Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Swore I Wouldn't

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I'm actually one of those people who has always hated when stores put out Christmas decorations before at least the middle of November.  I've always groaned and moaned when I walk into one of the big box stores and see Christmas trees up before Halloween has even taken place.  Or when I open my mailbox and see catalogs hocking their holiday wares long before we've even had Thanksgiving dinner....but...and it's a big but...

This year I can't wait to get started on my Christmas decorating!   I even blissfully wandered through the aisles at Walmart recently looking over their holiday decorations!   Gasp...could it be that I'm mellowing in my old age?!  I must admit that I think this might have a little something to do with my blogging...but whatever the reason I'm raring to go this year!

I've always been a independent retailer kind of girl.  There is something so wonderful and intimate about visiting the smaller stores, often filled with one of a kind items, and browsing around while chatting with the owners, many of whom are friends.  This week I was lucky enough to not only visit a shop, but to also photograph their lovely Christmas wares!

My dear friend and talented floral designer Doug Vogel invited me to tour the shop where he now works called Studio Three Flowers in La Plata, Maryland.  Doug started working there a few months back and when he invited me to come out and see the shop all decorated for their holiday open house this weekend, I couldn't pass up the opportunity!

Doug is a very talented floral designer, so when he said the shop looked beautiful I knew I would have my breath taken away, and I wasn't disappointed!  There were trees in every size and shape, each with a different theme, and all were beautifully and meticulously done by one of the owners, Anne Ford.

From the moment I stepped inside the door I was transported to a winter wonderland full of sparklies and shimmering pretties!  Anne and her husband David not only sell lovely fresh flower arrangements at their shop, but also a wonderful assortment of gifts and decor!

There were so many great things to look at that I had to do a few laps around the shop before I could even begin taking photographs.  The place is trimmed from head to toe in anticipation of their holiday open house entitled "Celebrate the Season" which will be held this Saturday, November 13th from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.

There will be door prizes and plenty of inspiration, so if you live anywhere near La Plata, I encourage you to go!

Doug and his lovely wife Joan showed me around Studio Three pointing out all of the wonderful items for sale.  There really was something for everyone, and I had a hard time just snapping pictures and not grabbing everything in sight!

I loved these deer and think they would be perfect for the fall and the winter months, not just at Christmastime.

There were flocked trees trees simply adorned with bright red cardinals...

And pudgy little glass Santas with quirky little caps!  Crackled candlesticks topped with red berry garlands and chunky red pillar candles!

Anne Ford is the creative genius behind the beautiful trees scattered throughout the store.  She has worked tirelessly getting them ready for the open house this weekend and it shows!

This gold, green, and red tree was dressed to the nines, with elegant red silk roses and shimmering gold adornments.  And the best part is that everything you see on the trees is for sale, so you can recreate the look on your own tree at home!

These trees were all so beautifully done that I wouldn't be surprised if someone walks in this weekend and offers to purchase the entire tree to use in their own home!

I loved this pink fashionista inspired tree...

Check out this darling glass purse ornament.  Don't you just love the pink mixed with the zebra stripes...adorable!

And if the purse ornament wasn't cute enough...check out the leopard prints balls...meow!

Studio Three has so much more than just beautiful flowers and lovely Christmas items though, they also carry and array of gifts and home decor, like these cute little mini chandeliers.

Seasonal wreaths are always available, or you can have one custom made.  There are tiny tea sets, and even dolls for the child in all of us!

And check out this faux fur coat for that special little princess in your life...too cute!

They also carry an assortment of home fragrance products, including candles, and the always elegant Lampe Berger line!   

Studio Three also carries unique serveware and tasty treats which make wonderful hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, or thank you gifts for that special teacher.

And of course there are lots of things to give to know, as a thank you gift for all you do each year! ;-)

Everywhere you turn there is much so that I'll be doing a second post to show you more photos since there were too many pictures to put into just one post!

I love the idea of adding a shear skirt to a fern stand to dress it up for the holidays.  And just look at that gorgeous silk floral arrangement...can't you just imagine that in your foyer to welcome holiday guests?!

I have a real thing for snowmen, and Studio Three has lots of cute little snow people to go around!  I love that you can keep snowmen out long after the Christmas tree comes down, and they always seem so happy and cheerful...something I can appreciate during those dreary winter months.

This icy tree was all dressed up in glittering white branches, sparkling glass garland, and puffs of white snow.  The darling snowmen that hung from the branches looked quite at home least until the open house when they will be snatched up to go live at their new homes!

