Saturday, July 23, 2011

That Time of Year

It's that time of year again.

When branches are weighed down with barely ripe berries.

When the hazy days of summer are in full force and nature tends to show off.

When Queen Anne's Lace fills fields and ditches, and suddenly a weed becomes a thing of beauty.

When patient puppies sit in an air conditioned truck while humans suffer 102 degree heat...

Hoping for a few of these...or maybe a lot of these!

And when even the ants are happy to be hanging out in their newly decorated abode.

Yup, it's that time of year, when a whole bowl of these seems like the perfect summertime dinner!

What does this time of year mean to you?


  1. I love these pictures, Kat...your dogs look so pretty! And the ants on the Queen Anne's Lace! Creepy, but a great shot!

    Summer is always sun and sand for me...funny and happy drinks {beer margarita's}?!! Coffee outside in the morning and smores at night by the fire. It's a carefree time and the days fly by. We have to learn to live in the moment now that we are older and enjoy each one.

    I hope you are having a lovely Saturday. Hubs and I are going out to dinner, which we rarely do but we are home from the lake this weekend. What are you up to?


  2. what does it mean? It's Vegas baby. it means heat...


  3. Heat stroke!! Just kidding. It has been terribly hot this year though. Summer means fresh vegetables and peaches to me. Lots of peaches. My favorite fruit and I have eaten so many this week that I am almost tired of them. Love these photos.

  4. Dinner on the patio, lunch on the veranda and a cold glass of juice under a tree - it means finally feeling the sun on my head after a long, cold and rainy July. It means strawberries and roses and a night sky that looks like someone threw fairy dust waaaaay up. Loving it!

  5. I'm normally a very positive and upbeat person but this time of year I become cranky from the weather. It means high humidity and discomfort for me. Give me a driveway full of snow and I'd do much better...

  6. Beautiful photos, Kat~ the blueberries are luscious...I think the birds have eaten mine! I do see some ripe raspberries, though!

  7. Love Queen Anne's lace, or meadowsweet, or whatever it might be, I can never differentiate!
    This part of summer means peaches - glorious, juicy, ripe California peaches, and cilantro, and sleeping outside, we have had no mosquitoes at all this year in spite of all our rain.
    And eating every single meal on the deck, sitting out late to see the light fade so we never even catch the news...
    And friends calling in so casually. Orange blossom, magnolia, jasmine and the smell of the umbrella pine when I walk under it. Low tide. Baby ducks.

  8. Hmmm...summer hay fields wind feathering through their blades, belly laughs from little ones splashing about in Jamison fountains, dogs competing in air twisting their bodies for frisbee ownership. Hmmm...the ripeness of berries permeating the air, whispers of I love you breath warming your neck, quilted colors of cotton blanketing the fields while families feast in the willows shade. mmmm...summer loves :-)
    Blessings Kate.
    Summer blessings, Lisa

  9. Beautiful shots. I particularly like the one of the ants - it's so arty!

    Summer to me means sunshine on my skin, sitting on a terrace with a cold drink and enjoying lazy evenings. But alas, we've been having very cold, wet weather as of late so no such luck :)

    This Good Life

  10. Love those tiny ants on the Queen Ann's Lace! I generally wait for bugs to fly away or I swish them on their way... but they're perfect right there where they are :)

  11. Your photos are lovely today. Oh, my. Just had blueberry pancakes for breakfast - delicious! This time of year is not my favorite, only because of the heat which I can't take the older I get . . . but it also means we get to visit our beloved Maine so all is good!

  12. Blueberries ... are wonderful this time of year. Funny how my westies will not eat fresh or frozen blueberries but they will eat dried blueberries.

    Enjoy your day, Katie from

  13. Queen Anne's Lace is a lot nicer name than Cow Parsley which is what it's called over here. The seasons seem to be turning so fast. It is lovely to see all the berries though.

  14. All these photos are gorgeous and love the blueberries! And those pup's eyes are too too sweet.

  15. such gorgoeus shots... and those eyes, i swear they could be my jasper...

  16. Blueberries and Queen Annes Lace, two of the best things about July! You remind me that I need to go pick some blueberries. Hopefully today!

  17. Ohhh yes! Now you are talking my language. Can't wait for the blueberries here, just about time too! The ants on the Queen Anne's lace make such a delightful capture. xo ~Lili

  18. Beautiful pics. I fell in love with blueberries last year. What can I say, I'm a late bloomer! I love the opportunity to be outdoors as much as I can because I know it's fleeting and I'll be housebound for another long winter soon enough.



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