Friday, May 20, 2011

I Lied

So yesterday I told you that today (Friday) I would tell you about my latest giveaway...well I lied!  I didn't mean to lie, in fact I had every intention of sharing the details about the giveaway with you, but I'm just dog tired tonight and so it will have to wait.

You see, I spent the day with Connie from Hartwood Roses and I took over 100 pictures!  No, not of Connie, she and I have a strict no picture rule of each other when we get together, but of her beautiful rose gardens! 

After being wined and dined by Connie and her family, I made a stop at Wegmans Grocery Store on the way home because I have a real thing for grocery stores that carry organic veggies and fruits, and grass fed only beef.

So the sun was low in the sky by the time I got home tonight and I didn't feel like processing all of the pictures I took today, though I did peruse them and I got some wonderful shots.  It's hard not to when you are surrounded by gorgeous roses!

So I'll be back soon to tell you about the giveaway...and because I was a bad girl and didn't get the actual giveaway post up today like I said I would, I will at least tell you that it involves winning a rose from Connie, plus some other rose related goodies from my good friend Doug that I told you about in my last post.

So thanks for letting me put my feet up and watch a movie...or more likely fall asleep on the couch tonight.  I'll be back soon with the full details on the giveaway.  Until then, you can enjoy some shots I took a few nights ago across the field next door.  I did a little tone mapping to the images, which is similar to HDR photography, and I like the way they turned out.  They are a little surreal, but in many ways more true to what it looks like after a day full of showers when the sun makes a grand entrance just before sunset.  I just wish I had had my camera with me about an hour earlier when I got to see a full rainbow, that was huge...oh well, sometimes you just have to use your memory, which is afterall, the best camera on earth!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!


  1. Gorgeous shots! I am happy that I stopped by. Enjoy the weekend! Anne

  2. Have a nice weekend Kat ! Photos are beautiful ! Will be giveaway only for American ? Ag -from Greece

  3. I could take photos of roses all day long myself so I get it!

  4. Hope you are sleeping well..shhhhhhh


  5. You only took a hundred photos?? Considering what the garden looks like right now, I almost consider that slacking. We WERE running our mouths almost nonstop, so I guess we were both pretty seriously distracted. :)

    I'm glad you understood my directions and hand gestures and made it to Wegman's.

    It is always wonderful to spend the day with you, catching up in person. You are a treasure, Kat, my dear, and I love having you as my friend!

  6. We're not going anywhere Miss Kat- you just relax.
    I can't wait to see your photos.
    I love roses!

    White Spray Paint

  7. Take your time, Kat. What fun, seeing a friend, sharing a meal and having a mini photo shoot with roses. Can't wait to see 'em.
    So what did you watch? Last night I saw Knight and Day and I loved it. I want to watch it again before I mail it back to Netflix.

  8. Spending the day with Connie and her roses? We can forgive that!

  9. What a glorious sunset. I always see the sunset over the ocean, so it's nice to see it from the perspective others have.

    Glad to see you're putting your feet up and taking some time for yourself. I know that was a big goal for you and I'm happy your following through with that!


  10. Sounds like you had a lovely day walking among the roses! Which is the way life should be - as they say in Maine!

    When you said you stopped at Wegmans my heart skipped a beat, LOL! I've been to the one in Fredericksburg and loved it!!! I wish they'd open one in MA - soon!

    I enjoyed my visit and your lovely photos, have a great weekend!


  11. Wegman's is from my hometown! Rochester, NY. I could never live anywhere that doesn't have a Wegman's. When people come to visit...a Big Wegman's grocery store is a destination! So glad you agree!

  12. Kat, looking at your pictures are all I ask - they're lovely. I managed to capture a rainbow once. It was amazing and only lasted a few seconds and it really felt that I could hold out my hand and touch it. So lucky I had my little camera with me!

  13. Awe....Beautiful!
    Blessings, Lisa

  14. That organic market sounds wonderful Kat and so does your day with Connie and the roses. Your end of the day photos are so relaxing and serene, much like the contented feeling you feel after a day well spent. xo ~Lili

  15. Beautiful photos, Kat! Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Liar, liar, pants on fire... ;-)

    No worries, you rest all you want, friend!

    Those images are dreamy, by the way.

    Happy Sunday!

  17. I hope that you were able to rest this weekend my dear. Your photos are beautiful and I am so glad that your were able to spend the day with Connie, it does a girl good to spend the day with friends. :)

  18. What wonderful photos!!! Can't wait to here about the giveaway!

  19. Dropped by from Connies, and I am glad I did!

  20. Beautiful photos!! Sometimes you just need to put your feet up and rest!

  21. Sounds like a perfect relaxing weekend and your photos are divine, Kat!

    Hope you get a chance to pop over to enter our "Pick Your Summer Pillow" giveaway this week (retail value up to $200!).

  22. Your images from the trip to Connie's were gorgeous as always. I have Dion Warwick playing in my head now.

    I agree, knockout roses are OK, but nothing compares to the old fashioned cottage roses.


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