Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Art of Flowers

You know how some people have a secret desire to be a famous movie star, professional athlete, or a rock star?  Well I secretly would love to be an artist, not a wonderful painter but an artist who creates art through flowers!

Years ago I would have said that if I could be anything I would want to be a professional tennis player, but now that my joints say otherwise, it's floral designing that tugs at my heart strings.  Recently I was able to watch two very talented designers at work preparing arrangements for a huge engagement party.  

You've heard me talk about my mother's dear friend (The Devine Ms. M as I call her) who has created so many of the wonderful flower arrangements my family has enjoyed over the years, including my wedding, but this time she wasn't working alone!  With so many flowers needed for this particular event she called on her dear friend and fellow florist, Doug Vogel.

I have heard so many wonderful things about Doug Vogel, he's worked together with Ms. M for years, so it was great fun to finally meet him and to watch the two of them work together!  The shop was full of flowers, commotion, and most of all beautiful, artistic masterpieces created by these two talented artists!

The homeowner hosting the party brought them this stunning vase to fill.  It's a beautiful piece of art in and of itself...

But it becomes breathtaking when artfully filled with orchids and greenery!

Just look at these Cymbidium orchids!

And these beautifully delicate Oncidium orchids!

If I were to try and put something like this together it would not look so effortless and jaw dropping, even with that amazing container to work with!  

Having the imagination and ability to take flowers, or even fruit, and turn them in to a work of art is a talent and one that I jealously covet!

Being able to take single blossoms, such as this perfect yellow rose...

And turn it in to this is a skill that can't be taught.  Just as with any art form, you can hone your skills, train under masters, but you must first and foremost have the ability to create and have that innate vision!

And you have to be willing to think outside the box and grow as an artist, something that both Ms. M and Doug clearly do very, very well!  I love the combination of the bright red peppers and those fresh yellow lemons!

And just look at this stunning arrangement!

Each one of these rose, lily, carnation, and calla lily filled arrangements sat atop a large glass vase as you saw in the photo above this one.  

And each of the large glass vases which served as bases were then filled with fresh mint, lemons, and more of those tasty red peppers.  Here is Doug working on one for the engagement party which was held outside beneath tents.  There were 28 table arrangements alone, and that didn't include food tables, flowers for inside the house, etc.!!

Each floral work of art was created with the most lovely and nearly perfect blossoms.

Like this beautiful white Fuji mum!

Or my personal favorite, this simple yellow Gerber Daisy!

Every which way you turned there were beautiful flowers, which were even more beautifully styled!

I love this photo because it really gives you an idea of how large these floral arrangements were!  It took 2 floral designs several days to create all of this, and 3 people to set everything up!  

Pictured above are two arrangements packed up and ready for delivery.  It was really something to watch as they gently packaged everything up and got it ready to be taken to the location of the party!  Matthew, a young man who works part time for Ms. M, helped pack, transport, load, and unload all of these along with Doug Vogel and Ms. M...phew can you imagine?!  Those vases get very heavy when filled with flowers, and water soaked oasis!

As much as I would love to be able to create beautiful works of art with flowers, the realist in me knows that it's not always sunshine and roses in this line of work.  Sometimes you can't get the flowers you need, or they aren't open (Ms. M had to put these yellow lilies outside to try and force them to open...which thankfully they did!), sometimes the flowers don't arrive at all or look half dead, or are the wrong color!  And when you are a floral designer your weekends are never your own.  Every Saturday and Sunday you're busy creating and delivering flowers for weddings, birthdays, funerals, church... you name it!  And forget ever having another peaceful Mother's Day, Easter, Christmas....the list goes on and on!

So I think I'll stick to writing, taking pictures, and blogging.  By comparison, my job is a walk in the park!  But I'm so very happy for people like Ms. M and Doug Vogel who have made it their passion to make the world a more beautiful place through the art of flowers!

Be sure to visit Doug Vogel's blog, by clicking HERE, where you can find out more about Doug, his amazing floral creations, and how you can learn to create beautiful flower arrangements through the great classes he offers!  


  1. Now I can heave a great sigh of relief and not even begin to try! I'll leave it to the professionals - that is MASTERLY.

  2. I've known people that do their own floral arrangements for their home but they don't compare to Doug's work..Thanks for sharing these wonderful eye-catching photos with us.

  3. Kat, thanks for sharing these stunning arrangements. I would love to have one in each room.

  4. I just love the "lemon infused" arrangements... beautiful!

  5. There is definitely something to artful arranging. I love to see fruit and different organic textures in the bottom of a vase.

  6. The floral arrangements are just beautiful. I really love the picture of the orchids, my favorite. I have a friend who is a floral designer and I know she loves what she does. That is all that matters to me. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!


  7. I'm glad you showed the size of these arrangements...I would have never imagined that! You've really captured the beauty of the flowers, too! I'm going to buy lemons to put in my vase next time I shop! I love this idea! ♥

  8. Absolutely beautiful! Your pictures are amazing as well! I can't even imagine all the hard work and stress that goes in to those! They make it look so easy!

  9. Wow, what a talent! I'm in awe of anyone who thinks outside the box. Lemons and orchids are two of my favorite things and I loved seeing different ways to use them in arrangements. Hope you are having a great week, Kat! xx Suzanne

  10. BEAUTIFUL arrangements Kat but I also see REAL ARTISTRY in your photography....SO crisp & clear I felt like I was actually looking at each flower in person....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  11. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos! I love everything. I can't believe how huge the orchid blossoms are!

  12. Beautiful photos. Gorgeous arrangements. My husband's parents were florists for 35 years in San Francisco. Flower arranging is definitely an art form.

  13. Why don't you take a course? I could so see you doing this! You are such an artistic person.

  14. That vase with the orchids is exquisite! And speaking of equisite, so are your images. Now that's another artform that you excel at Kat! ~Lili

  15. Beautiful photos, Kat! I love floral design, too! Actually before I went into antiques, I took many courses in floral design at the local technical college and had a small business, but I do it for enjoyment now, too!

  16. Kat,those orchids were stunning. Thanks for the lovely photos of the arrangements. You are an artist! ~olive~

  17. Kat ~ those are absolutely stunning arrangements!! Thank you so much for sharing. That definitely just brightened my day :) ~ Hugs!! Laura

  18. Oh you are right....masterful!!! Those are simply stunning! I love the colors, too, and the fact that the colors stay the same, but there is a lot of variety of design!


  19. I love a yellow and red combination - these ones are stunning!

  20. Oh how I would love to be able to create floral arrangements like these. They are all knock-outs! And that first vase and arrangement-- Stunning. Thanks for the showing! Cheers, jj

  21. It is a real art Kat, and you captured it beautifully.

  22. The first photo and that of the white mum are exquisite! I love gardening, but have never had the knack for arranging the blooms.

  23. Just absolutely beautiful! My mil has talent for doing floral arraignments. These are gorgeous.

  24. absolutely beautiful! it looks soooo easy but i can't even arrange the bouquets of flowers i get from costco.

  25. Stunning picture of the flowers, will definitely make my day. Keep posting.


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