Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Header That Ate New York

I decided to change the header photo on my blog over the weekend.  So I ran around my house in my pj's and snapped a few shots of the things I had already put out for the holidays.  I think I do some of my best photographic work before I'm dressed actually! ;-)

Some of the items will stay right where I shot them, others will be moved when I actually drag all of the big bins out of the garage this week and begin the task of decorating my house for the holidays.

I also added a whole bunch of Christmas music to my play list on my sidebar.  I've included some time worn favorites from my own childhood.  But I tried to include a few new versions of the classics to try and spice it up a little, I hope you enjoy the tunes!

I love cotton ribbon, well any ribbon actually.  I found all of these at Michaels.

This snowflake glass ornament came from a local shop and it looks so pretty when the light hits it.  It's a little bit heavy but I still think I'll try and hang it on my tree, I think it will be beautiful with Christmas lights dancing all around it!

I did a story for a holiday magazine last year and the homeowner had decorated several trees in their home all in various themes.  One of the trees was dripping in glass icicles, and I vowed I would buy some if I ever came across any.  I found these at Studio Three in La Plata and I bought every one they still had left after their open house...I wish I could have gotten a few more!

I have spreaders for nearly every holiday.  I've collected the ones pictured above over the years, and after Christmas I will switch these out for my snowman spreaders.  I keep them in a vintage glass container that belonged to my mother, and they sit on top of the hutch in my kitchen, ready to spread a little lemon curd on a scone!

I found this little marabou topped bootie ornament while out shopping with Connie of Hartwood Roses a couple of weeks ago.  It will go perfectly with some marabou mitten ornaments I have!

So there you have it, a few bits of Christmas Cheer that I used to create my new ginormous banner picture!  Is it too big?!  I couldn't get it to be smaller for some weird reason, so if it's screaming at you each time you visit my blog let me know, and I'll try and figure it out.

I have a busy few weeks ahead of me, like many of you so I'll leave you with a little puppy goodness in addition to the Christmas pictures to tide you over!

Little Misty Belle turned 10 weeks old on Saturday, and our daughter couldn't get quite enough of her over the holiday weekend, she held her ever chance she got!

Little Misty didn't seem to mind one bit and would go bounding down the hall whenever she heard our daughter's door open each morning.

Does that look like the face of a pampered pooch?  She's not getting one little bit spoiled....nah not at all!

I hope you have a wonderful week, and I'll be checking in and quietly visiting your blogs to see all of the festive transformations going on in each of your homes!


  1. The header is just right. Your girl and the puppy are darling. I have an awfully hard time with collages/headers...builds character.

  2. Your header is perfect! I am so glad you shared the history behind each photo. Great idea for your spreaders. I keep mine in the drawer, I love the idea of keeping them out. Your daughter and puppy are very sweet. Looks like it was the perfect weekend!

  3. Very festive header, and I don't know who's cuter, Misty or your daughter!

  4. I love your header and I especially love the visual of you in your jammies loving every minute of your photo shoot, Now that is what I call enjoying the process. Your little Misty is a beautiful little puppy. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous, she has one of those faces that I could look at forever, a really good face!!!! Kathysue

  5. Your header and Christmas decorations are beautiful, but were completely overshadowed by Little Misty! She is absolutely adorable!

  6. I think your new header is full of Yuletide cheer... and beauty. I love the icicle picture. Gorgeous! And speaking of gorgeous... your daughter is breathtakingly lovely!!!!!

  7. your new header is beautiful :) and i'm in love with little misty ~ if you ever need a dog sitter... send her to me!

  8. Your daughter is stunning just like you! I have some pics to share soon as well. Have a great week.

  9. I think the header is gorgeous and because it is...big is just right! Your daughter and the pup look darling together...that photo is a keeper!

  10. Kat, I take a lot of photos in my jammies, too. Love the header and the shots of your daughter with your puppy are precious. Your daughter is very pretty.

  11. Ok. WOW. Just WOW!
    The b&w of your daughter (who is gorgeous) with that precious little puppy - awesome!!
    Our internet has been out all night and I'm sitting here checking my mail as it's back on now. Sitting here crying (yes, crying) because of a Hallmark special called Christmas in November. Not only did the presentation make me cry, but each and every Hallmark commercial. Good Lord, it was a total cryfest. I'm looking at blogs to cheer myself up . . . ha!

