Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let It Snow


Well, things here at LTHS have been moving at a bit of a snail's pace.  My writing got a bit sidetracked because I wasn't feeling up to snuff on Thursday and Friday.  I decided I wasn't going to let that stop me from seeing a 50 foot Loch Ness float at the Scottish Walk in Old Town Alexandria on Saturday, but apparently it wasn't meant to be. 

Our sweet Miss Kylee, our older Border Collie, required an emergency trip to the vet on Saturday morning.  Her heart condition continues to worsen, and I wasn't about to leave Mr. Tide with a puppy and a very sick dog to care for while I went gallivanting around the countryside, so I stayed home.

They have adjusted Kylee's meds once again, so fingers crossed that she'll do better on this new dosage and that she'll be back to her happy, active self...which she already is for the most part.  It was a scary time though and we all cried, including me, Mr. Tide and the vet on Saturday when the going was particularly rough!

Even though Nessie and I did not have a chance to meet, it was a wonderful weekend once we got animals and people squared away.  My daughter, who came home, and I went to lunch and did some shopping late Saturday afternoon.  And Saturday evening, we visited a local horse farm that goes all out decorating for the holidays.  It's called Flat Iron Farm and besides having lights galore, they also open their stables and several shops up during Christmastime to get everyone in the mood for the holidays!

We took little Misty Belle with us and held her as we wandered around the stables looking at the beautiful horses and a variety of other animals that live on the farm.  The stables at this place are nicer than some people's homes, and I know Misty remembered the scent of hay and horses since she was born on a horse farm!  It even began to snow while we were there, so it was a restful end to a very emotional and hectic was perfect.

It was just what I needed to get my unmotivated self in the mood to decorate my own house.  For some reason I've been dragging my feet this year, even though I've been excited about the prospect of putting out my Christmas decor for months now. 

So when we got home I asked Mr. Tide to head out into the garage and start bringing in the bins of decorations.  He quickly suggested we watch a movie instead, so we sat down with our daughter and enjoyed the new Alice in Wonderland movie on Netflix. 

I was a little more persuasive on Sunday though and got him to lug everything in so that I could start getting this house ready for a visit from Santa!

You may recall the post I did (here) about how I decorated the wide window ledge above my kitchen sink last year for a holiday party we hosted.  I'm one of those weird people who likes to change things from year to year, which also means lots of tubs since I seem to add to my collections every year, so this year I wanted to do something a little different.

I loved how the lights looked in my mason jars last year, so I knew I wanted to repeat that look, but I wanted to go with more of an all white theme  instead of the greens I used last year.  So out came my fake snow, which consists of cotton batting with flecks of mica on it.  Then I added white lights with white cords...FYI don't send an 18 year old to buy your lights at Lowes...let's just say that he wasn't batting 1000 with purchasing what I the box hun!  He was quick to politely remind me that he did at least buy the lights and that maybe next time I should get them myself...point taken! :-)

I added several small mason jars this year as well for a little extra light, plunked one of my glass snowmen and some sparkly birds scattered about on the snow.  Then I added some icy branches to each of the tall mason jars and tucked a few branches behind the middle one for a little something extra.  Then for a bit of whimsy and color, I added the two adorable chilly penguins that my daughter gave me for my birthday a few years ago.  One of the benefits of having a December birthday is that you get cute holiday decor.  I think I'm at my decor limit though these days, but I do treasure the things I've received over the years!  Every year when I open the bins it's like opening a bunch of Christmas packages as I'm greeted by my old favorites and surprised by a few things I've forgotten about or ones I purchased after the holidays and haven't ever used!

I hope each of you had a productive and wonderful weekend and please check back this week as I'll be sharing with you several wonderful sales that will be happening in southern Maryland and northern Virginia this weekend.  One is a sale at my friend Susan's house which I showed you HERE.  She has decided to part with some of her very special things and has invited a few friends to join in and clean out their "closets" too, so if you're in the area you won't want to miss it!  I'll be posting more info and pictures in an upcoming post so stay tuned!

Until then my friends!!


  1. Your windowsill decorations are so pretty, Kat! SO sorry the weekend started so rough, I'm glad Miss Kylie is doing better and that you are feeling better, too! Looking forward to seeing the sales you're going to tell us about!

