Friday, December 17, 2010

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Little Misty Belle has asked me to send each of you wet puppy kisses for all of your kind comments about her pictures from yesterday's post!

This morning it was cold and cloudy with that hushed quiet that comes with a coating of fresh snow.  Last night, and again this morning, when I took the dogs out there was almost complete silence except for the sound of crunching snow and swans flying overhead.  I love that kind of silence, not awkward, just contented, the kind that doesn't require you to fill it but allows you to become one with it.

The creek has a coating of ice on it, sadly it's not thick enough now, and probably never will be to skate away on...

Later this afternoon, the sun was shining and the snow and ice against the blue sky was beautiful but I was too lazy to go back out and take more pictures.  It's my day of rest after all, and rest I did!

Snow is such a wonderful substance for those of us who don't get a lot of it.  Water, which we take for granted, is magically transformed and makes even the most mundane things look beautiful.  I love how the snow looks like little waves along the fence gates...nautical inspired snow, what's not to love?!

I thought the fresh wreaths I bought from a local Mennonite family were beautiful before, but with just a kiss of snow they are even prettier.

Even the awkward driftwood pelican that I rescued while cleaning out my parent's house (because no one else wanted it) looks more handsome in the snow.  He's grown on me, and I'm very happy I gave him a new home.

Trees which have dropped their leaves and look naked against a cloudy or sunlit sky also look more elegant with a shawl of snow draped around their branches.

And what beachy Christmas would be complete without a little turquoise and white?  The big blue spruce in our front yard (which has enough lights on it to be seen from space I might add) fits the bill when a coating of white snow embraces its soft blue/green branches.

I think I'm waxing a bit poetic today.  Maybe it's because my work commitments have been met and now I can focus on the things that make this season special.  My dear friend Suzanne from Privet and Holly did a beautiful post today on finding the "it" which makes this, and every season, special.  As I read her post, I was reminded that sometimes we have to slow down, let the stress and expectations go a little, and focus on those things that bring us joy...namely the small things.  And to embrace and enjoy those things in order to find the true meaning of Christmas.  Thank you Suzanne!

For me, finding the "it" of this holiday season was a quiet walk through snow and a gift from my sister and also a friend.  I'll be sharing those with you in an upcoming post.  I'm happy I found my "it" and all it took was Walking In A Winter Wonderland!

These pups have obviously found their "it"!!!

Note:  Several people have asked how I processed the pictures of Misty yesterday.  I used a free action by Paint The Moon called Illuminate, and then I added a Flora Bella Texture Overlay called Pure Milk and played around with soft light, overlay, and color burn.

Today's photos are a mis-mash, but I also used Illuminate on most of them.  Some have overlays with reduced opacity and the rose has a overlay texture called White Linen from Flora Bella.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! 


  1. Your pictures today are beautiful! I love your creek {do you worry about the dogs walking on ice?} and I love your wreath!

    I missed the post with Misty as well as Suzanne's, so I need to play catch up. Have a great weekend, girlfriend.


  2. I just love all of these images, they are so frosty and wintry, I wish we had snow here in Calif. We are having a nice rain storm, but seeing all of the beauty you have posted makes me want some snow!!!! Merry Christmas, I feel all Christmasy after seeing these picts. Thank you,Kathysue

  3. I am so amazed by your gorgeous photography! Enjoy this wondrous winter!

    I have a New Giveaway from My Sparrow, do come and enter!

    Art by Karena

  4. Oh, the puppy, the tree and a driftwood pelican in the snow!!! I love it all, I love it all! Playing catch up with you today was better than a cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter's day.

    Holiday Hugs to you my dear and the Merriest Christmas to all!

  5. How beautiful! Every photo a treat for the eyes...thanks for sharing these!

    I hope your weekend is just wonderful!


