Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dreaming in Black and White

I've been dreaming, or maybe scheming of a way to get back over to France.  The last time I was there, we didn't have enough time to visit Paris, and my heart longs to stroll her city streets.  My heart also longs to revisit places in the south that were once home to our daughter.

It would be a working trip, requiring many long hours of photographing beautiful sites and taste testing food of course...but I think I am up to the challenge of all of this strenuous work! ;-)

Before I go, I will need to consider the physical harm I might have to endure, you know, neck strain from looking up...

And those thigh crushing, ahem...toning hills that parts of France are so famous for.  It may not look steep in this photo, but trust me it was!  And if you ever want to feel inadequate, stand on the steepest street you can find in France and watch as women in 4 inch heels glide up these uneven cobblestone surfaces, closely followed by people in their 90s lugging their daily groceries!

I have to admit that I was totally bummed when we didn't win the mega millions.  First of all I was just sure we would win, I mean we never buy tickets, and the odds were SO in our favor, but alas it wasn't to be.  Had I won though, you can bet your bottom dollar that the first thing after talking to an attorney, a few charities, and a financial planner would have been contacting a realtor in France to purchase my weekend home.

I would have booked my ticket to France so quickly that it would have made anyone's head spin.

It's funny how certain places grab hold of your heart and never let go.  And it's not as if I have visited France many times, but the time I have spent there has given me wonderful memories...which I hope to add to in the years to come.

I want to thank all of the new visitors that have stopped by from Diana's lovely blog today!  It's so nice to have you here, and I truly appreciate you stopping by!  Thank you for the sweet shout out Diana!

If I truly ever did win the lottery, I would hope I would do something exactly like this!


  1. I know what you mean, Kat!
    I loved France! Deauville was my favorite place of all. I would love to live there.
    WE can always dream.

  2. The black and white photos are lovely. I don't know why I never take any black and white shots, I do think they are so elegant.

    A working vacation...you can use that as a tax write-off can't you? Doesn't that make it almost free?? LOL!

    Maybe it is a good thing I don't fly...my wish list for second homes is much more reasonable!

  3. About that lottery ticket, at least that is one suspense we are spared - since we don't buy one.:-) I must admit, though, a trip to France - working or not - sounds very appealing.

  4. Love your photos! We are spending 9 days in Paris in May to celebrate our 30th Anniversary. This is our first trip overseas and we couldn't be more excited. There is a very long list of must sees and one of them is just to stroll the city streets, enjoy a pain au chocolat and a coffee in a sidewalk cafe and people watch. By the sounds of I should be hitting the gym beforehand so I'm able to climb those steep city streets ;). Thanks for the prelude.

  5. Maybe Paris is in your family tree. This could be why you feel so tied to it. God, I'd love to go there. And what those firemen did is wonderful!

  6. I think you could and must endure the strenuous work of returning to Paris.

  7. Oh- What beautiful black and white photos. My daughter has all black and whites in her house and I love the way it looks.

    You are most welcome for the nod of appreciation from me- You deserve it,kiddo! xo Diana

  8. Hi Kat, Diana, alias the Easter Bunny sent me over and I am so glad she did. Your photos are stunning.

  9. Kat, I hope you do get to go back to Paris! The photos you took while there the last time is just gorgeous! I was surprised when John and I didn't win the mega lottery either-we never buy tickets so we should have won-LOL!! Have a Happy Easter!

  10. I haven't been to
    Paris in 15 years.
    I'd love to revisit
    some day, as well.
    Hope your dream
    comes true!

    xx Suzanne

  11. I'm with you - I loved our trip to France last year. I've been having a bit of a walk down memory lane with my recent posts. Sigh!

  12. Lovely. lovely. lovely. Kat! Your new header is gorgeous, too!


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