Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You Might Be A Christmas Redneck If...and Other Outdoor Decor

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments about my dining room in my last post...I truly do appreciate each and every comment!

The last few days I've been outside in the cold and wind, both with the dogs and also trying to get my outside decor pulled together.  I always like to do something nautical on the exterior of our house since we live on the water, but this year I think I took it to a whole new "redneck" level!

You might be a Christmas Redneck If...you decorate with crab pots!  Yup, I got this bright idea the other day when I was down by our dock and saw our empty crab pots, which are retired until summer rolls around again.  I thought, hey, wouldn't it be neat to tuck a tree into the pot and then put my glass fishing float (that was a gift from the lovely Caroline at Ekster Antiques) next to it?!  Of course Mr. Tide helped with this endeavor, I love a man who doesn't question my crazy hairbrained ideas...he just nods and helps me find a tiny cedar tree!

Of course you can't have a crab pot without a crab right?!  This beautiful rusty crab garden stake came from my dear friend Traci.  She sent it to me for my birthday this year, and I LOVE it and quickly found a spot for it in the front flower bed right by the steps.  Thank you Traci!!!

Mr. Tide also helped wrap the fragrant pine roping around the porch.  I love having fresh greens both inside and outside this time of year...it just says Christmas is here to me!

I had hung several wreaths around the property earlier, but we added some pine roping to the fence as well to give it a more finished look.

While out running errands with my son yesterday I stopped by my grandparent's farm and grabbed some pine, holly, magnolia, and nandina berries to add to the porch.  Our property doesn't have many pine trees or magnolia, so I'm happy to still have a free source for some of my favorite greens!

Last year, I asked my sister if she knew where the old sleds we had as kids had gotten to.  We both agreed that they must be somewhere buried in the barn at the farm, but after searching tirelessly we came up empty handed.  

This year around my birthday my sister "M" informed me that she had something BIG that she wanted to give me and could she stop by one day to drop it off.  She had found not one, but 2 beautiful vintage sleds and I love how they look on my porch!  Now if I could only find my old ice skates to hang on one of them!!!

I love how glossy magnolia leaves are and how beautiful their bright green looks against the red nandina berries!

I also have a fresh wreath on my front door that I bought from a local Mennonite family.  They always have the best wreaths and they last for a very long time.  The one I chose for the front door has several pine cones sprayed white to resemble snow!

Tonight while I was doing other stuff, Mr. Tide graciously went out into the cold and wind to take a few pictures of our little crab pot tree.  I combined blue and white lights for a beachy feel.  The lights said they were blue, but they are really more of an aqua color...how lucky was that?!

I strung white lights inside the crab pot itself, and believe me I have the scrapes on my hands to prove it.  Next year I'll wear leather gloves!  I also tucked more nandina into the top of the crab pot for a little added color.

I'm sure a few city slickers out there will be rolling their eyes at my little redneck creation, but hey I'm lovin' it!

And if you want your very own crab pot tree...the real deal, not a redneck substitute...be sure to stop by The Painted Cottage!!!   Maybe next year I'll own one of these!

What decorations do you incorporate that could be considered a little bit country...or a little rock and roll?!


  1. LOVE the crabpot with the tree ... Reminds us of the ones we have! :) Great Christmas decor! :)

  2. I ♥ rednecks being from South Carolina and all. It looks splendid Kat! I fuss about our Nandina here until the berries appear then they redeem themselves. ♥O

  3. That's just awesome...as is the rusty garden crab, and all the pine roping, which is one of my favorite decorations.

    I have two giant heavy-knit stockings on the porch door attached to a wreath - definitely country. I've been looking for two old pairs of ice skates for the front door wreaths too... haven't found them yet.

  4. I love your red neck decor!! :) Those crab pots are beautiful!! The outside of your home looks so welcoming and pretty with all the fresh greenery! Love the different textures.
    Nicely done my friend!! I hope you are wnjoying your week before the big day!


  5. YOU have been a busy
    girl! Love your decorating,
    both inside and out. Wish
    I had access to such lovely
    greens. Your dining room
    table came out great! I have
    those same reindeer that I
    hang from my chandelier.
    Wishing you peace, joy and a
    very merry week, Kat!
    xx Suzanne

  6. Well, I love it! Your place is looking very festive.

  7. Just stopping by to say...once again, great idea! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

  8. I love your outdoor decorating, especially all the greenery and the pair of sleds. Very cool crab pot too. I don't know if my skis would be considered a bit country, but if I added the old snowshoes I'm searching for it certainly would be.

  9. I like redneck! It makes for interesting conversation. I think the crab pot tree is so sweet and it comes to life at night and dances with the sea creatures!

    I just love the vintage sleds and all the greenery.

    Merry Christmas my sweet bloggy friend.


  10. Love your crab pot tree! How much fun!!! (and definitely my style, too.)
    Jane (artfully graced)

  11. I love it, Kat! I love decorating that is personal to you! I would love to be able to go out and cut greens like that...so pretty!

  12. I love your outdoor decorating, but where is snow!!!!????? I dont have it too!!! Ag

  13. Kat, dear, you are my hero. Anyone who can achieve this level of detail in the cold windy weather we have been having is amazing, and a little nuts. Using a crab pot for a Christmas decoration ... Brilliant!!

    I'm a bit wimpier than this, so outdoor decorations are limited to a wreath on the front door and hats for the cement greyhounds.

  14. Love your outdoor decor! My daughter and I have sleds on our porch...we were looking for skates as well. I found some on eBay and I will surprise her with them. Last year I scored a pair of hand knit mittens for fifty cents at the thrift store, I think I will incorporate them in the display as well.
    Merry Christmas, Kat!

  15. Kelly J/Hunters HillDecember 22, 2010 at 10:04 AM

    This redneck loves your decorating! I give it three thumbs up

  16. All the greenery is just wonderful..., and the crab of course too!!!!

    Wish you a wonderful Christmas, Kat!!!!



    Also..., come share a coastal post Mo Dec 27th (through Jan 9th)!!! More info here

  17. Aha! So that is how you cut your poor little hands. I love your decorations Kat. The greenery and berries are all so pretty.

    Sending virtual cookies through your inbox :)


  18. Hello Kat,

    As seems to become the norm for me the past few months, I have had to catch up on several posts in one reading. You have certainly been busy! Your dining room table looks fabulous! I would never have thought to use potato flakes for snow, but you can be sure that I will be adding them to a vignette I created for my beverage station! Loved the video of the pups – such exuberance! Maybe I am strange, but I like the driftwood pelican! I love how you decorated outside and your “redneck creation” made with the crab trap!

    I hope you and your family have an absolutely wonderful Christmas!

    ~ Tracy

  19. Oh Kat I just love every bit of your Christmas decor! Such lush greens you have there. And I'm so envious of your aqua lights. My redneck Christmas obsession are my tacky red lobster lights that I wrap around my fiber optic tree! xo ~Lili


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