Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Celebrations and a Winner

Yesterday we celebrated not only Memorial Day, but also Mr. Tide's birthday!

His favorite cake is chocolate with chocolate frosting, all served with a heaping helping of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

When he was younger, he always thought that the reason people got the day off, or kids didn't have to go to school was because of his birthday, not because it was Memorial Day.  Wouldn't that be nice, to have your birthday be a special holiday for everyone?!

He had a nice day, filled with pampering and presents, and organic homemade chocolate cake with fudgy frosting.  It was a nice end to a very busy, work filled weekend where we planted 11 rose bushes and did lots of other yard work.

And speaking of roses...the winner of my latest giveaway is lucky #5...the wonderful Sherri from Sherri's Jubilee!  Congratulations Sherri, I know you will find just the right place to plant your new rose!  Just send me an email with your mailing address, and a wonderful Hartwood Rose, plus the other goodies, will be on their way to you right away!


  1. what a FUN weekend!!

    I just mentioned you on my post today

  2. Happy Birthday to Mr. Tide! The cake looks and sounds delicious!

    Congratulations to Sherri!

    ~ Tracy

  3. Happy Birthday to the hubster and I know Sherri will find the perfect place for that rose. Have a great week and that cake looks so yummy.

  4. Dear Mr. Tide,

    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday TO YOU.
    Happy Birthday, you big Sweetie.
    (you have to picture this in my best, off key singing voice.)

    ... and congratulations to the winner!

    Now you've made me hungry for cake.

  5. Hope that he had a wonderfully blessed birthday and that cake looks so delicious!! If you get a chance I would love for you to enter my eco friendly giveaway.

  6. The cake looks yummy. Happy Birthday to him and we did a lot of yard work, too.

  7. Yummy! I had a cake this weekend where the frosting tasted like watermelon! NO lie! I think I would have preferred that yummy looking organic one you made ;) Happy Bday to him!

  8. What a great day and giveaway too. I remember those pictures you took at your friends farm. How wonderful to win one. and your guy is mighty lucky to get such a cake.
    peace n abundance,

  9. Congratulations to the lucky winner, you're life will definitely be a bit rosier!

    Now Kat, do the rest of us get a piece of that cake?

    btw, thanks for the head's up on WordPress.

  10. Happy Birthday, Mr Tide! Now I want cake for breakfast!

    Congrats to Sherri!

  11. Fun times, except maybe for planting the rose bushes... my back would be a bit grumpy! Happy B-day, Mr. Tide!

  12. Congrats to the winner and Happy Birthday Mr. Tide!! :) I am so glad that you were able to celebrate and rest and that cake looks SO GOOD!! I bet your garden and yard are just beautiful. Enjoy your day my friend.

  13. Happy, happy
    B-day, Mr. Tide!
    That cake looks just
    scrumptious. Congrats
    to the winner.....A
    Hartwood Rose; what
    xx Suzanne

  14. Happy Birthday Mr. Tide! Looks like it was celebrated deliciously with chocolate!
    xo Cathy

  15. Congrats to Sherri and hey, a happy birthday to your husband.

  16. I am so excited that I won Kat!!!! I picked the Maggie rose-it is just gorgeous!!!! Thank you again for hosting this lovely giveaway!! HUGS to you and Connie!!!

  17. I almost forgot Happy Birthday to Mr. Tide!!

  18. It's fun to celebrate holiday birthdays. My husband and son's is the end of summer during Labor Day weekend, my sister's is the 4th of July so we got fireworks too and my Dad's was June 21st so it was at the least the first day of summer but many times Father's Day too. Makes the birthday that much more special. And this year my Mom celebrated her 80th birthday on Easter. Happy birthday to Mr. Tide and thanks for letting the rest of us help celebrate!

  19. Scrumptious sounding cake and organic too! I would love it. Congrats to Sherri and a belated Happy Birthday to Mr. Tide! xo ~Lili

  20. Ooh the cake looks great! Happy birthday to Mr. Tide! And congrats to Sherri!

  21. I'm so happy for Sherri! I've met her and she's a sweetie! ♥


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