Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You Raise Me Up

The last few days have been rough here at LTHS.  Tears have been shed, bonds have been formed (some faster than others), and time marches on.

Thanks to Connie, Susan, Audrey, and Dianna, who listened to me sort everything out during my rambling phone calls, we have turned a corner. 

I know many of you know that Miss Kylee is ill with congestive heart failure, but I'm happy to report that she is doing much better thanks to some adjustments to her medications!

When I decided to end my blog I was overwhelmed with an older sick dog, and a new puppy who wasn't exactly welcomed into the pack at first by a certain Mr. Quinn.

I was in tears at the thought of having to take this sweet face back to the breeder.  It's amazing how one little puppy can steal your heart in such a short time.

And I think I was just overwhelmed in general by trying to keep too many plates spinning in the air.  When you do that, some are bound to come crashing down, and they did last weekend.

Your emails, offers of help, and prayers made all the difference for all of us.  I'm happy to report that everyone is now fine in this family of 4 plus 3 dogs, so Misty is here to stay!!!

I also realized some things over the past 5 days...I'm not superwoman.  I don't have a cape or cool gold bracelets and I can't be all things to all people.  I have to take care of my pets first and foremost right now, so blogging will be a sideline, not my life as it's been for the past 10 months.

I think that those of us who enjoy and take pride in our blogs (and I would have to say that that is 99.9% of those who do blog) sometimes find ourselves a little stressed and stretched.  We want to reply to each and every comment and feel guilty when we can't...even hunting to try and find someone's email address when we get the no-reply comment thing.

We put pressure on ourselves to craft, create, and produce quality posts...sometimes at the expense of ourselves.  We try diligently to visit other bloggers and comment on their wonderful posts, even when we don't necessarily have the time.

But this face needs me, and so do the other two furry faces in my family at the moment.  So I will try and undo the past almost 47 years of woman training.  The training that makes some of us put ourselves last and feel bad for not being able to be all things to all people.

I came to all of this because you all have raised me up over these past few days and reminded me that you won't be upset if I can't comment on every post you write, even if I do read them.  That you'll still be ok if I don't post as often...because you are me, you've been in my shoes, and you understand! 

Your wonderful emails and comments let me know this...so thank you to each of you for that wonderful support!!!

Mr. Tide is an amazing man, and when I shut down my blog he asked me why I was doing it.  I told him that I needed to concentrate on real life at the moment and although he knew it was true, he said "but you love doing your blog, so I think you should reconsider and just not post as much."

I was adamant that if I couldn't do it all the way, full force, and put everything I had into it then what was the point?!  Can you say "Type A" to the max?!

I mean the holidays are coming, there are things to be done and a lot on my plate right?!

And then I got a lovely package in the mail today.  I had been expecting it and was anxiously awaiting its arrival from Wales.  I had purchased these lovely handmade tags from my dear friend Sam's Etsy Shop!

Sam, who also has the wonderful blog The Nest,  had sent me an email letting me know that she had shipped these wonderful tags, which I can't wait to use on a special tree this year, and she also said there would be a little surprise coming as well.

An early Christmas present of sorts, and she told me that the surprise wouldn't be for me...so of course I was intrigued and couldn't wait for the package to arrive.

When I got home this afternoon there was the package waiting in my mailbox.  I raced inside to see what the surprise might be.  Inside were the lovely tags I had ordered and several packages wrapped in brown paper.  There was also a sweet handwritten letter from Sam telling me that when her children, Seth and Lily, had seen the pictures of Misty they wanted to send her something.

The note went on to say that they couldn't just send Misty something without sending something for Miss Kylee and Mr. Quinn. 

So there they were...three packages with darling handwritten tags from kind and caring children who had never met my dogs, or me!

There was a pig for Mr. Quinn, that actually sounds like a pig when you squeeze it!

And a duck for Miss Kylee, which sounds just like a duck!

The last package was for little Misty Belle.  It was a soft furry duck or maybe it's a goose, who cares which it is, all I know is it was the cutest, softest puppy toy I'd ever seen in my life!!!

It brought tears to my eyes and for the first time in 5 days I felt like everything was going to be ok...not just ok, but back to normal.

Some people may unfollow, or not comment, or even get mad when I can't reply or visit their blogs, but you know what, that's ok!  I have this face...