  6. Love your pictures Kat! I am so happy that you were about to take time today for yourself and find your "it"! :) It just beautiful by you, it does look so peaceful and serene! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend doing whatever it is you want to do! :) Hugs!! Oh, loved the video! The dogs were making me laugh running all over like that! They were having so much fun!! :)

  7. Kat, just got home and look at how pretty it is at your house. Warmer here now than earlier this week. Love the wreath on the fence with the fresh snow caught on it. You photos yesterday are so darn cute. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. One question - why are you not selling your photos on Etsy? You talked about it and they are all so beautiful. Anyway, thanks for making my night with the video - and Misty Belle is a such a sweetie. Her first snow...


  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I also love that peaceful silence that comes with a snowfall. I hope you have a truly wonderful Christmas, Kat!

  10. I love the snow waves, Kat, and your beautiful wreath...and that video...pure joy!

  11. So very lovely! My faves are the wreath naturally "frosted" and the blue spruce with heavy dandruff!

  12. Kat,
    Your pics are so very the pic of the wreath on the gate. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  13. Pelican is great!!! Have a nice weekend- Ag from Greece

  14. Hi Kat, sigh, I just loved the feeling of peace I had while reading your post today. This part especially: "I love that kind of silence, not awkward, just contented, the kind that doesn't require you to fill it but allows you to become one with it." - so well written! I also popped over to Privet and Holly - just love that Helen Keller quote on the top of her page too! Take care my friend, Ciao, bella!

  15. After reading this post, and Suzanne's yesterday, I feel more relaxed and Holiday-ready than ever ... she says from here on the couch underneath a down throw, with a cat lounging along each side of me. It's a good thing!

    That driftwood pelican is proof that you are a rescuer at heart ... he's not awkward, he's homely. And he looks perfectly at home with you.

  16. It sure is beautiful over at your place with that beautiful dusting of snow Kat! And I have to say that pelican does look charming in the snow, so glad you rescued him! And the little snow waves on the fence, how often I have seen something like that and never REALLY noticed the waves. Oh and that rose is exquisite! Hugs, ~Lili

  17. Oh what fun! I loved the dog video. They were really enjoying themselves.

  18. Your pelican looks cold but beautiful in the snowsuit.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, jj

  19. Kat, I am so blessed to count
    you as part of my blogging
    circle ~ that special group
    who I know will uplift, inspire
    and just generally, make me
    HAPPY! Thank you for that and
    for being YOU : ) I'm off to
    see these gorgeous pictures of
    Misty Belle that everyone is
    talking about!!!
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend
    and finding IT.
    xx Suzanne

  20. Just delightful
    Thank you for sharing these lovely holiday images with us.

  21. since i am catching up on blogging:

    i love your seashell tree ~ absolutely perfect :)

    misty's pictures are quite amazing... i seriously can't wait to one day take pictures like you. not sure i will ever be as good, but even half as good would be fine with me!

    and today... i think your driftwood pelican is soo cute! he does look very much at home covered in snow.

    happy sunday!

  22. Beautiful pictures, i love to LOOK at anything snowy! Its very twinkley, i cant believe how frozen the water is!

  23. Just noticed your home pics on the beautiful. Love the lighting in your kitchen and dining room. You are welcome to come up north. Our lakes are probably solid enough to drive on by now;) Such pretty pics!

  24. Kat,
    The water/frozen is a beautiful expanse. The pelican and the fence and the wreaths. They are all beautiful!

  25. Your post today is what winter is all about. Fun, frolic, and sweet sereneness of Mother Nature in a quiet mood. :)

    xoxo laurie

  26. I am taken away by the beauty and loveliness of your blog! THANK YOU for coming to my theatre production! This is a busy week for everyone, but the effort to make a comment is greatly appreciate! May you have a stunningly beautiful Christmas, and memories to last a lifetime...Anita

  27. Kat,
    If I happen upon any stress this holiday season, I only need to pop over here for the beauty you caputured in these photos and of your sweet new puppy is all I will need.


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