Friday, September 16, 2011

From This...

Tomorrow, Saturday, will be my daughter's 24th birthday.  When I look at the photo above and see that curly haired, blue eyed, sweetheart, it's hard for me to believe that she is now all grown up, living on her own, and has become someone that we never could have imagined, because she's so much more than we ever could have hoped for!  

Sometime, when we weren't looking, she transformed from this...

To this...a young woman who knows who she is, but continues to evolve and embrace all her God given talents.  I would list them all, but that would make for a very long post!  So I will simply say Happy Birthday Angelfish!  We love you more than words can say, and we continue to marvel at the wonderful person you have become! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

***I was asked to re-instate the comments feature on my blog, but please know that for now I won't be able to reply unless you ask a specific question.  I know that sounds ungrateful, because I do love reading every one of them, but right now it's what I need to do, and I thank you for your understanding!"


  1. Kat, she is simply lovely and that smile would win over everyone!
    ...the pooch is cute too : D

  2. A lovely woman....congratulations!! I hope your daughter will have a wonderful day!

    With love, Ingrid

  3. She's a beautiful young woman!....

  4. HaPpY BiRtHdAy.......angelfish!!! and kisses to the cutie pup!! She really is beautiful Kat...for some reason bloglovin is not accepting my google sign in name so till i can figure that out i have to use anonymous/ Chris

  5. Happy Birthday to your lovely girl!

  6. Happy Birthday to your beautiful and talented daughter!

  7. Oh, My ... I see you in both of these photos!!

    Happy Birthday, Sweetie!!! Your mama brags on you every chance she gets.

  8. I know you're a proud mom! Children are our best creation. Hope she has a wonderful birthday.

  9. Kat...she really is a beautiful girl, inside as well as outside, I'm sure! Happy Birthday to your Angelfish!!


  10. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Angelfish!! xoxo ~Lili

  11. Angelfish, you are beautiful!! Happy belated birthday wishes!!!



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