Monday, January 14, 2013

In Search of Springtime

Rain, rain, go away is my mantra today.  My neighbor even called to lodge a complaint about the overcast and ugly weather we've been having for days now.  My only outings have been to take the dogs out, and after doing laundry, dishes, and surfing Pinterest, I'm experiencing some serious cabin fever.

In a phone conversation with Mr. Tide today, where I was lamenting all of this dreary weather, he suggested that we never live in Seattle.  Not that I'm sure Seattle isn't a beautiful part of our country, but for me, I think it would consume me.  The lush dampness and beautiful grey would leave me wanting sunshine and days when your feet stick to the asphalt!  Of course I've never been there, but he has and thinks it would be best if we cross it off of our future places to live list, penciling in St. John, USVI instead.

Although I adore a lack of color at times, my alter ego often craves it.   So I was instantly drawn to this little Lipton tea tin I found at a Paris flea market.  I love the artwork, the beautiful scrollwork, and most of all the color!

On Mr. Tide's way home from work the other night I emailed him a grocery list that looked like this...

Flowers get the idea!!!

Thankfully he got my "subtle" hints and brought me not one, but 3 beautiful bouquets of tulips, dutch iris, and a mixed bouquet with carnations, roses, and mums.

I feel like Marie Antoinette with all of the flowers in my house right now, and I love the hint of springtime they bring.  I hope you are finding ways to cope with the cold and dreary days if you are like me and long for warmer weather and a bit of color!


  1. Wow- He was quick on the uptake to get such a subtle hint! I have visited Seattle and, while it is beautiful, I would not want to live there either- I need the sunshine. I miss FL terribly-especially this time of year. Another gray day here, too. Love your little tea-tin- xo Diana

  2. Smart fella! Flowers do brighten a day. I have had enough of this rain nonsense as well!

    I am enjoying fresh flowers as well!

  3. What a nice husband! I have tulips and jonquils to look at but awfully tired of being 'er indoors - we both have flu. At least the sun is shining...

  4. I know how you feel. We have had more cloudy and rainy days than sunshine. I have to have color too and I prefer sunny days with an occasional rainy dreary day. It is pouring as I type this and we are under a flood watch around here. Great flowers. I should have picked some up yesterday.

  5. Although I actually love the short, grey days of our northern New England winter, today's oddly warm weather did have me thinking an early Spring would be nice. On my trek through the slushy woods with the dog today I saw a bit of green fern poking out of the snow. It gave me ideas. ;-)

  6. I need some fresh flowers. It's cold and gray here. Flowers just might brighten my mood. ;-)

  7. I'm with you on this one. Five-days-and-counting with grey, wet weather has totally sapped my energy. All I want to do is light a fire and curl up with a down throw, a book, and a cat.

  8. I have three pots of bulbs
    bursting forth simultaneously
    on my kitchen window, at
    the moment: crocus, mini
    daffodils and paperwhites.
    They really make me smile,
    as does your lovely post : )

    I adore Seattle and that very
    sort of weather that you are
    experiencing. Sadly for me,
    the cold weather we get here
    in MN in the winter means blue
    skies and sunshine nearly every
    single day! We need to trade

    Hope your day is a great one and
    that you are feeling better. I am
    much stronger than yesterday, so
    this stomach virus seems to be
    moving on down the road.....

    xo Suzanne

  9. Beautiful photos, Kat! I have been thinking I need to go to the store and pick up some flowers and blooming plants! Even though I love winter...I need some GREEN! It's funny how different everyone is...I thrive on rainy, cloudy weather...I actually feel energized by it lol!

  10. Flowers did you say? Love that list Kat. If I wrote that on a grocery list I would be flooded with so many questions it would ruin the thought. I think I have a touch of seasonal affective disorder and would need serious light therapy if left in a rainy place for long. Just to give you a terrible tease it was 76 here and sunny today. I washed my Mini barefoot and had a lovely time. We will be paid back in weeds and mosquitoes for this warmth.

  11. We are under the same dreary skies as you, but this rain is sooo needed. If it were snow we would be getting a couple feet. At least we don't have to shovel water. That's such a neat tin! You lucked out on that find.

    I couldn't live in Seattle either... way too cloudy far too often.

  12. So so pretty...and Mr. Tide gets big points for all the beautiful fleurs!! xo


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