And this face to remind me that true friends are there no matter what, they truly do raise you up when you need it, and they are unconditional with their support and love.  It took two wonderfully generous children, (thank you Lily and Seth), who are miles away from me, and a deluge of support from wonderful blogging friends and my family to remind me of how very fortunate I am! 

I have also had some dear friends and fellow bloggers offer to guest post in order to keep the cobwebs at bay here on LTHS while I'm off tending the home fires...and I can't wait to see what wonderful things they'll create!

So if you're feeling a little stressed out, over taxed and guilty due to blogging...I highly recommend getting a puppy...it works wonders!  But if you aren't really up for the whole puppy thing, just learn to let some of it go, and wait to see who raises you up...it will amaze and surprise you, I promise!

Until whenever my friends...


  1. Oh Kat, I am so happy it is working out. I get stressed with my old dog too. We are so tied down to Gracie that I get frustrated sometimes....but then she wags her tail and does her little happy to see me hopping on her old legs and i melt again.

    Good to have you back.:)

  2. I want to tell you how heartful your blog was to me. We lost our lab Macie two years ago. We loved her more than anything and had to make the decision to put her to sleep due to her suffering with seizures that were getting worse every day. two years later we still miss her and have arrived at a decision over the last few days that it is time to adopt another angel. reading your thoughts made me realize how much we need an angel in our lives and my son and I will start our search tomorrow. We have had a border collie that died too young at the age of 5, we adopted a blind mix that died at the age of 11 and then Macie who we saved from being euthanized because of seizures and had her for another 4 years. Thes angels have raised us up and made us appreciate what precious souls they are. Thank you and bless you. Michele Conard-Brick nj

  3. Oh Kat, I am so sorry I missed your recent posts. I have caught up and am so happy to hear that things are looking up for you ALL!! You do what you need to do and post when you feel like it, I will certainly be here whenever that is, as I am sure everyone will:) Hugs to you and your sweet doggies my friend ~ Txx

  4. Michele, thank you so much for commenting!!! I'm sorry for all of your losses, but it sounds as though you are the perfect pet parent. You are a truly wonderful soul to have rescued so many animals and I wish you and your son all the luck in the world for finding your next dog...it will be a truly happy dog in such a loving household. Please let me know when you find one...how exciting!

    Kat :)

  5. That is the sweetest puppy ever! So glad that she has a permanent place in your home and so glad that you will continue to blog. Don't feel guilty about missing posts. Do it when you can and keep it an enjoyable experience...not a duty! So glad you have come to realize what is important in life!


  6. That is the sweetest face...
    I'm thankful you are better. Thanks for the video.

  7. I am so happy to hear that everything is a little better for you and that your sweet puppy is doing well. This was a beautiful post and you have confirmed many things about blogging that I have been thinking too. I could never stop as I love it so much but I think I will continue to post a little less and live a little more!

    Take care and best wishes always,

  8. We can't do it alone and I would be lonely in this blogging world without you. See you when we can and read you when you are here.

  9. OMG I can't stand how beautiful Misty is.I'm like a lunatic when it comes to puppies. Good luck with all the training and don't worry about commenting on my blog I understand the need to be with your animals right now. Have fun!!!

  10. Hello Kat,
    I have not been able to get around to visiting everyone and didn't know that you were planning on closing your blog. I certainly understand what you are saying and couldn't agree more.
    I sometimes stay up very late at night trying to visit commentors blogs and push myself to write posts and take photos.
    You are right, sometimes we just need to step back and only do what we are capable of doing and doing what we love.

    Best of everything to you and your sweet doggies.

    I'm looking forward to reading your guest blogger's posts. I'm also glad that you are not giving up your blog.


  11. Kat, beautiful post and so glad things are better. Who could resist that cute face. Such adorable photos. You know I am here for you and you certainly need not worry about replying or commenting. Take care of things on the home front.

  12. Kat, I am glad to hear things are better. These adorable doggies are so lucky to have you as their mom.
    Hugs, Sherry

  13. That face speaks a thousand words. It is all the comment I need. bighugs♥O

  14. The pup is precious but you know that already and happy to hear Miss Kylee is doing better Blog when you can however you can reuse old pics if there's no time for new I'm sure everyone here wouldn't mind seeing some repeated Holidays are busy for all and new pups and unwell older pups take time Do only what's necessary and any extra is gravy I love you and your blog Peaceful times ahead to you thru the season Will be here when you are and thinking of you when you aren't And no need for reply

  15. Misty is just so precious! What a cutie!!! I love all your pics!!! What a beautiful gift from wonderful friends! I bet there are some happy dogs tonight! :) You do what you feel you need to do and don't worry about commenting, posting or writing back. We are here for you no matter what, family comes first! Hugs to you my friend!

