Monday, April 2, 2012

Patience is a Virtue

There is really nothing I love to do more than to manipulate images.  If you had told me a year ago I would say this I would have laughed, looked at you kind of funny, and then backed away slowly! ;-)

But it's true, I now enjoy pushing the bounds of my limited abilities and learning something new every day.  It's a form of relaxation and meditation for me, and the added bonus of maybe being able to sell some of these is like icing on the cake!

The biggest challenge I face when I start messing with my images is knowing when to stop, when to put the mouse down and leave well enough alone.  

I once heard a photographer who does lots of post processing (and whose name I have momentarily forgotten) say that he finds that some of his best work comes from images he has walked away from and then revisited later.  That by not feeling like you have to finish something in one sitting you can often find the true vision of the image.  I love that idea, and I now try and subscribe to it, even though I'm fairly impatient and like to get something done all at once.

The image above is a great example.  First I started with just the flowers in the vase, adding textures, messing with the hue and saturation, and then I left it alone for a bit.  Then I remembered a beautiful old french post card that I had that I thought would fit beautifully on the right side of the image which had a good deal of dead space.  And then finally, because I felt it needed a little something else and couldn't figure out how anyone would use this image, I decided to add the "Happy Easter" wishes at the top in pink.  Now I can see it as an Easter card.

Sometimes patience really is a virtue I guess!


  1. Kat, I love looking at these photos that you add textures to. I don't have a clue how to do it. If I knew some computer lingo I might be able to figure this stuff out.

  2. Knowing when to stop is an art. It is one of the skills that my husband's art teacher has helped him learn, and his paintings are much better now that he understands.

    Walking away and coming back to a project, whether it's a photo, a painting, or a written piece, helps us gain perspective and a whole new way of seeing the situation. This image of yours is a great example!

    On a totally unrelated subject ... my first rose opened today!!

  3. I love what you did here. I don't know how to do anything other than point and shoot. I need to figure out some of these programs! xo Diana

  4. I love your pictures Kat. You're very talented.

  5. I love your pictures Kat. You're very talented.

  6. I agree... I call it "letting it ripen." Then you can go back and check out and see what you still need to fix/add and you see it with fresh eyes again.

  7. I love to edit too. I finally got a big girl camera but Dear Lord the manual is in Mandarin Chinese.

  8. Gorgeous pictures. NanaDiana sent me, I'm so glad she did!

  9. Your photo is lovely! I love the colors!
    I can get carried away with over editing my photos. I need to learn to walk away, mine usually end up looking muddy and pitiful!

  10. The Easter Bunny sent me over to your blog! I love the pictures that you sent Diana! These are also gorgeous! Your photographs are amazing and I love the way you have manipulated the images!

  11. Hi, I'm bj and came over from Nana's.
    She said you did beautiful work....and YOU DO. I love this pretty Easter card.
    So much so that I am becoming a happy follower. come by to see me when you can, link up, and maybe we'll meet in the middle and you can show me more pretty pictures. :))
    xo bj

  12. The Easter Bunny sent me too.
    Your art/photos are


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