Sunday, July 21, 2013

It's the Little Things

I've been going, going, going for days now and then last night it all came to a screeching halt.  I developed a horrible headache, one like I've never had before, and it actually made me physically ill, so today was spent laying in bed and watching whatever movies were on TV.  

It's funny how not feeling well and being laid up in bed for a day can make you appreciate all that you are able to accomplish on a day when you don't feel sick.  

On Friday, I got the chance to go to lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in awhile.  My old art partner and I have been so busy that it's been hard to carve out time to get together, so it was wonderful to have a couple of hours to sit and chat about everything that's been happening in our lives for the last few months.

I always realize after I get the chance to see someone I love spending time with but rarely get to, that I need to make more of an effort to do that.  You know how you run in to someone and you each say, "we really need to get together soon," but then time, and life get in the way and you never make it happen?

Well, I have decided that part of simplifying my life is to concentrate on the little things, the things that really do matter, like making time to see those people who you talk about, want to see and spend time with, but rarely do.

I'm also happy to report that we have now eaten 70 of our last 72 meals at home.  We decided about a month ago that we would make an effort to eat at home, preparing seasonal foods and just enjoying the process of cooking again.

It really has been effortless in many ways, made easier by the fact that it is summertime and lots of fresh veggies and fruits are in season and so plentiful.  Our tomato plants are giving us lots of tomatoes and the blueberries are finally starting to come in.

I so wish I could have these sweet blue berries fresh off the bush year round, but then again maybe I would take them for granted.  It is after all, the little things that truly make us happy in life, like a handful of fresh ripe blueberries on one of my favorite is good people, really good!

I hope you each have a great week!


  1. Life is good! Hope you are feeling better. We've enjoyed fresh blueberries this summer. A friend has given us a crate full so I froze most of them.

  2. Love those blueberries and your photos of them, and I hope you are all well soon.

  3. Sounds like a good, and healthy plan. Your photos are always amazing... Enjoy your week...

  4. Kat- I'm sorry you were so sick-- a horrible headache is so incapacitating. Let's hope you don't have another one for a long time :)

    Beautiful photos- as always. It really is the little things that matter most- I think as we get older we come to realize that even more--

  5. Home prepared meals always make me feel so much more nurtured and healthy and you have inspired me to concentrate on doing the same. If only we could slow down and think about why we drive ourselves so hard sometimes though. So sorry you had to endure a day of recuperating in bed, but glad you were able to post your very inspiring photos and words! xoxo

  6. Hope you are feeling better, Kat! Little things really do make up our lives...

  7. Kat, I'm catching up on your posts. Have been swamped with a bunch of boring things :( But, we have been cooking a lot at home this summer. Really enjoying that! Love having access to all the fresh veggies, fruit, herbs, etc....all locally grown!
    x Loi


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