  16. Oh and I LOVE me some Josh Groban!!!!!!!

  17. What a welcome surprise to see
    your blog updated on my sidebar!
    I had to race right over and see
    these gorgeous pics! YOU have your
    priorities completely straight and
    I admire you even more! We are in
    the process of adopting a senior
    dog as a companion to Miss Gracie,
    but it will be an adjustment, as
    well. Fingers crossed that it works
    out....Take care of yourself, dear
    friend! I'll be in touch...
    xx Suzanne

  18. Kat, I'm so glad you didn't quit blogging. You have my total support right now. We have all been there, and will be hanging in there with you whatever you end up doing. I've been thinking of you a lot lately and sending positive thoughts your way. Your Misty is the cutest thing ever!

  19. I am so glad that things are settling for you, Kat! I was worried that maybe one of the older dogs wasn't accepting the puppy...they can be quite territorial to a new dog. To me getting a puppy is like having a new baby~ you really do need to focus on caring for and training it! Hopefully people can understand that. To me I like the idea of no obligation blogging...posting when you have something you want to share and visiting when you can~ we all do have lives after all! I hope you have the best time raising sweet Misty and I'm happy to hear from you whenever! XOXO

  20. I must have missed a post somewhere...you were going to shut down your blog? That would have been a sad day for so many. I completely understand as I have pondered ways to to get more hours out of each day. But I am glad to hear that you are making the effort to stay around! I would really miss you and I just started to get to know you.

    I am loving the newest member of your family. And to think she is getting gifts from around the world already!!

    Take care and post when you can, dear Kat.


  21. Misty just couldn't be cuter Kat. You have the best way of expressing yourself and you always make me smile as I read your words. What a wondeful outlook you have and your words really ring true about how we as women are conditioned to be driven. You deserve a break for feeling the need to always read or even comment on so many posts, you're so right, we're only human! xo ~Lili

  22. Kat, I am glad that you have decided to continue your blog...it really would have been missed by many.

  23. I am so glad that you are feeling better and that all is well with the pups at your house. It can get overwhelming. In some ways I guess I'm lucky that the breaks I've had to take were so forced that I had no option. Like you I tend to do things "all the way" and I can let myself get very stressed about not visiting everyone, not having the perfect post for the right party day and so on. I really think you could easily devote entire days to blogging and we just can't do that. I tend to take weekends off and scramble during the week.

    I do know that the support I've gotten from blog friends during the rough times for me has blown me away. The kindness of strangers can be such a gift...and really, we aren't strangers, any of us...we just haven't met in person yet:)

  24. kat,
    we recently had to put our 15 year old cairn terrier down. it wasn't an easy decision but one that needed to be made. we now have a rescue jack russell puppy with fleas. (ugh) and to top this all off, my 89 yr old dad has been in and out of the hospital and rehab the last 2 months.
    i guess i can relate to the spinning plates. :/

    i struggled for a while with posting on my blog but found a blogging without obligation site and grabbed the button. i really wish i had more time but there's only so many hours in a day.
    i wish you well and am glad you are still continuing with your blog.

  25. Bless your heart, I can tell that you're good people, the way you love your pets. It says a lot about a person's character the way they treat their animals, I really do believe that.

    With that said, I'll be keeping all of you in prayer, both the two and four legged variety, and will surely be here whenever you return. :-)

