Thursday, September 8, 2011

The To Do List, and Other Shortcomings

It's been raining cats and dogs here in Maryland over the past couple of days.  This would normally be a welcome event had it not been for the fact that we just had a hurricane, so more rain wasn't really what any of us want or need right now.  More rain means more flooding, our road was shut down this morning, more trees down, and more mess to clean up!

My to do is list is growing by the minute, and this weather is not helping.  How do you like our pile of debris, I fondly refer to it as Mount Brushmore?  Oh there is plenty more of it that you can't see, stuff too large for us to move from our backyard.  And in case you think that's just a few branches...the stuff on the left side of the photo is an entire pear tree, the stuff on the right is bits of the big dead tree from alongside the water.  We have phoned tree companies to come help us get rid of it, but they have bigger fish to fry, like people with trees on their homes...and did I mention that it's been raining cats and dogs?!  So they are right to service those people first.  The pile is so big that you can't see over it or around it, and it's starting to stink so I would love to have it taken care of before we leave...which is in just 10 days, I can't even think about that right now though or I will go completely insane!

Thanks SO much for the advice you all left me on my last post.  We still haven't made up our minds as to where we will end up.  And today, because I like to torture myself, I threw out the idea of maybe just flying somewhere within Europe, like maybe Scotland!  Mr. Tide just gave me a smile and calmly said, "well, I'm glad you are narrowing things down!"

So let's see, 

I have to help my sister clean out a garage, a shed, and a laundry room so that my parent's house can go to settlement on the 20th, we leave on the 18th!  And she and her husband have already cleaned up 4 trees that came down over there.  We also still need to repair the fence that was damaged by a tree that came down!

I have to get photos sent to a gallery in Vermont that I'm working with, and hopefully get some mattes ordered and signed before we leave. 

I have to go and see if I can rent an international cell phone, I just love going to the Verizon store...not!

I'm trying to tie up loose ends on some writing projects before I go.

I want my house to be clean and tidy so that when I return it will be to a clean house...hmm that's probably not gonna happen.

I ordered some pictures to send to friends and the order got messed up and was never placed, so that needs fixing.

My daughter made it easy on us by asking for cash on her 24th birthday in a week, so thank you Angelfish for not pushing your mother over the edge with an elaborate gift request!

I really need a camera bag for my trip, the backpack I got for Christmas is wonderful but really bulky.

I need to call the credit card company and see if our credit cards will even work over there since some places don't accept our magnetic striped cards now!

We have to take Misty to dog obedience this weekend.  It's her birthday on the 18th...she'll be a big girl then!

I have a photo shoot both days...but may have to bag out if we don't get everything cleaned out in time at my parent's house!

Are you tired yet...because I am exhausted!!!  But I'm excited too, giddy in fact, so it will all work out, just like it always does.  It's that build up that I hate!

And I am working on returning emails, but it's slow going!  To those of you, and you know who you are, who wrote me and said things that brought tears to my eyes over the last few months (YES, I'm that far behind on returning emails), please know that I haven't overlooked you or ignored you.  Quite the opposite in fact, it's because of your words that I'm as sane as I am right now.

And to those of you who have to live in the same house with me right now, God help you!  Thank you for your never ending patience! xoxo

***In an effort to spend less time blogging, comments have been disabled on this blog for the time being, thank you for understanding!***