Tuesday, July 2, 2013


It's raining...again...and there's no end in sight, but some things are quite happy with all of this liquid gold.  Above are two volunteer mushrooms which are growing alongside our tomato plant in a giant container.

And my laissez-faire attitude towards the tomatoes seems to be paying off, see that blush of color on the tomato with the drip hanging off of it?!  Yup, they are finally "breaking" and hopefully turning red, just in time for a big 4th of July picnic, yay!

Even with the rain, I'm beginning to settle in to a summer groove of sorts.  I love summer's simplicity.  Fewer layers of clothing, lighter fare, and longer days...even overcast ones, make me happy.  And I find that the quiet, uncluttered nature of summertime is also reflected in my decor this time of year.

Unlike during the winter holiday season, I have a bare minimum of accessories out.  And with the purchase of a few new rugs, including the one pictured above which is a combo of sisal and cream canvas, I am trying to incorporate a more casual beach vibe throughout the house year round.


Of course, I still put out some things here and there for the summer holidays, but a less is more mentality has taken root in me over the past few years, and I'm content with just a few items.

I doubt I will ever be able to not accessorize for the various holidays.  My mother loved changing her accessories out each season, and this apple did not fall far from the tree it seems, as I do it too, just to a lesser extent.

So, though things like mason jars and other antique glassware can be found year round in my home, they are often my vessel of choice when it comes to getting gussided up for the various holidays.

And other antiques, like beautiful mangle cloth, feel right at home with seaside finds, while providing a little red, for a red, white, and blue color scheme.

I'll be doing some wandering over the next few days as I prepare for 4th of July events which trickle into the weekend, so my little blog and email will be taking a back seat as I gear up for Stars, Stripes, Sousa, and if we're lucky, even a little Sunscreen!

And as always, thank you for your comments and emails, they are truly appreciated!

To Jo, HERE is the link to the flooring and tile company, but I plan to keep our tile choice a secret until the backsplash is all said and done.  After waiting so long to do it, I don't want to jinx anything!

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. We'll take some of your rain. '-)
    Love the shot of the vintage crocks and patriotic heart. Happy 4th of July! ~ Sarah

  2. I am finally tired of rain. I cannot get a thing done outside. I love your jars and flags. Have a great time this holiday.

  3. A friend called this afternoon and asked, "How are you?".

    "Mildewed," was my response.

    Our yard has great soil, rich in organic matter, and it's like a wet sponge right now. Squish, squish, squish.

    Those French canisters are superb!

  4. I've heard about the rain along the East coast, I hope it ends soon, it can make things downright dreary. We've been in a wet, cold spell for the past few days. The rain comes and goes but it stays very gray. And chilly, 62 degrees right now.

    I enjoyed the pictures of your home, I love that rug! It's nice to pare down for the summer and your jars and crocks and stacks of books add a simple, restful feeling.

    Wishing you a Happy (and dry) 4th!


  5. Your words and photos paint a lovely summer picture... Happy 4th

  6. Hi Kat-- Happy 4th to you! I love the summer themed photos-,the mason jar photo is totally fabulous!

    It's rained here forever too it seems--

  7. Lovely post, Kat! Hope the rain stops in time for your holiday celebration!


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