    Big hugs,

  26. Dear Kat
    As a family of absolute animal lovers your comments resonated so much with me. Like so many of your friends who have left comments here we have had our fair share of ups and downs when it comes to our pets. Our dogs are our family. Nursing them through an illness is no different to nursing a close family member and particularly when looking after an older pet - you give them the same care and devotion that you would give an ailing older relative. Some people find this hard to understand - they are afterall "just a dog"....However for us (like you) they are MUCH more than that. When I look back over my blog the posts which have given me most joy have been the ramblings about our furry "children". I think that is what drew me to your blog in the first place - the fact that here was someone who was as besotted with dogs as we were! I too have struggled with the expectations of trying to produce a blog which is "interesting", "funny", "creative", "informative", "inspiring" - but I have come to the conclusion that this is not what I started blogging for. Without even realising it I had become caught up in the "blogging trap" and rather than being something I enjoyed doing it was becoming a bit of a chore. So now - I write about what interests me rather than what I think might interest others. If I want to write about the silly antics of Mickey and Buffy - so be it. If I want to post a picture of Dolly P sprawled out on the couch having a snooze - so be it. If I don't feel inclined to write about anything for 2 weeks - so be it! My blog is not about "impressing anyone with my wit and style" it is about journalling the things that are important in my life. It is a snap shot of a period in my life that I want to capture in words and pictures. If someone else should happen to stumble across my ramblings and find them interesting - fantastic. If I am lucky enough to develop lovely friendships along the way - even better. However I am determined not to lose sight of the fact that the only audience I am really writing for is myself. So, thank you for bring this all into perspective for me. I know your days are going to be very full but oh so enjoyable! Enjoy them to the max and if sometime in the future you feel inclined to let us share your joy - we will be only too happy to oblige. XO Sharyne

  27. Kat, I am so glad things seem to be calming down for you! HUGS to you my friend! I am also glad you have taken the stress of blogging every day off yourself. I have read other blogs and then the blogger says they are not going to post anymore because they feel they cannot answer everyone, post everyday, etc. My own personal opinion is blogging is to share when you want to and you can't possibly answer every poster. Please don't worry about that because those who love your blog and love hearing about your life will follow you whether you post everyday or once a week, etc. We just love you for what you are and what you share with us!

    Your Misty is such a cutie!! I love every picture of her!! That was a very special gift those children from Wales gave you! What special children they are :)!

    You rest, take care of yourself, play with your pup, take care of your older doggies, take your lovely photos and share everything with us when you can!

    HUGS again!!

  28. Hi Kat, oh my friend, do I understand this post! You're a wonderfully intelligent and caring person - and although our blogs are enjoyed by others they should really be for us - documentation of OUR lives for US. I hope that doesn't sound selfish - I love my followers, each and every sweet one, but like you, I have to understand why I'm blogging and not let it take over my life and take the place of doing the wonderful things I want to blog about. It's an interesting animal, that blog - a sneaky little devil in many, many ways. Take care, I will always read your posts and comment when I have the time! Always, always.

  29. i was reading a blog earlier and was glancing at the side bar and what should my eyes fall on but this pic of this darling lil puppy and said oh my gosh thats Kat lil 1 and she posted something so i did a scan down of new blogs and here you are, as usual as i read i had tears and smiles and am just plain down happy that your back even if its not 7 days aweek i am happy reading and seeing your beautiful pictures once a week!! so welcome back with hugzzzzzzz and hope all gets better ( gosh i am such a rambler)

  30. You sounded so unlike yourself the other day. It's good to see that you have rounded that proverbial corner and that things are beginning to settle down. We did this over the summer, you know, when we added the kittens to our household. Isn't it amazing how, even with the upheaval and stress, a new puppy/kitten brings with it an infinite amount of joy. Enjoy that darling puppy face, and your dear Ms. Kylee ... and even the adorable Mr. Quinn. Pets feed our souls ... I'm convinced of it.

    I see someone above mentioned Blogging Without Obligation. I found them the other day, and it got me thinking .... no more apologies, and no more guilt .... blog when you have something to share, not because you feel you 'have to'. This is a hobby, not a lifestyle or a career.

  31. Awww, so glad things are smoothing out. Having a sick dog is like having a sick family member and it breaks our hearts to watch them suffer.

    I usually blog every day, but some days it's a struggle to do so. I used to push myself to come up with blog fodder, now it just is what it is and if people don't come around as often to read then that's okay. The blog is more for me than for anyone else and that' really as it should be.

    Your new pup, Misty is adorable. Absolutely the sweetest face on that little girl.


  32. I wish that the blog world could be a guilt-free zone!
    With a full time and-then-some job, a husband, a puppy and a field full of animals I just can't comment everywhere. I follow, to let people know I read their posts and I comment when I can. I'm lucky if I post twice a week, but it works for me. I hope you can find a way to keep on blogging so that you continue to enjoy the good bits and let the difficult bits go by the way.

