Thursday, April 10, 2014


You know that feeling you get when spring finally arrives?

I'm not talking about those teaser days where you think spring has come, I mean that moment you really and truly know that it's here and you can break out your sandals and short sleeved shirts.

I felt that moment yesterday...and it was pure bliss!!!

I wanted to smile all day long, throw open my windows, and clean nooks an crannies in my house that haven't seen the light of day since many months ago.

Spring has the power to do that to us, it provides a heady mix of beauty and promise that can make even the sanest of people a bit giddy.  No wonder it has been the subject of so many sonnets and songs.

I feel like I want to savor every moment of this fleeting season, really stop and smell the roses, and anything else in bloom.

Ahhh...Spring has Sprung!


  1. Yes, indeed! We are finally home in DC after lots of traveling. And just in time for the cherry blossoms - really pretty here! Beautiful photos, Kat!! Have a great weekend ahead :)

  2. So lovely, Kat! Yesterday was the first day I have felt like that, blossoms or green yet, but the snow is gone and lakes are almost totally open! And I wore capris! You give me much more to look forward to...

  3. My early cherry tree has been snowing pink petals all week. That to me is the start of Spring.

  4. It has been a beautiful season here in Florida, too. Sometimes we don't notice as much difference but this year the wildflowers have been blooming like crazy along the roads! You take such lovely close ups! Enjoy your week! Hugs!

  5. The dogs and I just came in from outside. We were out on the glider, I was reading, they were chilling. I think we can safely say that winter is behind us, with a glorious spring to look forward to. I love your flower photos.

  6. Ahhhhh- You SPRING the most beautiful pictures on us! Wonderful photos! xo Diana

  7. Isn't it just lovely. I've already planted my garden!

  8. Okay, you are just a tease!!!!

    The only trees here with a discernible
    bud are the willows, which are always
    the first : ) Actually, we hit 73 on
    Wednesday and it was delightful,
    especially because of the number
    it did on the lingering patches of

    Seriously, I love these images and
    the fresh feelings of sunshine and
    spring that they evoke. Enjoy!

    Happy Friday,
    xo Suzanne

  9. Breathe it all in - it's lovely.

  10. Oh yes I know that feeling-- it's the day that I unpack the extra bag I keep in my car in case I'm stranded at work. That's how I know it's really spring--- and it's been a long time coming this year!

    Beautiful beautiful blossom photos-

  11. I do know that feeling and felt it last Saturday and Sunday. It was almost 80 degrees, the breeze was blowing and the birds were singing. We took flowers to the cemetery, did some shopping, cleaning and threw open the patio door. Then, on Monday, it snowed. The photos are beautiful!

  12. I though it was here! I really did . . .

    But it's been cold all week. This morning I am sitting in my living room under a blanket because I refuse to turn on the heater. Here's to better weather but hey - winter is over and for that I am glad!


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