I have ever just lost everything I own, including those I love, to a tornado, an earthquake, a flood, a hurricane, or any other natural disaster, that no one will judge me based on how I look.  I hope that my first thought when I see people suffering is not what they look like, but what I can do to help them in their time of need.  Because if someone can focus on a person's appearance above all else, and not on how they can help them, then I think that says way more about the person doing the judging then it ever could about those being judged.  

In the blog world we like to share what is pretty and perfect, but like some of you who have been so sweet to email me have said...sometimes it's nice to go a little deeper, and that's what I tried to do in my last 2 posts.

Now it's time to move on, but before this topic is laid to rest, I have to thank each of you for sharing a little bit of yourselves with me each and every day.  Through you I learn so much, and in the end that makes me a better person...someone whose cup runneth over, and someone who sees the world as a place where the glass is half full and not half empty. 


  1. I am so impressed by your words, it's a wonderful post! Personally I think blogland is very special, the blogging world makes my world bigger and I am learning people from other countries and other continents. That makes me happy and because we can not see each other, we can not judge on looks!

    Thank you so much for your words and your friendship!!! Many hugs, Ingrid

  2. What a beautifully written post, Kat. Such loving thoughts & words that I hope so many people read and take to heart.

    Happy Memorial Day weekend!!


  3. Lovely post! Kat, you should take all the photos from this blog and make them all into note cards and name them the tea cup rose series!!! I love them-just gorgeous!! You are FABULOUS!!! Have a great weekend! xxoo

  4. Kat, what a lovely sweet post!!! Keep writing what is on your heart and leaving your message to all that read your blog. I think we all are recieving wonderful food for thought from YOU, xo Kathysue

  5. Kat, I read yesterday's post and had to get up and walk away from my compter. If I had started a comment it would have gone on forever, because I was so touched by every single word.

    As the mother of an adult child who has stuggled with obesity since her father died when she was only ten, I know full well the prejudice others have against those who are overweight. I've never understoon the ugliness inside those who thought it was perfectly acceptable to say awful things to her face or "whisper" them behind her back. She had lapband surgery last year and although she is now 109 pounds lighter, she still has a long way to go. I won't go into the reasons why she weighed so much, the only thing that matters is that she has a BIG heart and because of thoughtless people, she has suffered emotionally. Thank you for speaking out, this is the part of blogging I love, that we are a supportive group and we can open the eyes of others through our words. Your voice was heard. Thank you.

  6. The friends that I have made blogging has been one of the best things for me...hang in there!

  7. I believe if you have nothing nice to say please keep it for yourself... some people need to learn some manners... have a lovely weekend!!!

  8. OMG!!! i was multitasking and left the wrong comment to you!!! soooo sorry please disregard the other one I left... you are a lovely person and your post was lovely and very brave! have a great weekend and I'm sorry for the mistake!

  9. LOL Punctuation worries, I actually didn't think anything of it! And thanks everyone else!

    Kat :)

  10. Is that THE Lulu of To Sir with Love? If so, she looks great --- Love her!

    Best Wishes and Happy Weekend-


  11. I love what you write - Kat - I love who you are!

  12. My goodness, I see
    that while BLOGGER
    has been making my
    life miserable this
    week, I've missed
    something special,
    here. Off to have
    a look. Loved these
    serene pics, Kat!
    xx Suzanne

  13. Oh how I adored Lulu and To Sir With Love back in the day. She's still looking pretty snazzy for being an old lady like the rest of us!


  14. Lulu is an old favorite
    You are a new favorite!

  15. Your roses are so beautiful paired with your teacups and saucers. I'm thinking they're some from Hartwood Roses. Oh it looks like I have missed some posts that I need to catch up on! xo ~Lili

  16. Kat ~ another beautiful post. May you have a blessed weekend my friend ;-)

  17. What a beautiful post, Kat...the writing and the photos...I'm so glad we are friends!

  18. Wow. So many words and emotions expressed here in your post Kat and in the comments that followed. I could comment many different words as I have so much inside too. Deeply we feel, deeply we grow, deeply we live.

    My heart is connected to Joplin and I am prompted to share what I just wrote in todays blog post with my readers.
    I have a friend whose family has lost their home & their means to make a living due to the Tornados destruction.
    Because of the love for a brother no matter what one looks like I hope all people will reach out and extend love to others at this time.
    Especially those hurting in Joplin & elsewhere.
    We have so much to be thankful for.

  19. Thank YOU Kat. You are a beautiful person. A-M xx

  20. I wish everyone who judged based on appearance would remember..everything can change for you in an instant.
    Thanks, Kat, for these wonderful posts.

  21. Kat, I have just been catching up on my blog reading - what a lot I missed in the past few days! I just wanted to say, "BRAVO!" "Well said!" And, "Thank You!" I felt that you should know another reader out here enjoys all of your posts - the pretty ones and the meatier ones! This is a topic that touches so many lives, mine included. Thank you for speaking about it.

    P.S. I grew up in MO & lived in KS for a decade, not EVERYONE there is obese and there are many families with only one child. The media images do not paint the entire picture.

  22. Kat I have enjoyed these poignant posts.Lisa is so right and as I live in the Kansas City area, I know that there are many fashionable fine people who are not obese.

    The truth is that fresh fruits and vegetables are very expensive for a family. We don't always know the whole story. When people are starved for affection or money they often eat so that they have some consolation/ comfort food. Often they have little else.

    Art by Karena

  23. Dearest Kat - I've been catching up on your posts tonight and I must admit, they all tugged at my heart. You have written them straight from your heart, openly, honestly, and with love. I commend you for that, sweetie. I agree with everything you have written and everything that you are feeling. I just wanted to say 'thank you' and give you a huge virtual {hug}. Keep inspiring us, sweetie. You're awesome. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  24. I don't really blog anymore but I love to visit the friends I have made during this adventure and you are definitely considered one of my friends. Thank you for being your beautiful self.

  25. Kat- you write beautifully and from the heart--
    I appreciate that you are so insightful and truly bare your soul with your thoughts here. It's really all about priorities in regards to losing everything- for me- it can all go away- I don't care. All I really need is my family and friends. I would never want to be so shallow as to judge someone based on their appearance or weight.
    I wish I knew you personally- I admire you so--

  26. I've just caught up on the string of posts and Amen sister. Beautiful thoughts and lovely photos. We Americans need to learn to love ourselves on the inside instead of putting a pretense of love on the outside. Beauty begins from within and you are truly beautiful!

  27. I came over to see you from Hartwood Roses, and love this post, both the delicate bouquet and your words, so I am your newest follower.

  28. Hello my dear friend, I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend. I know that I have told you before but you are one of the first people that I met here in blogland, your posts, photos and words inspired me and your comments gave me the courage to continue with my own blog. I love that we can all share things, bits and pieces of our hearts and souls and for the most part be supported and loved here. You are honest and open, encouraging and supportive and for that I am thankful. :)
    Your photos are beautiful as well Kat, I love the flowers and tea cups. :)


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