  33. Kat, I am a little embarrassed to just now hear of your recent troubles. You perfectly described the way I often feel and my husband tells me the same thing as yours. Blogging takes so much time time and us type a's feel like we have to respond and reach out and produce even when we don't have the time. Good for you for realizing what is really important. Hopefully by now, the pups are all relaxing a bit.


  34. Dear Kat,

    I'm very sorry for your troubles. I'm also stressed and have not blogged in a week. I haven't had the time for a proper blog. I read and sometimes comment because it's a stress releaser for me. Please take care of your self. I would be devastated if anything happened to my little Duke. Take care of yourself, Mr. Tide, children and pups (in that order-LOL!!) Everything will work out - I'll add you to my prayer pot my friend!

  35. Dear Kat,

    We stand by you in good times and bad...we are not bloggers, we are friends...we adore you and your creativity and are inspired when you can share with us, but we support you in your most important pursuit to be there for your family, your dear pets and yourself. We gratefully accept any little ray you bring to us but mostly lift you up to be true to your highest calling.


  36. Oh Kat - she is so gorgeous. I can see why you couldn't resist her. Dogs have so much character and it always shows in their eyes.

    I'm glad you're feeling more positive - you have so many friends all over the world.

    It's nice to know we all feel the same too - at the moment I'm not blogging at all as I'm really busy at work and really busy at home with Etsy orders and Christmas sales (and keeping the headache tablet companies in business!). I too worry that everyone will forget me or think I can't be bothered but I literally haven't got time to sit down for more than about 10 mins.

    I hope the dog toys last longer than Woody's - the children didn't want to leave him out so (with their own money) they bought him a new furry duck which lasted about 5 days and is now lying decapitated on our patio with it's stuffing blowing all over the lawn!

    Take care and know that we are all thinking of you and your new addition to your family.

    ~Sam x

  37. Kat this is such a lovely blog and I've enjoyed reading it and all your wonderful pictures. I know what you're saying about writing your blog posts - I think all of us must feel exactly the same as you at some time or other - I know that I have!

  38. Kat,
    I am so glad Miss Kylee is doing better. And that Misty is working out.
    I know what it's like to have other things going on, and it's true - you do have to put your family (which includes the dogs) first! Plus, if you don't have compassion for yourself and take care of yourself (because Superwoman is imaginary) you can't take care of your family as well as you are able to.
    So, I'll tell you that lots of us love your blog, care about you and your family, and will be here whenever you are able to be. Being a wife, mother and veterinarian, I can empathize with what you are going through!
    God bless you and yours!

  39. A month ago I would have just understood the blogging/woman balancing life part. Now one month later with our first puppy in the family, I get the other part too. Take the time to take care of yourself and those you love. I'll still be here, and I imagine most others will be too.

  40. I'm glad you are feeling better and discovered that sometimes "we" can't do it and that's okay!

    We got a puppy many years ago that ended up having congestive heart failure and the breeder was going to "put her down" when they found out. I insisted we keep our little "Mini" and I'm happy to report that after surgery she has lived a wonderful life. She is now almost 5 years old and I couldn't imagine my world without my little girl.

    Our old dog will be 14 next month and we also have a 3 year old doggie plus our kitty - sounds like we have lots in common.

    Hang in there and take care of you!

  41. I've been going through a similar thing. What if I don't post all the time? or get back to everyone? But I'm still just plugging along because I love it. I'm sure everyone will still be here because they love to read your blog. Your sweet puppy is adorable!

  42. I'm just now catching up on my blog reading and I'm sorry that you've been so distressed. Do what you can and post to your blog when you can. Don't be so hard on yourself.

  43. I loved seeing your puppy although its hard to look at such a sweet face. You see we lost our best friend and first dog in our family 3 weeks ago. Not quite ready for a puppy yet but I do know from experience puppies are magic. They make everything right in the world. Our house is not right without a dog but... time is needed right now to soften the blow of the loss and get to a place where we can bring in a new friend to love.
    Dogs are love! I can't be without one. But I can't image another animal as wonderful as my sweet boy Packard.
    Thank you for sharing.

  44. Thank you everyone! And Diana, I'm so very sorry to hear about your dog Packard! I know that when the time is right you'll find another special dog to welcome into your heart and home!


  45. Mr. Tide is a gem. And blogging can be overwhelming at times. Life is what's important, your family and your pets are what's important. Post less. Post shorter. And please don't feel like you have to comment at my place if you come to visit.
    Those toys are adorable. You are so blessed to have such buddies!


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