  12. Love your new header and the black and white picture of your daughter and Misty is BEAUTIFUL! You have quite a gift with photography.

  13. Beautiful photos - especially your daughter and Misty! Have a great week!

  14. Your header photos are just perfect, you've captured the season so well.

    Love the pics of your kiddos there, both the furry and the not so furry one! ;-)


  15. Oh my goodness. I have a twin. I too do my very best work in my dressing gown. My best blog posts, photos and housework. Once I get dressed the whole vibe changes because now it is a real day. When I am in my dressing gown it is a kind of suspended reality. Anyway.
    The photos are magic. A lovely seasonal tribute.

  16. I was admiring your new header over the weekend and wondered how you managed to get it so big? I think it looks amazing. I also love the story behind each little knick knack.
    Misty is a photographer's dream. The photos of are just breathtaking - such gorgeous girls! ;)Sharyne

  17. O , I have got the same heard !!!Have a nice week- Ag

  18. Oh how sweet. Your daughter and puppy photos are adorable. I like the new header by the way.


  19. Your little girls are beautiful!! We still call our daughter our little girl even though she is a junior in college. Once again the photos are lovely.

  20. Header is perfect for the holidays but your daughter and miss misty couldn't be more perfect......just beautiful!!

  21. You should have a picture of yourself running around your house in your pj s for your header picture.

  22. Kat-
    Your header is wonderful.
    Your daughter is absolutely beautiful-
    and yes-
    I do my best work in my gown!

    Have a wonderful week Miss Kat!


  23. I love your header, I love your post and most of all I love the pictures of Misty Belle with your daughter!! Your daughter is really beautiful and Misty Belle is so cute of course!! Thanks for sharing your amazing photos with us and your decorations! I love the snowflake one with the mercury glass heart-just stunning!!

  24. Love the festive banner! And I better get to Michaels if I want to find some of that snowflake ribbon. That pup is cute, cute, cute! And the photos with your daughter should be framed.

  25. The header is beautiful!! Love doing things in my jammies! :) Your Christmas pieces are so pretty and Misty and your daughter are just beautiful! I am so glad that they had a chance to bond over the weekend! :)

  26. I for one, LOVE
    your festive blog
    header and if I
    was more tech savvy
    I would do one, myself!
    At first I thought
    that was YOU with Misty
    in the photo and I
    thought, MAN, I need
    to know her beauty
    secrets : ) {Maybe a
    post idea for you!}
    Gorgeous daughter and
    puppy, too!
    xx Suzanne

  27. I think your header is lovely. Puts me right in the Christmas mood.
    I enjoyed all of your other Christmas decor photos too, especially the spreaders in the vintage jar. I think I need to take mine out of the drawer now.
    Misty is adorable and your daughter is so pretty. I love her haircut. It is perfect on her.

  28. Oh Kat how beautiful those shots of your daughter are with Misty Belle. She has your eyes (your daughter!). Misty Belle's eyes are beautiful too. Love how you put that header together, it's perfect! xo ~Lili

  29. Your header looks perfect for the holiday season Kat and your pre-breakfast photos are great work! Your beautiful pictures help me with my Christmas spirit.

    I can understand while your daughter didn't want to give up Ms. Misty, precious pictures.

  30. i decorate AND sometimes GARDEN in my jammies! pretty pictures especially your daughter and cute puppy! thanks for stopping by my bloggy!

  31. 1. LOVE your holiday header, Kat! Beautiful!
    2. I did my tree in all icicles and silver balls one year and it was so pretty!
    3. ADORRRRRE little Misty Belle! What a doll! Is she a border collie?
    4. I'm glad I wasn't the only one to spend the weekend in my!

    xoxo laurie

  32. Lovely photo of your beautiful daughter and Misty! I LOVE the header, Kat!

  33. Love your new header! I need to change mine, but can't take pictures until I drag the Christmas decorations out of the attic. I'm so far behind this season ~ at least compared to everyone else in blogland.
    Love the picture of your daughter ~ she is just beautiful! And of course ~ the new puppy is adorable.

  34. Your daughter is cute. And you inspired me to work on my banner! Had to come back and tell you. Thanks!

  35. I love the header - and Misty is a sweetie!

  36. Kat, Your daughter and Misty Belle are both adorable! I think your header is perfect.

  37. Love the header! It's funny because I went out and bought the exact same ribbons from Michael's last week! I can't wait to use it on some gift wrap. Cheers!


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