Saturday, January 12, 2013

Paris Grey

I absolutely loved the comments on my last post...each one was so special, so thank you to those of you who left such wonderful and insightful thoughts!

Today has been a little weird around here.  We've been blanketed in fog all day long, which is very unusual for us.  Having fog isn't unusual, but having it last through the night and all throughout the day is not what we normally experience.

I went out about an hour ago to snap some pictures, because the fog gives everything an ethereal look.  And although I worry about everyone in my family driving in this soup (they are all on the road in one direction or another, hours from home today), it really is beautiful.

I'm beginning to wonder if we didn't bring a little Parisian weather home with us, since as you can see by the picture above, we had lots of foggy and grey days while we were there.

As I look out my window right now the conditions have actually deteriorated since I snapped these pics not long ago.  And I've lightened them a bit because they were very dark, but I haven't turned them into black and white or desaturated them at really is that grey out there.

It would be the perfect backdrop for a movie, or for an artist looking to capture a monochromatic look.  And my friend Dan would be delighted with it all, calling it "good Scottish weather."  He loved nothing more than a cold rainy, grey day with fog and a bit of melancholy music to go along with it.


Since I took the shot above, I can't even see down to the water, but I can hear the Canada Geese squawking and splashing as they land.   I wonder if they love or hate the fog?  It certainly gets them talking, and I'm guessing it's how they communicate where they are and when to land or take off, since visual clues are at a minimum right now.

A world in shades of grey, just waiting for springtime and blue skies...and I'm waiting right along with Mother Nature.

The real reason I took my camera out into the mist was to try and capture these two who were quietly chatting with one another.

As they often do whenever we try to get even remotely close, they took off for less threatening waters.

Normally they just paddle away, but these two seem to be new this year and aren't too sure about the crazy lady with the camera so they took flight.

We haven't had many swans this year, and they only showed up a few weeks ago.  I've only seen these two and then a family of 4 with two older cygnets.  The family of 4 seems to have moved on, and these two have come to take their place.

Usually by this time of year we have over 20 calling the creek and their river home for the winter, and it makes me sad to think that maybe our seasonal visitors won't be with us as much as in years past.

They also seem to have grown more wary of humans as they are truly wild.  I was using my 400mm for these shots, so I was not close to them by any stretch, but they must have felt threatened.

I hope I haven't scared them off, and that they will return....maybe on a day that has a little less Paris grey in it perhaps?

What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?


  1. It 's been a grey day for
    me, under the covers. Can
    you believe after a week of
    flu I caught a stomach virus?
    Ugh!!!! Feeling okay enough
    to sit up now with my trusty
    iPad, so I guess the silver
    lining in this is time to visit
    you : )

    Love, love these images! My
    daughter and I are like your Dan;
    we love that Scottish weather.

    Off now to read your last post.....

    Stay well!

    xo Suzanne

  2. Gorgeous shots. We had fog for two days a couple weeks ago. Today it was 74 and the sun came out after they said it would be cloudy with a chance of rain. We put out 73 bags of mulch. Now I am in pain!

  3. These are gorgeous pictures, Kat. Fog makes for a great background. We are predicted to have rain, sleet and snow tonight. Since my kids are off the roads, I can enjoy some different winter weather here. It has been so odd without all the snow we usually get. I am just going to curl up with a good book and stay cozy!


  4. Kat, I love fog and these foggy images are beautiful. Quite the contrast to my sunny day. I have done so much (clearly I am an idiot) I have a backache. big hugs, Olive

  5. Kat, it's been gray and foggy here all day too. We were predicated to have rain, but that didn't materialize. Cold front is headed this way.
    Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Kat, I really don't know when or if I've ever visited you without being totally blown away by your photos and the amazing way you capture things through your lens! Your 'foggy' surrounding just make me gasp.
    I read your beautiful post on growth and was so inspired. Isn't it interesting how something like your experience on the metro can touch us so profoundly and actually cause a change in us? I am so glad that it happened so that you could shed any of the feelings that might have held you back and kept you from truly enjoying your visit there. Your post was so beautifully written and I could feel your sweet soul in the writing. Thank you for blessing me with your lovely comment too!
    sending hugs...

  7. The swan photos are stunning Kat.

  8. What incredible photos of the swans! Truly stunning. We are blanketed in for as well, it has warmed up and the snow is melting. A funny day.
    All best,

  9. My favorite color! So beautiful where you live, Kat. Thanks for sharing your incredible photos. Love all!! xo, Loi

  10. I love fog (as long as I'm not driving in it!). Those swans are lovely.

  11. WOW KAT! Here I was just sitting there reading along and enjoying your wonderful fog filled and misty captures and then BAM!! The drama of those pure white swans in the dark took my breath away! xo


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