Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happiness Is...

Having no weeds in your flower beds...thanks to your husband!

Old French script.

Flowering Almond blossoms.

Finding time to take a few pictures.

I hope each of you found a little happiness of your own this weekend, and that you find even more this week!


  1. Gorgeous, Kat! You are doing some wonderful photos, Kat!

  2. Kat, what beautiful photos!! I love the flowering almond blossoms!

  3. Your photos have a lovely nostalgic flair to them.

  4. Beautiful photos and pink blossoms!

  5. I had a great weekend. Went to a dinner and took tons of photos too.
    Thank you for your great advice on Friday. You were very helpful!
    So yes, this weekend, I did "find a little happiness"

  6. Oh wow...these pictures are simply gorgeous, Kat!

    No weeds! What a sweetheart you have there! My hubs helps out a lot, too, in the garden so I can't complain. Happy April!


  7. Beautiful photos to enjoy this morning. Happiness is finding ME on this Monday morning. We won't talk about the weekend! lol

  8. all happiness indeed! (oh, and sweet, sweet husband for weeding for you!!)


  9. Beautiful beautiful images,Kat! I don't think I have ever seen flowering almonds~ By any chance is your husband looking for an old girlfriend whose garden needs weeding? Never hurts to ask is MY motto!;>) xo Diana

  10. Hi Kat! I am visiting your blog for the first time. Nana Diana showed us a couple of the canvases that you sent her...just beautiful! Your photography is gorgeous. I read the newest post about working with effects, etc. I am going to be "kicked out of the nest" when Picnik closes this month and will HAVE to start using my Photoshop Elements package. It will be good for me to have to try new things with my photography.


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