Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

You know, I think we all question why we blog from time to it worth the effort, do we really love still putting forth that effort, and does anyone really care about what we put out there?

Even though I decided a long time ago to put on my blog what I want, not what I think others want to see, and have given myself permission to only blog when I feel up to it, or I have something I think is worth putting out there for others to see, the hope is always that someone else will love it too.

It has been really freeing to accept those principles, and so when others respond to something I love, well it makes me really, really happy, but also very, very thankful!

Thankful that something I created caused a reaction in someone else, and grateful that I found this medium of photography that helps me to connect with friends, family, and even perfect strangers!

It pushes me to keep going, to push through pain, frustration, equipment limitations, and dreaded self doubt in order to make those connections and to hear your see my art not only through my eyes, but also through yours!

Creating for the sake of creating is lovely, but creating and knowing you've touched someone, no matter what you create, well that my friends is the reward!  And I have to say that it squashes down all the other things that keep us all from being creative human beings who have the ability to make this world not only more beautiful, but so much more compassionate and connected.

So thank you, for visiting here, even when I don't post, even when I don't post house things like I once did, and walking this creative journey with me.  Thank you for inspiring me in ways you receive no credit for, in ways you aren't even aware you are motivating me, and for just looking, smiling, and hopefully going on to be more creative yourselves.

I appreciate each and every comment you left on my last post, I really never thought that a bunch of images of birds on a blog that had started out as one talking about home decor and decorating would inspire such wonderful, thoughtful, and heartwarming comments, but then I shouldn't be surprised should I?  I've been lucky to have always had wonderful readership, smart, insightful readers who give freely without expectations...but still, I am blown away, and wanted to let you know that I never take it for granted!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!


  1. It's wonderful to read these words...they are joyous! You ARE appreciated. Every blog offers something different and you are you. And your words and photography stir something in all of us that visit.

    It warms my heart to hear how happy you are today, my friend!


  2. no..... Thank YOU for all these beautiful images ..for making all of us who pass by stop for a few moments and marvel at this world that you capture with such love and beauty.

    I am always peeking in and loving it even if I fail to shout out Hello <3

    Thank you Kat

  3. What a beautiful post. Reflects a beautiful soul. A-M xx

  4. Ah, self-doubt. A burden for sure, but also a blessing I believe. It makes us dig deeper, look for truth and 'be' better. Press on, Friend!

  5. You have a beautiful blog, Kat. Your photographs are amazing, and you express yourself so very well!

  6. The picture of the fawn is wonderful.

  7. Oh I love your images!! They always make me smile as well as wonder how you got them, what camera, what settings, what light........and they always make me want to take better photographs! So please never quit sharing with us.....your inspiration makes this ol heart warm!

  8. Your words echo the way that I often feel about blogging. Your photos are so beautiful...and such a wonderful reflection of you. As I was looking through your pictures I was thinking that you may enjoy my friend Gail's blog called Louisiana Belle. She does a lot of nature photography...mostly birds :)

  9. Your photos are beyond stunning. And you know how much I appreciate photography!

  10. Validation is always a welcome blessing, isn't it?

    You have such talent, Kat!

  11. thank you....actually.....smiles!

  12. Oh, the fawn! Spectacular shot. :)

  13. Yo..the Eagle image is amazing!!! Like nothing I've ever seen before!!

  14. Kat- I love your photography- you work magic with your camera! What I love most is that you take what we all see everyday and turn it into something so special-- makes me just say Wow! Your photos are your passion and it shows-- I love that you share them with us--

  15. Your photography shows your passion for all the beauty that surrounds you Kat! xo

  16. Your beautiful photos always inspire me, Kat! Not to mention how wonderful they are to look at!


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