Friday, June 18, 2010

Flying Solo

Yesterday I spent the day having lunch with my dear friend Tracey and then heading to a photo shoot at the home of local artisan and craftsman Rob Seltzer of RNS Wood Works, Inc..  Rob, along with the help of his lovely wife Stacy, runs a thriving business where he is a jack of all trades doing everything from beautiful home additions to creating one of a kind pieces of furniture for sale.

I will be telling you a lot more about Rob's many talents, and taking you for a tour of their unique waterfront home (which he built), in an upcoming post, but I thought I would give you a sneak peek at some of his wonderful creations, like the tall cafe table pictured above!

Rob's passion lies in creating wonderful usable furnishings out of reclaimed lumber and old architectural finds.  Just look at the top of this table and the beautiful character of the wood!

But who wouldn't be inspired when the view from your workshop is this?!  Be sure to check back soon to see more of Rob Seltzer's great work!

When I came home yesterday I was supposed to be heading up the road with Mr. Tide and our son Bugs for his college orientation today at 8:00 am.  But when our kennel arrangements didn't pan out I elected to stay home while the two of them drove the 3+ hours to where he'll be attending school next fall.

By the time I got home, saw them off, and settled in the sun was getting low in the sky and it was time to start thinking about dinner.  Mr. Tide and Bugs were planning on getting something on the road so that left me to fend for myself for the evening.

I don't know about you all, but when it's just me having dinner alone, the idea of fixing a big meal just seems silly.  So after realizing that it is pretty much Mother Hubbard's Cupboard around here, I grabbed a plate filled with organic carrots with ranch dressing, Pepperidge Farm crackers, walnuts, and some left over cheese log and headed out to the back yard.

I had just recently moved the old table off of our small patio and out closer to the water's edge.  And I decided I would even have a glass of wine with my very grown up meal, something I rarely do!

And look, I even used this beautiful pewter fish spreader that my sister "M" gave me...I wish I could find more of them!

And I treated myself to a pretty little cocktail napkin to complete the whole relaxed, luxury theme I had going for myself as I took in the gorgeous surroundings.  Ok, it wasn't that luxurious, but for an impromptu dinner after a long day, and with slim pickins in the house, I was pretty pleased with myself!

It was the kind of evening where you just "have" to be outside.  A light breeze was blowing, not a cloud in the sky, and the thought of not taking advantage of an evening like that seemed almost criminal!

And of course the dogs are always happy to hang out and wander around making sure all is right with the world.  Yes this was perfection I thought...

Until these pesky little guys started showing up!  How can something so small cause some much aggravation?!

So after trying to eat and swat, I finally moved my wine glass to the arm of the folding chairs we have around the table.  Ok, back to relaxing...I've got this fly thing figured out!

When Mr. Quinn decided to come pay me a visit and investigate what was hanging in the netted thingie on the bottom side of the arm of the chair!  Yup, there goes my wine, all over the chair and all over me!

So now my peaceful relaxing evening is comprised of shooing flies and shooing curious dogs away from spilled wine!

Miss Kylee in the meantime came over to say "I didn't knock your wine over mom, I was a good girl just chewing on my favorite stick!"

After not crying over spilled wine, Mr. Quinn went back to doing what he does best...

After I cleaned up a little I decided that maybe eating inside really was the best option.  Meanwhile, Mr. Quinn stopped and looked toward the setting sun as if to say "Hey mom did you notice how pretty it is out here tonight?!..maybe you should think about having dinner out here!"

Thanks Quinnie, but I think I prefer eating inside tonight...oh and wait until your father gets home! ;-)


  1. So funny, Kat...the best laid plans! Your dinner looked wonderful and with that view...gorgeous!

  2. Sounds like somebody is in deep trouble. Kat... your meal looks just like something I would have by myself:)


  3. Bummer and that looked like a nice glass of Rose too. I'm sure you enjoyed your evening alone, but next time please call and the co-editor and I will be right up. Hope all went well with the college visit.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. This is too funny- Ed and I noshed on a port wine cheese log, Pepperidge Farm crackers and carrots last night. Although we had bleu cheese dressing and sangria. ;) You have a prettier set up and a better view than we do though!

  5. What a delightful way to spend a quiet evening alone.
    I look forward to seeing more of Robb's waterfront home!

  6. I live by myself, so most meals are with just moi. I do set a nice table though almost every night and cook a good meal. Still trying to act civilized, lol.

    Wonderful view and wonderful dogs, despite the wine incident.

  7. Gorgeous photos today... Food ALWAYS looks good on a turquoise plate.


  8. Oh Kat, I was getting so relaxed with you and enjoying that view and the wine and then the shooing and spilling started. What a way to mess up my relaxing. Just kidding. I love your view and I would sit with a flyswatter and beat them to death!

  9. Hey girl! That's my kind of dinner for one, except that I ALWAYS opt for the glass of wine go- along! Your pictures of your pooches are absolutely stunning. I've got to get my booty in gear and learn my camera so I can capture shots of Miss Gracie like that! Hope you aren't too lonely without your men. Enjoy the weekend! xx Suzanne

  10. wonderful night, and look at that water view! I'de have hopped in a kayak too!

  11. Hi Kat,
    What a lovely place to wine and dine. So peaceful and serene despite the little doggie wine mishap.

    Enjoy your weekend. And, I can't wait to see more of his furniture creations.


  12. Kat your evening sounded lovely. Too bad about the flies and spilled wine! I can't wait to see Rob's shop and house.

  13. Too funny - I think eating inside was probably the easiest solution. I have to say that is the kind of dinner I fix myself as well. I always admire singles that actually cook for themselves, as I think I would starve (or live on breakfast cereal) if I was single.

  14. Kat what a picturesque setting you live in. I am a cheese lover and my favorite is cheese and grapes so I am with you girl on your dinner it looks perfection to me!! Kathysue

  15. Splendid dog pictures Kat. Sometimes an evening alone is good medicine.~olive~

  16. Your dogs are wonderful! What a special treat - but I know how it feels to have a pup mess up a peaceful dinner! :)

  17. With that view I'd be outside all day, I would not be able to get anything accomplished and I would never be on the computer. Unless of course the wifi reached out to that view then I could take my laptop outside and enjoy the breeze. xo, suzy

  18. Kat, the story started out so well. I was thinking of that beautiful table setting right with that beautiful view and then it all went downhill from there. LOL! I hate those horse flies & spilling the wine sounds like something my poochie would do:) Hope you still had a nice evening.

  19. That always seems to be the case with me. I get some extra alone time to relax and something always happens. Pets are usually involved as well! :) Well, it all looked great and it was a great idea, sorry it turn out how you were hoping hopefully you will get another night!

    I loved the napkin by the way!

  20. Those photos of your dogs are priceless! Oh, what I would give for that view.

  21. And it was such a beautiful beginning until all heck broke loose! That pewter spreader is gorgeous, and so is that cocktail napkin. Happy Father's Day to Mr. Tide! ~Lili

  22. Oh what a beautiful dinner. So sorry about the wine.

  23. Oh, what a beautiful setting, Kat! Yeah and too bad about the wine. Yummy food, though!


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