Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

Remember just a few months ago when we were all saying how cold it was and how we couldn't wait for summer?! *raises hand*

Well, unlike my post title, it's anything but cold outside in most of the US right now.  In fact, it's downright steamy.

My mom used to call this kind of weather hot and sticky.  And I would have to say that that's a pretty fair assessment of the way it is outside right now.

Even the dogs don't want to be outside...well unless the sprinkler is going that is!  Misty Belle loves the way the water gives her that awesome 80s crimped hair look!

I love this out of focus picture of Mr. Quinn chasing the water droplets as they zoom around the yard.  It's kind of how I picture Monet capturing his true essence! ;-)

We over seeded part of our yard so they are loving that we have the sprinkler set up for a little while each day.  And it is a great way to beat the heat, but I sure do spend a lot of time cleaning up wet paw prints when they come inside.  It's a small price to pay for happy, cool doggies though.

Last night we had some crazy weather.  There were storm clouds all around us, but the sun was like a ball of melon colored fire (ok I know it actually IS a ball of fire, but you get my drift) sinking below the horizon.

Then when I gazed up above me there was this...another wonderful heart shaped cloud, drifting amidst the dark storm clouds.  I'm sure it was a gift from a dear friend.

Later we ended up having quite a light show as the storms eventually reached us.  There was also lots of thunder and wind, and thankfully plenty of much needed rain!  Today it's back to the steam bath, but hey at least it's not the 1700s and I'm not wearing "summer weight" wool, and lots of undergarments, without the benefit of it's a good day I think! 

I hope you are managing to stay cool where you are...or warm, whichever you're in need of at the moment!


  1. your dogs are so cute, they are having a blast~ while the country cooks, california is on the cool side, for once i am not 117 degrees, but in the 70 and 80s, just off to see if my dogs want to take a swim, i will remind them how lucky they are its cool compared to you :)

  2. This is definitely weather to get some things accomplished INSIDE in the air conditioning.

    I have been told that summer-weight wool is actually quite cool. Perhaps they mean 'cool' in comparison to winter-weight 'warm'. I don't buy it.

    I wonder if Daniel would play in the sprinkler?

  3. I'm kind of liking that crimped hairstyle look. This humidity has my hair flatter than a shingle on a rooftop... Maybe I need to try the sprinkler look?

  4. Hi - Misty Belle looks so cute!

    Love your before and after remodel photos, too - great job!

  5. How did they wear all that stuff back then and not die from a heat stroke. I would have. I have always said hot and sticky and that is what it is here, too.

  6. Yes - "hot and sticky" we know only too well in this part of the world! At the moment we are relishing in our tropical "winter" - which means instead of a light sheet at night we actually have a light weight banket. Such a novelty! Just on another point - do you brush Mr Quinn's teeth? They look absolutey glistening white. ;)Sharyne

  7. Misty Belle and I have the summer hair thing in common :) only I don't even have to run through the sprinkler. I hope you are well Kat and the opposite of hot & sticky.

  8. Thanks everyone, and Sharyne no we don't brush our dog's teeth. They seem to stay pretty white by just letting them chew on sticks outside, which they love to do!

    Kat :)

  9. i think you have the right could be cold or we could be living in the 1700's. It's pretty hot here, too. My dogs don't want to stay out. I should try the sprinkler!!


  10. Ok, You know that heart shaped cloud really resonates with me.
    And then of course the pups :-)
    How do you keep the hair under control inside the house Kat? I feel as if I live within a heart shaped fur cloud!
    Lots of love, lots of fur, Lisa

  11. Lots of vacuuming is how we keep the hair under control, as in every day if possible. But having 2 dogs seems to make it easier too. When we had 3 it was hair, hair, everywhere and I could have vacuumed twice a day!! I refuse to have hair all over the house though, but sometimes I get a little lazy and then the dust bunnies and hair bunnies attack!

    Kat :)

  12. How neat that your dog is staying wet and cool; I used to run through the sprinklers myself as a child in the midwest. It is in the 70s where I live and I know much of the USA is broiling! Stay cool.

  13. Oh my it's hot in Canada too real hot over 100 with the humidex most days , I'll take this any day over the snow , but my poor plants and grass are not enjoying it quite as much , hooray for summer

  14. Love the shot of your doggie with the sprinkler around him. Great shot and great name he has. My daughter is named Quinn but she's think it was great that a dog was named after her.

  15. Is this why they call this the "Dogs Days of Summer" :) Love the photos of the dogs playing! Rodman used to run like a crazy man and "eat" the water coming out of the sprinklers. :) It is so hot here too, thank God for AC!!

    I do believe that someone is letting you know that he is thinking about you, what a beautiful photo.

  16. Love the look in your dog's eyes. Such a cutie.

  17. Buckley wades in just deep enough to cool his fat belly - I love to see it every time!

  18. It's hot and miserable here too. No ocean breeze, no rain, just miserable humidity and heat!

    Oh well, it feels cool just looking at your happy doggies playing in the sprinklers.


  19. Love your photos. My German Shepherd, Lola, loves biting the water from the water hose when I am watering my flowers.

  20. It's crazy hot here. I was one of those ones complaining about the cold, so I really shouldn't complain about the heat. We at least have the pool to cool off in. We're visiting my parents down in Atlanta soon, and I figure it can't really be any worse than the sticky high 90's that we've been getting here in NY. Always love your photos! Thanks for sharing.

  21. I love that heart-shaped cloud!
    Out here on the western edge of the continent we haven't had a warm day yet. It's been so cool and rainy that we had to put the heat on in the house on Saturday.

  22. We had the same crazy weather.. and the lightening show.. heat lightning, really... was incredible.

  23. Nothing like a happy puppy! And yes, I remember wishing for the summer, so I'm not complaining, especially after the winter we had in the Northeast! I can't imagine wearing summer wool, I don't even like winter wool! LOL!!!

  24. Misty Belle is loving the sprinkler! Gorgeous photos Kat! Our weather has been just the opposite - cold, windy and wet!

  25. That heart shaped cloud is so awesome Kat! We actually had some heat around here lately, but I'm not complaining as it wasn't really "hot and sticky" at all! ~Lili

  26. Kat, it is hot, hot, hot here too!! I love the picture of the dogs-they look like they are having a ton of fun!!

  27. I just love you!
    And I agree, that
    pic with the drops
    of water is awesome....
    Well, all your pics
    are always the bomb : )
    I am behind with visits
    as I've been a walking
    mess. Starting to feel
    like myself and now
    getting ready to visit
    my folks. I often think
    of summers back in the
    colonial days...yowzer.
    Happy Friday, my friend!
    xx Suzanne

  28. lovely :)


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