  2. That window is full of winter whimsy and goodness Kat. I may not get to the mason jars this year but love this look. So sorry you did not see Nessie but those babies need you. Good you spent time with your daughter. ♥O

  3. Hi Kat, I love your snowy window scene. Love the white lights in the jars and you are right thse penquins are adorable .
    I hope Miss Kylee gets better soon. No fun worrying about our beloved pets, take care,

  4. Very pretty, I love the snowy scene. The lights in the jars is a very creative touch .

  5. Kat, your beautifully decorated window is truly magical. My three girls are here huddled around me oohing and aahhing at your gorgeous display and all Miss Lottie can say is 'It's Christmas, Mama...'. You have set the bar very high, dear Kat... I personally LOVE your lights in your jars...just beautiful! Wishing you a wonderful week. Hugs ~ Tina xx

  6. I'm slow at the gate with decorating this year too. Your window sill is lovely and snowy. I might just steal your idea for my window in the kitchen. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great week.

  7. Your cup of commitments and responsibilities is definitely running over right now, dear. Watching a movie and cuddling with dear dogs, and even the small disagreement with a teenager, is what is important. Christmas decorating can come as time and circumstances allow. It's only Dec 6, we have days and days to decorate ... your decorations, as always, are perfection!

  8. Glad to read the weekend improved as it went and you are decking the halls!

  9. Oh Kat I am so sorry that Kylee wasn't feeling well, how scary! I am so glad that she has adjusted to the meds and hopefully this will work! I am glad that you got to spend time with you daughter shopping and just enjoying yourselves this weekend after this were better with Kylee. That sounds like a wonderful day, Nessie can wait til next year! :) Your window looks absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE all the white and lights and I can see your tree outside! (Sadly no outside tree for me this year :( ) Everything looks so pretty my friend! I am glad that you are feeling better and I hope that this week is a better one for you!! Hugs!!

  10. Kat.. your sill is beautiful..and I am sending many prayers and hugs to Miss Kylie~
    C &C

  11. I am so sorry that Kylee isn't feeling well. I will keep her in prayer.

    Your window sill is stunning. It looks like a fairy winter wonderland. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  12. Kat, I love your bright snowy windowsill. How beautiful against the dark windows. I hope Miss Kylie is feeling better. I have come down with a cold that my son and daughter in law had when they were here. I told them thank you for sharing it with us. Doug has it, too, but mine is worse. Feeling better today though after a night with Nyquil!

  13. Hi Kat! My, you HAVE
    been busy! I'm glad
    that Mr. Tide convinced
    you to chill out and watch
    a movie on Saturday. Mr.
    P. had to talk me off the
    decorating ledge on the
    same night....My girl had
    an X-mas party yesterday
    evening and we worked all
    weekend getting things
    festive, crafts prepared,
    etc. etc. Love your window;
    'lots of love and creativity,
    there : ) Hope your week
    is off to a great start!
    xx Suzanne

  14. Kat, sounds like you had a great weekend! The decorations are lovely-winter wonderland it is!! Flat Iron Farm sounds like it was beautiful-I miss our horses!

  15. I like the all white decor a lot! In fact, if there were not a man and dogs in my world I would do a lot of white decor year round.... but boys are too dirty, so I opt for red and green. LOL

    Yes! I will hope for these meds to help Kylee with her condition. My sister went through that for a few years with a pup she used to have that had a heart condition. She found solace in the dog after her husband passed away so was very close to it emotionally.


  16. When I get home from this last trip before Christmas I will definitely be trying the Mason Jars and lights - what a welcoming glow they give to the window.

  17. I'm sorry you missed the float and that Kylee had a rough weekend, but it sounds like things shaped up toward the end. I hope you are feeling better now Kat.


  18. Everything looks just beautiful! I like the mason jar idea, I'm dying to decorate my kitchen window with all things kitchen! Have a great holiday!

  19. I love your snowy scene. Decorating your window seems like the perfect thing to do after such a stressful weekend. It's so hard to see our pets sick - they really are parts of our families and hearts.

  20. Your snowy window ledge is absolutely stunning Kat! Those branches almost look like coral from the sea. I love this idea so much, I can imagine how much fun it is to be in your kitchen and just enjoy looking at it! I'm so glad Miss Kylee is feeling better, those emergencies with our dear pets are so scary. xo ~Lili

  21. Love the tableau you've created; you're an inspiration. I have a December b-day, too.


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