Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's All About Him Today

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there! Mr. Tide and I were both blessed to have wonderful fathers who taught us that hard work pays off, honesty and fairness will always prevail, a sense of humor will get you through, and that loving your children is the most important job you'll ever have!

Even though the last year of my father's life was not a good one for the two of us, I owe so much of who I am to the man that he was! And Mr. Tide is also the loving man and father he is today because of his wonderful Dad! Along with being great fathers, both of our dads were very special grandfathers who have enriched our children's lives immeasurably over the years!

So today will be about Mr. Tide. He'll get breakfast in bed, a yummy dinner, his favorite dessert, and some presents. I realize each and every day how lucky I am to be able to call him my husband and am constantly reminded of how happy I am that he is the father of my children, but today he'll get a little extra pampering. He works hard and loves harder, and I know that our children will be extraordinary parents if they choose to have children because of the stellar example he has set for them!

I hope that each of you will have the chance to spend today doing something fun with a special dad in your life!

To honor my late father, my father-in-law, and Mr. Tide I created a video to say how grateful I am to each of them and for the fine example they have set for fathers everywhere! (be sure to have your volume turned up)


  1. Oh my! It's a weepy day for me and your video was just so sweet and special. Thanks for sharing it. Happy Father's Day to Mr. Tide!


  2. What a beautiful post.....I hope that you enjoy your day with your husband and family.

  3. Oh my goodness gracious. That was a very sweet tribute to the fathers in your life. This is never an easy day for me, but having a husband who is a wonderful father does bring comfort. Happy Father's day to Mr. Tide.

  4. Okay, sniff, sniff, let me see if I can type. What a beautiful tribut to the Dads in your life. Absolutely beautifully done. I loved the song also, have a wonderful day celebrating family, Hugs Kathysue

  5. Made me cry Kat...

  6. Oh Kat that was a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing and my prayer to you and your family is that you are able to make even more wonderful memories. Have a great day Sweetie! Hugs ~ Laura

  7. I just love these video tributes you put together. Have a wonderful day!

  8. I'll always miss my dad who has been gone from us for 10 years now. Great movie!


  9. Beautiful, Kat! They are lucky to have you too!

  10. Little men to big ones, we love them all!
    You make the best little movies, Kat!
    I'm sure Mr. Tide is getting the royal treatment,
    today....and loving the memories, as well.
    xx Suzanne

  11. Too, too lovely.
    I spoke with my dad today - his birthday, for a double-celebration. I wish that I could make the miles disappear so that I could have seen him today - but my son and my grandchildren were with him, so he had a great day!

  12. Awwww, love seeing the old photographs, and what a perfect song and tribute to all the fathers in your life Kat. I just know Mr. Tide was lovingly pampered today. ~Lili

  13. That video is so special.
    Here in Australia we celebrate Fathers Day on the 1st Sunday in September.
    Hope Fathers Day was special for MR Tide

  14. Well, I just love it all, but that Japanese proverb at the end is perfect!

    Sounds like Mr. Tide has a wonderful Father's Day!

  15. It seems a long journey...good luck!
    And Im back wanna keep in touch...

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  16. Lovely tribute. I have to learn how to do this video thing.

  17. What a lovely post. Hope you have a great week. I'm a bit late getting around.

  18. Beautiful tribute. Awwww. I'm still a little teary. So very sweet of you to make that video.


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