Monday, October 24, 2011

Kelly Moore Love

I'm so glad to hear from the comments on my last post that I'm not the only one that gives directions based on old landmarks!  If we all stick together, we can convince others that our way is best! ;-)

I was going to wait and post this tomorrow, but after reading a post today (more on that later) I decided that the fates were telling me to post this tonight!  See that beautiful leather bag in the photo above?  Well that is my lovely new Kelly Moore camera bag.  The truth is that it's not all that new now, you see I bought it just before we left for Europe last month.

If you don't think that a trip to Europe, with the responsibility of carrying all of my camera gear won't break in a new bag in a big hurry, well you'd be very wrong, I put this baby to the test, and it passed with flying colors!

But there is more to this bag than just good looks...though it does look uber chic in the 2 photos above as it is enjoying the views of the Neckar River from the terrace at our hotel in Heidelberg, Germany doesn't it?!  Just me and Kelly, my gear, and a cool San worldly isn't she?!

Yeah, she's a seasoned traveler now, but before she flew across the ocean, visited lovely train stations, and learned a little French and German, she had quite a story to tell.

I think you can tell a lot about a company not only from their products, but how they treat their customers.  In my frantic, and frugal ways, I thought I would simply use my big camera backpack for our trip, but then in a moment of panic just days before we left I had a change of heart and went searching for the perfect camera bag which wouldn't be too bulky and could disguise itself as a purse...providing me with everything I needed to look cool while still being able to capture everything I wanted on our trip.

I went online and searched for reviews or anything I could find on camera bags that would suit my needs and I kept coming back to Kelly Moore bags.  The reviews were good...check #1, and they were just so darned amazing looking...check I was sold!

I went online to the Kelly Moore website and found that the bag I wanted, the B-Hobo was out of stock in the color that I really wanted (Walnut), so I decided on the mustard color instead.  Off my order went into cyberspace, and then I realized that I probably should have opted for a faster shipping I wrote them an email and asked if they could expedite my shipment...No Problem was the happy reply I received back, so I was already loving this company who would now have to scramble to help me out for being dumb and not ordering it the faster way to begin with.


I was content...well for a few hours anyway, but I really wanted that walnut brown bag, so I did a Google search and low and behold there it was, in stock, calling my name but on another website...Adorama's website to be exact.

Now I know what you are thinking, fickle me, just suck it up and get your mustard bag and quit being so picky right?!  Nope, I wrote Kelly Moore again, and instead of getting what I deserved...a nasty gram saying, "look lady, make up your *&%^ mind!"  I got a lovely note that said, "sure, no problem, we can cancel your order and let you purchase it from Adorama, and we will refund your credit card right away!"  Oh baby, can you say customer for life...of course that was before I had even checked out the bag to see if it was worth its salt.

After wearing, stuffing, re-stuffing, and hauling my beautiful walnut brown Kelly Moore bag from castles to opera houses, up and down steps, over cobblestones, through train stations (like the gorgeous Strasbourg train station pictured in this post), through airports and beyond, I can unequivocally say that this bag rocks!

It held my passport, cell phone, tickets, credit cards, money, lip gloss, perfume, brochures...oh yeah, and my camera gear too, which included a big honkin' L series 100-400 mm telephoto lens, my 5D Mark II body, my L series 24-70 mm go to lens, my remote, spare batteries, and both lens hoods.  And it was easy peasy to grab things when I needed them, change out lenses, and it made me look like I knew what the heck I was doing!

In all seriousness, I can't say enough good things about this bag, I love it and I would carry it as my everyday purse if I wasn't terrified of wearing it out...which I doubt will happen, but when you find something you love, you want to have it always!  Yup, that's how I feel about this bag.  

But what I love most about this bag is how nicely I was treated by the company that makes it.  I was given the royal treatment and that makes me love it even more!  Tonight when I went about my usual blog reading I came across a post on Di's Blog about Kelly Moore.  It seems that she is more than just a great photographer, bag designer, and accomplished business woman...she's a pretty special person HERE and you'll see what I mean, good things really do come to good people!

And for those of you in need of an amazing and truly workable camera bag that kicks butt, go HERE and order yourself one, you won't regret it, I promise!


  1. That is a GOOD customer experience (and it speaks to me after I briefly lost the will to live, hanging on for Sears customer service department....)

    Great bag too Kat - was that a purple lining I spotted in one of the early photos? Our favorite camera bag has an orange lining so you can see black lenses etc in there, instead of the Black Hole.

  2. We have also just bought our second Timbuktu camera bag liner which has turquoise insides, with the same visibility advantage.

  3. Love it, Kat...I appreciate the info...I really need one!

  4. Kat, what an inspiring story. I've had a look at your links and feel quite humbled. Your bag is really stylish, I love it. What a superb company, Kelly Moore has.

  5. Such a wonderful post! Still waiting to purchase a Kelly Moore bag... Perhaps for Christmas this year, but I've heard so many great things about her bags from so many bloggers. Glad you are having a wonderful experience with yours and that you trip was as awesome as the bag! Oh, and you rock, Kat, for mentioning my post. LOVE that video of Kelly!!

  6. Nice bag. I thought it was a purse. Great disguise. I would go for one of those, too if I was going overseas. My husband just mentioned on our little overnight trip that I need a camera bag. I just put it in a tote. Shame on me. I will invest in a bag eventually. Glad to know you gave these a good recommendation.

  7. What a beautiful story and that baby is so perfect. I love the bag and even better that a great company stands behind it. It seems lately that great customer service is lost these days.
    Love your photos as well, what a beautiful place.

  8. I love that bag Kat!! What a great story too!

  9. Kat,
    That bag sounds great...I will be sure to check it out...thanks for the info:)


  10. I think you've inspired me to think about getting one of these. Going on vacation next month, and this would come in pretty handy. You'll have to give me a guided tour of your bag when I see you. Let's make it soon.

  11. I WILL check it out!
    I've not been satisfied
    with the other camera
    purses that I've purchased.
    This looks like a winner.
    Love the royal treatment
    that you received!
    xx Suzanne

  12. Hey Kat! I have a Kelly Moore B-Hobo too in grey! Oh shes a beauty and I love her so. I carry her everyday and she houses my wallet, keys, lotion, lip stuff, my baby Nikon D90, my 18-200mm lens, my nifty fifty lens, cleaning cloths, iphone, business cards, all with room to spare! But it doesnt LOOK like it holds all that or that it even comtains a big hurkin' camera!
    Congrats on you lovely lady, may she serve you well for years and years to come! By the way...I named mine...Greysie LOL My camera has a name too Loosie...I like odd names, well for gear anyway, my kid has a normal name...promise! LOL

  13. Thanks for this post, Kat! I desperately need a camera bag so will have to check these out.

  14. Ohhh, lucky you! I've been wanting a Kelly Moore bag forever.

  15. Hmmm sounds like a great gift idea for someone too! I need to check this out. Thanks for those links. xo ~Lili


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