Thursday, October 3, 2013


Thank you all for your wonderful, caring, and kind comments on my last post.  Though it saddened me to know that so many of you have been through accidents with similar injuries, your thoughts and suggestions as I navigate a new way of doing things were greatly appreciated!

In other news, we are part of the furlough affecting so many government workers right now.  I won't get all political, because who knows what I might say, so instead I will simply say that my heart goes out to people living paycheck to paycheck who will be so greatly affected by the nonsense in Washington.  How selfish for those in power, those with money, to be so flippant about people's lives and the well being of those they claim to represent.  Ok, rant done! 

Instead of lamenting the time off without pay, we have decided to spend it together catching up on things around the house and just enjoying one another's company.

I have also ventured out over the past week and taken a few shots of wildlife in the area, like the gorgeous Egret above who seems to enjoy hanging out on some dead branches of our maple tree.  This tree overhangs the water and is actually not far from our dock, so it's an ideal spot to hang out in between tides, ie. meals.  I was amazed that it let me sit on the dock in a chair and snap away, only looking up when nearby herons would squawk.

This morning there was lots of fog hanging over the fields, so I took advantage of the misty conditions and took some shots of a deer family nibbling on the freshly mown grass.  We have several sets of twin fawns right now, some of which are still fairly young, so I hope they will grow quickly before wintertime sets in and the temps drop.

Nature truly can be a soothing reminder that even under the harshest conditions life goes on.  I hope each of you can find some time to spend in nature this week!


  1. It never ceases to amaze me how you are surrounded by so much nature. It takes my breath away! I truly never thought birds sat still long enough to be photographed. I'm surprised by the fawns, too. I hope they do okay.


  2. Don't get me started Kat. I am not even American and so outraged by what goes on. I feel awful for the workers who want to be working and have to put up with this crap. We in Canada have many problems, yet I am pleased to say that our government cannot be shut down by one party like this. The wealthy in Canada do very well with many tax incentives despite having to contribute to a universal health care system. It is all relative to what you make in income. We have a wonderful health system that everyone has access to. Non one pays a dollar from their own pocket when ill. Patients never see a bill. All automatically taken care of with our tax dollars. No one worries about getting sick financially and no one ever goes bankrupt. Sure, our system has some issues, but overall it works very well. The really wealthy can go to the US and buy "better" care if they choose. Next the wealthy will want to deny the poor from using the roads because they are "deadbeats" and don't pay taxes?? A silly example maybe but you get my point. Americans need affordable healthcare. And the Republicans need to clean sweep the extremists who are destroying the political system.

  3. Sorry, Lovely photos. The egret with the dark background is beautiful.

  4. Your photographs are stunning as always! I, too, hope egos soon are put aside and decisions made to aide our country. I think our politicians (both sides) have forgotten why they were elected.

  5. These photos are truly gorgeous, Kat! I am glad you and your husband are making the best of a bad situation...hopefully they get their act together soon...xo

  6. Beautiful photos, Kat. We have had the most stunning fall weather for the last few days. Hope you are enjoying the same.

  7. I won't get into politics either except to say there is a LOT OF CRAZY in DC! Your photos are as gorgeous as ever. Enjoy you time off, heal and get a few things done- xo Diana

  8. You are a fabulous example of grace!

    Warm ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  9. The photo of the deer actually looks like a painting!!
    Amazing images.

  10. Kat, beautiful photos!! You are so talented!!

  11. Stunning shots there, Kat. We were up in Maine last week. Absolutely beautiful and very peaceful. I think I might like fall in Maine better than summer.....definitely less tourists. Hope you're having a great weekend.

  12. Hey Kat, your images are all so beautiful!!! You have an amazing back yard!

    Hang in there and I agree with you about our Congress...shameful, stupid , selfish and arrogant. This is why young people don't vote!

    Enjoy some time together

    cheers, Kelley

  13. So lovely! And I was shaking my head in agreement as I read your glad it's all over...for now. (the shutdown...not your rant!) xo


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