Sunday, June 6, 2010

And You Thought I Was Busy!

Some of you have been so sweet and have left comments or sent me emails telling me that you hope I'm not overdoing it with my hectic schedule and my temperamental back at the moment.  There are days when I'm dog tired, like Miss Kylee gets sometimes when she runs around like a crazy dog, but my schedule is nothing compared to the schedules of several friends of mine!

Fifi O'Neill is one of those people who is a bundle of energy and seems to be able to maintain a schedule that would make most of us drop dead just at the thought of it all!  She recently went on a whirlwind photo shoot tour which spanned much of the Mid Atlantic and Northeastern US, and even by the end of it all when we met she was delightful, kind, fun loving and full of energy...she really does live up to her nickname, Fabulous Fifi!

I knew her schedule, and that of talented photographer Dan Mayers, had been horrendous, but she did a post about the nitty gritty details on her wonderful blog Chez Fifi where you can really get an idea of how "glamorous" her life as a writer, editor and stylist can be!  After reading her post, I was ready to book a flight for myself to Bali for a few weeks of R & R...maybe Fifi could take a breather and join me!!

And be sure to pick up the latest copy of Fifi's magazine, Romantic Country, which will be in stores in a little over a week!  I got a sneak peek at it while Fifi was here, and it truly is a gorgeous issue full of great articles and wonderful eye candy!


  1. If I feel overwhelmed in my life, I can always find someone who is even more. :) Love the look of this new magazine.. Thanks for sharing and get some rest !

  2. Just read that portion of Fifi's blog and it was so cool to see the shout out she gave you in there! Can't wait to pick up the latest copy of Romantic Country Magazine, I am so in love with that style and it's always so exciting to learn a little about the "behind the scenes" sacrifices! Now rest! ~Lili

  3. I know. I can't even imagine. Makes me tired just thinking about it. Hope you're feeling better!

  4. I will have to check it out. I hope that you are having a great weekend!

    Your sweet dog is precious.

  5. Oh, just look at that kitchen...

  6. I was just reading Fifi's blog about the Italian magazine. She is a busy lady for sure.

    Wish she would bottle some of that spunk because I'd sure buy some!

    I love your doggie.


  7. Can't wait to see that issue. Your dog is so pretty. Hope your weekend was good.

  8. i can't wait to see the issue either.

  9. Cute doggie! I hope you had a restful weekend and that your back if feeling fine.


  10. Love your sweet dog, is he a border collie? My daughter loves them, ever since she spent two summers in Colorado as a high country ranger, back in college. Her working(border collie) dog there protected her in the wilderness with her bottomless tent and mules. She just called him "puppy love". He really belonged to one of the cowboys up there, except when she was around!


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