Friday, October 28, 2011

Simple Minded

Thank you everyone for your wonderful support, and I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one with too much holiday decor...for every season!

After donating some of my fall items, I have found that the pieces I decided to keep mean even more to me and look even better now that they can stand alone.

I've decided that my new approach to holiday decorating will be more simple minded, kind of like me!  I have always incorporated natural elements into all of my holiday decor, but I feel like now I will put even more emphasis on bringing the outdoors in, and trying to embrace the less is more philosophy that I am so drawn to these days.

I find that everywhere I turn I am seeking simple, clean lined items that are easy on the eye and super functional, like these cute little white cafe au lait style bowls I picked up yesterday.

I had passed by these many times at Target, and I really loved them but talked myself out of them each time.  Then, while surfing blogdom the other day I saw these on someone else's blog and thought, you know I really should just buy them.  I can't remember which blog it was...sorry...that would be my simple mindedness that I mentioned earlier.  Whoever it was, they had found these on sale and picked some up...I was not so lucky, at my Target they weren't reduced.

While I was at Target, searching for my perfect little bowls, I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in quite awhile.  Her daughter and our son Bugs had gone all through school together, and as parents of older kids know, once your children leave middle school and beyond, you hardly ever see the parents anymore, so it was nice to catch up.

She looked great, which she always did, and she had her arms full of stuff for her house, which was always beautifully put together.  When I told her what my mission for the day was, she mentioned that if I could wait until Sunday, the bowls would likely be on sale here too.  Not a snowball's chance in you know where of that happening.  Along with my simple mindedness, I'm also horribly impatient.  And the thought of slogging my way back over there, which is about 1/2 hour away to save maybe $4 just wasn't enough incentive for me to wait...sorry Mr. Tide! ;-)

After walking through my living/dining room for the past few days with it looking a lot like a bad, bad photo studio a la lighting equipment and props scattered all around, I finally had had enough and set to clearing out some of the chaos.

Things are looking better in there, but I still have a few tubs of stuff to put back in the garage, but that will wait until tonight or tomorrow.  My mission today, besides a meeting I had earlier today, is to go buy some new walking shoes.  Ever since we returned from Europe, where we estimate that we walked between 6 and 8 miles a day...sometimes more, I have tried to continue that by walking at least 2 1/2 miles every day.  It's not nearly as much fun to walk down our little lane instead of the streets of France and Germany, but where we live is beautiful and quiet, so I can't complain.


Before I gave all of my props and equipment the 'ole heave ho out of the living/dining room, I did take a few more still life shots, just for the heck of it.

I wanted to create a few that had a feminine edge to them, so I used some of my great grandmother and grandmother's antique pearls, and of course some pink roses from our rose bush.

These will be the last roses of the season, which always makes me a little sad, but I know they will be back next spring looking and smelling as wonderful as ever!  The winds of change showed up last night, quite literally as it was a blustery evening, and today there is a chill in the air and gray skies which look a little too much like snow for my liking!  

I got a lovely email from Lili today and she said that up her way in Maine they are expecting a record snowfall this weekend!  And Joan did a post today showing the 2 inches of snow they received last night!  EEK, can you imagine?!  The thought of snow in October is way more frightening than least for me it is!

I hope each of you has a wonderful weekend!


  1. It's snowing here today... not sticking on the ground, but has been coming down for at least an hour.

    I have those same white bowls and use them ALL the time. Simplicity is a good thing, I mean... who likes to take the time to dust all that stuff around the house anyway? Not me!

  2. 2 to 8 inches maybe here in Pa can't believe it!! great pictures and i seen the lil bowls also on another blog but i can't rem who's.....have a great weekend Kat......oh btw i am in need of some puppy pics!!

  3. Kat, these are lovely!! Those two little acorns in that first shot - I want them. They are so cool!

  4. Felt the same about all the decorations I've kept for all holidays over the years. I've used a lot more outdoor elements this year too; a few more pinecones, gumballs, etc. Simple is better.

  5. It is always a real treat to see how you (and my other Northern hemisphere bloggy friends) decorate for the seasons. We only have 2 seasons here - "wet" and "dry" which doesn't evoke a lot of imagination. So lovely I get to share yours. ;)Sharyne

  6. Beautiful photos! I love those acorns!

  7. Loving the still life Kat...just LOVING it.

  8. I like your simple and natural decorating. Not sure I'm ready to downsize that much yet.

  9. Beautiful vignettes and photos! It's cold and rainy here in NC...I'm not used to it! BBrrr!!! ♥

  10. I agree with you that sometimes less is more. I plan to go less heavy handed this holiday season too. I really like those flower shots you took. I couldn't imagine having snow around Halloween. That's very early for us. I guess folks up there are used to it though.

  11. I've done the same thing with those bowls! Except I still haven't caved...maybe now's the time!

    Love your blog! :)

  12. Now that I'm in a new neighborhood, I need to go walking with my camera and meet a few folks! I too need new walking shoes!

  13. I am thinking of packing away some of my fall decor, too...or at least not putting as much out next year. I couldn't even bring myself to look at any new things this year as I already have too much. And I feel overwhelmed.

    I have the exact bowls {in light pink} from a clearance sale at Antropologie. So far they have been used for cereal!! lol. Love them in white though and I am sure you will find a classier way to use them.

    Your still lifes are beautiful, the roses, the pearls, the background. Gorgeous!!

    Snow??? I thought we always got the snow first...maybe I'm not keeping up on the weather. In any case...stay warm and cuddly inside!!


  14. Hi! I hadn't been to visit for a while, so I thought I'd catch up. I keep trying to get rid of things and then more come in as quickly as the others leave! I'm almost ashamed of how much Christmas stuff I have. I do tend to rotate it...certainly I don't use it all each year. This year I bought a vintage aluminum tree like my grandmother's. I'm thinking that I may just use it even though it is smaller. I'll just pretend it is the 60's! I'm not ready for snow at all, but we have had a couple of frosty mornings!

  15. I love the little bowls from Target...simple & elegant.

    Hope you have a good weekend (and I can't believe that parts of the Country are getting snow! What the heck!)


  16. Those roses are so gorgeous! I love the next to the last Shot.

    Snow! Whenever I pine for the east coast someone has to mention a snow storm and I take a pause and think hmmmmmm? Could I do snow again after 34 years in the desert? At my age? With bad Knees? Damn..maybe not

  17. Simple maybe...simple minded never.
    I now find myself in a need for a trip to Target. Cat Daddy says thanks a heap!
    P.S. Your photography just takes my breath away.

  18. I agree, sometimes the holiday preparation can be just a bit too much for me. I'm trying to scale back to and stick with the things I love best.
    Love your photographs!

  19. Oh Kat, I'm in love with your still life with the roses and pearls! Your new simple white bowls are so sweet and your images are so pristine and crisp. Oh yes and the snow we're still waiting for here, I can feel it already in my bones! I still can't believe all the reports I'm hearing tonight from all over. xo ~Lili

  20. Sublimely beautiful still life shots, Kat!
    I am always so inspired to see the way you arrange everyday objects. Gives me tons of inspiration.


  21. Kat, just beautiful photos! Those roses are just gorgeous!! I bought some of the bowls at Target too! They are wonderful with everything.

  22. I love your new bowls, Kat...and if you had waited until they were on sale, they probably would have been gone! Your photos are lovely...we have had frost here, but no snow, thank goodness...I know it is coming soon enough!

  23. Lovely shots! We all doubt our work, but it's those of us that shoot through these doubts that succeed. Good luck! Keep shooting :)

  24. Great little white bowls! Wish I could downsize my holiday decor...Christmas is my weeakness:)



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