Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Silver and Gold

 I haven't replied to emails...

I haven't visited other blogs...much...

I haven't wrapped a single present...

I haven't baked any cookies...

I haven't mopped my floors...

Or finished pulling together the guest room for the visit from my in-laws...

I haven't been able to keep my son Bugs from trying to find every present hidden in the house...

I haven't finished all the laundry that's been piling up...

I haven't sent out a single Christmas card...

I haven't put a few bins away...and on occasion I haven't been able to breath...but... 

I DID finally get my house all decorated for Christmas...both inside and out!!!

I went with a silver, gold and white theme in the dining room this year and I love it's simplicity and sparkliness (hmm, is that even a word...sparkliness?!).  

I used a cheap mirror from Target that was supposed to go in my son's dorm room and put it on my white tablecloth which has silver and gold threads running through it.  Added a crystal tree garland to hide the fact that it was in fact a cheap mirror.  I would have gotten a real tabletop mirror if Ikea wasn't so darn far from me, and if I actually planned anything out longer than 2 hours ahead of time...yup my mind works in mysterious ways...especially at midnight!

Then I added some beautiful crystal trees I bought years ago, and 2 I inherited from my parents, some creamy white tree candles I bought on clearance a few years ago from Pottery Barn, a crystal sleigh (that came with nuts in it from the drug store eons ago!), and a crystal Santa my parents gave us when we were first married.  I also added some crystal look alike reindeer I purchased last year which are actually acrylic, and I LOVE them! 

Sprinkle some instant mashed potato flakes for some white snow, throw a few crystal and sparkly ornaments on the chandelier...and voila...instant winter wonderland!

I hope to be able to photograph more of both the interior and exterior of my house, and I apologize for not getting back to each of you or commenting on all of your beautiful decor, but the clock is ticking my friends...and this year I'm like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland...LATE, LATE, LATE!


  1. The only thing you need for Christmas really is your family. And you have a marvelous one. Your decorations look gorgeous. We don;t need to see shiny floors. (please no one look at mine)Happy Christmas Kat.

  2. Kat,
    We must have employed some of the same elves...only they forgot the silver in my dining room! This is so very beautiful!!!

  3. Your dining room table looks so glamorous! I love it. The Target mirror was a great idea. My daughter has one I could steal but she'd be doing her eyeliner at the table. ;-D

    I am most happy when the decorating is done and the house is clean. I really meant to purge a lot of stuff and decorate very simply, but I doubt I would have done that if circumstances hadn't stepped in. I took a nap yesterday and when I got up, Emily had packed away all the boxes and the remainder of the decorations so I have no choice but to have a very simple, pared down look! With all the purging I can look forward to the sales!

    Can't wait to see more of your home!


  4. Kat, Your table looks beautiful. Using instant potato flakes for snow...interesting! I hope you have a very blessed and merry Christmas.

  5. Beautiful photos, Kat! Just love the color scheme and...mashed potato flakes? Never would have thought of it! Hope you are having fun!

  6. OMG it's gorgeous Kat! How clever you are! I too would have never thought of mashed potato flakes! Cool idea! Carolyn

  7. Who needs clean laundry when you have BLING? Just gorgeous Kat. Happy Christmas to the Low Tide High Style family from Olive, Joe, and CC.

  8. Absolutely beautiful, Kat!

    A very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  9. Kat, that looks great and sparkly. I totally understand. I still need to clean, bake and do the laundry. My son and family will be here early Thursday!

    Have the best Christmas ever, my friend!!!

  10. Kelly J/Hunters HillDecember 21, 2010 at 2:34 PM

    Kat your table is breathtaking.... REALLY! I made a mad dash to IKEA about two weeks ago, it just had to happen and is something I rarely indulge in, wish I had known you needed a mirror, but the one you used here worked out GREAT !

  11. Love the idea of mashed potato flakes for snow! I'd never thought of that. As for everything you said prior to that: ditto for me! I'm not having relatives in. But I haven't baked a cookie, sent out a card or wrapped a present. And I may just call it a vacation this year. That table is resplendent!

  12. Wow Kat! It's exquisite and so dreamy! Now that you have the stage all set the rest will come easier, at least that's what always happens with me. I think putting that mirror down the center of your table is a stroke of genius, not to mention using potato flakes for snow. I love how it leads the eye toward your lovely sparkly branch tree too. Everything is just so beautiful at your place! xoxo ~Lili

  13. Dont worry!! You are not alone!!! Just be yoursef and happy!!!!
    Your photos are...wow...

  14. I knew the overachiever in you was going to emerge at some point with all of this I haven't done this, I haven't done that, LOL. Your house looks fabulous Kat. And I'm sure it was worth it to let the laundry pile up, the blogs go unread, etc.


  15. I know the feeling about not getting it all done Kat. One of my house guests arrived on a flight the same day as I did coming home from a business trip. More guests arriving the first of next week but everything that is done is done and the rest will be put on a list for next year. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos and Merry Christmas.

  16. Just Gorgeous! Now enjoy your family and Holiday home.

    Love at Christmas,

  17. Just gorgeous!! I love the sparkliness (and yes that is a word in blogland) the crystal is just beautiful, I was oohing and aahhhing as I went from picture to picture! So glad you got to do some things and don't worry about the laundry or anything else, it will get done! :)

  18. Oh Kat, you're not the only one that is late. I'm only getting around to reading the Christmas posts now. I adore your Christmas table - it looks so sparkly and fresh and festive and lovely. I'm sure it set the scene for a wonderful Christmas dinner.


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