Monday, January 7, 2013

Darn It

Well I was sorry to read that so many of you have been having issues with Blogger as well!  I had hoped to reply to your comments personally, but that doesn't appear as though it's going to happen.

I will try again tomorrow, but for now I'm still having problems, and I'm just not up for finding solutions today!

Yesterday, I felt well enough to accompany my son and Mr. Tide up the road to pick out a suit.  The suit is for our son, and although he's had suits in the past, at nearly 21 this was his first really "nice" suit as he will likely be able to wear it for a few years.

He tried on something they call an "extreme fit," what we would have called an athletic fit a few years ago, but a bit more slim cut than even that...think Daniel Craig as James Bond.  I almost wanted to cry when he tried it on as he looked so handsome!  Recently he's moved from wearing cowboy boots, jeans, and t-shirts, to becoming quite the style mavin with rugged sweaters, chinos, and crisp white button downs.

I knew this day would come, just as it did with our daughter, but darn it, I am not ready for all of my birdies to be flying the nest and making their way into the world so soon.  It seems like just yesterday I was taking him to get fitted for his first pair of shoes, and now here we are picking out suits so that he can begin interviewing for internships and eventually careers!

Where does the time go people?!  If any of you find a time machine I would love to go for a ride.  Not because I'm stuck in the past, but just so that I can enjoy those lost moments once more.

I remember well how my parents used to say, "enjoy every minute of their growing up, because in an instant they are grown and out on their own."  How right they were, and thankfully I listened and did enjoy each phase as best I could with life whizzing by.

Maybe that is why I'm drawn to places with history, old movies, or shows like Downton Abbey?!   There is real comfort in knowing that some things never change, like architecture, monuments, or a favorite street.  In cities like London and Paris there are streets and views that haven't changed for many years, and although I do embrace change, I like the continuity and thought that some things never change.

I hope you all get your Blogger, gmail, electronic woes figured out too.  I wonder what it must have been like to say..."my scroll isn't working, it keeps rolling up!"  I guess they probably complained about those sorts of things too.  And I think lots of change will be coming to Downton Abbey this season, for the only thing that truly never changes, is the fact that things are always changing.


  1. Aw...time does seem to pass in the blink of an eye...I'm glad you were able to experience that with your son! Beautiful photos, Kat~ that must have been a wonderful trip! I have Downton Abbey recorded, no chance to watch it yet!

  2. I agree, time passes very quickly. When my oldest turned 30 in July, I just couldn't wrap my brain around it. I had trouble yesterday when I went to post my first post since before Christmas. I couldn't upload pictures until I went through Google Chrome. This is my first post to read, so I'm anxious to see what everyone else is struggling with.

    The Iris photo went by while I was reading your post...gorgeous!

  3. Oh it does fly hat! I want to slow time down!

  4. Having the WORST trouble with Blogger, too! Google Chrome solved the problem. I couldn't upload any pictures and it was terrible! It took about three minutes to upload google chrome from the net, but it took care of my issues. Technology, pffttt....

  5. Hi Kat- Listen-I have told several people to load Google Chrome and that has solved the problems for every one of them. If you are not using it please give it a try- xo Diana

  6. I am absolutely not one of those who is looking forward to the empty nest. I love my kids being home, although ofcourse I want them to have their own lives. Ah well.. it is what it is.

  7. You can always count of change! I use Windows Live writer for all of my posts so the blogger thing hasn't hit me. What a pain for so many! I'm glad you're feeling better! Take care!

  8. What gorgeous pictures! I'd be lying if I didn't admit I'm a tad bit jealous but I'm keeping it in check and am so glad you had such an amazing time.
    For the record, I moved to Wordpress last year and love it. There's a bit of a learning curve involved but overall, it's so much better, in my opinion.

    Thanks for sharing your trip!


  9. I have heard about all of the Blogger problems. I am going to try to post tomorrow and I hope it's all figured out by then.

    Since my boys are much older than your son, I have witnessed the "First Suit" and the sobbing (on my part) that came with it. And as of the last few years we have attended weddings as a family and to see my kids dressed as adults, sipping red wine and actually using their napkin on their laps, I can assure you, your sadness and fears will dissolve into pride. And then give yourself and your husband a big pat on the back!! You did good.

    I wished I had started following Downton Abby from the start. I'm told to rent the previous seasons a lot. The problem with TV for me is that I have to use closed caption because of my hearing loss. So in a day, if I blog, read some of my book and then watch/read eyes and brain are scrambled. I guess if I had to pick a show to follow, this would be it. I love the excitement it is generating.


  10. Bittersweet it is. My oldest got a driver's license last month and I am stunned at how fast the time has gone. Your photos continue to bring so much pleasure - sorry for the Blogger issues - but I'd love to see as many more as you can post.
    All best,

  11. ahhhhhh....seems we may be on the same page today. I have a birthday tomorrow and am feeling quite refective tonight. go to my site and read the words I've posted. I think you'll appreciate.
    bittersweet it is.....we teach our babies to spread their wings and fly; yet when they do and become independent adults, the chirping softens in our worlds. The cycle of Life.

  12. Glad to hear that you are improving. I've been thinking about you.

    Children grow up, but they are always our children. I still can feel the ache and pride from when we were at the Bridal shop two years ago and our youngest stepped out of the dressing room in THE dress. We all knew it instantly ... and nothing has been the same since. It's just different, and we roll with it.

  13. It's difficult when the fledglings first take off. Kind of bittersweet.
    Now that my two older (mid 30's)daughters children are in school, the two girls seem to be coming back. I don't understand why, but they seem to want me around more and more. My youngest has always been close...but the older two haven't been as this is a little bit of a surprise for me. I cherish every moment I have with all three girls. This turn around has been a real blessing to my heart. I don't know if it's all my health issues, or what? but I'm loving it, whatever it is!!
    I guess what I'm trying to say is...going off on their own is always fun. Knowing they have you and their dad to come home to is always the best.

  14. Your Paris photography is just so inspirational Kat. All that gorgeous architecture and sense of the past really does give pause for reflection. xo


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