I will be doing a second post about Studio Three Flowers tomorrow, and showing you more beautiful things you can can purchase.  Anne and David are working on their website, so if you see something and can't visit their store, be sure to give them a call to see if they can ship it to you!

I will also have a special surprise giveaway in my second post...a lovely treat that I know you will all love!  And I'll also share with you a few things I picked up for myself...the dangers of doing photo shoots in stores! ;-)

Thanks so much to Doug Vogel and his wonderful wife Joan for telling me about Studio Three...and to Anne and David Ford for welcoming me into their shop!  I'm not a paid spokesperson for either Doug or Studio Three, I just love their work and want to share it with others!  So if you live in southern Maryland and you need beautiful flowers, or a special gift be sure to contact them!

Stay tuned...there's more to come!


  1. What gorgeous photos! Some people are so talented.

  2. Oooh Kat, I love it! I am very into planning my Thanksgiving decor right now, as we host the both sides of the family at our house, but you'd better believe as soon as the last guest is gone, I'll be digging out the holiday stuff. I can't wait this year! :)

  3. Pretty! I can't imagine decorating all of those trees to get ready for an open house this weekend. What an enormous amount of work! But worse, taking them all down . . .
    Still ~ such beauty. And yes, that little purse ornament is adorable. I think I know someone who may want to put a macro lens on their holiday list (or maybe I shouldn't give you any ideas, eh?) Ha!

  4. Oh all of the pictures are stunning. Such pretty decor. I just can't get myself ready yet. I need to get in gear. lol Hugs, Marty

  5. These photos are so beautiful! I'm inspired and ready to start my holiday decorating!

  6. What a beautiful store Kat, I would want to buy so many things. Your photos are wonderful and inspiring me to get started on my decorations. xx

  7. Oh my goodness, Kat! I felt like I was on a virtual shopping trip with you {and wouldn't the real thing have been fun?!}. I love shops like this and you know what I like the most that the big box stores don't have? The wonderful smells from the flowers and candles. That really mellows me out and puts me in the mood to browse.

    I of course love everything, what talent goes into these trees, arrangements and vignettes. I agree with you on the deer and can keep them out all winter long. I like that.

    I would hope you had a third post with just what you bought {I would!!}, but maybe you have some secret surprises for family!! Let's see the rest! And next time call me before you go! ;-D


  8. What a gorgeous shop! I'll bet I could spend a couple of hours in there.

  9. What a gorgeous place!! I could spend days there and probably not see everything! There is eye candy around every turn! I can't even imagine what it took to make all those beautiful trees and all the time they put into the shop! Just incredible! Your pictures are beautiful, what a fun way to spend a day!

  10. Kat, I love stores like that that carry unique pieces. What gorgeous trees and decorations. Can't wait to see more!

  11. Kat, I could spend hours in a shop like this! Everywhere you look there is something beautiful to take in. I always waited until about two weeks prior to Christmas to put up my tree and decorations. Now that I am blogging, and seeing so much inspiration, I can't wait to get busy decorating.
    Hugs, Sherry

  12. That purple & silver tree was a work of art!


    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  13. OMG they are all beautiful. My head is always swiming with ideas when I leave a place like that. I also hate to see the big stores decorated so early, but notice Ive been thinking about how Im going to decorate this year ! Guess their plan worked !


  14. That must have been a wonderful treat to tour that store...stunning displays.

  15. Well I would have to agree that you are a tad early with the Christmas photos, but I can see the inspiration factor was high so what's a girl to do. I love the trees and especially the one with just cardinals on it. So pretty.

  16. What a beautiful shop! Lots of Christmas magic going on! I have to admit we actually did much of our outdoor decorating yesterday! It was 65 degrees, but snow is predicted this weekend! We've decorated too many years in the snow! Can't wait to see more!

  17. LOL! It's so hard NOT to get into the Christmas spirit early with all of these wonderful bloggers sharing their beautiful ideas!!! I'm thinking the same way you are, Kat! And I'm loving that white Christmas tree with the red cardinals. Soooo stunning! :)

    xoxo laurie

  18. There's something about the magic of Christmas and a breathtakingly beautiful tree. I love them all!

  19. Hi Kat, what a beautiful store and post! I can imagine your excitement and awe with being in this store with all of the magnificent trees and decorating ideas. I think we're both getting so many ideas from other bloggers that it's making us all anxious to begin adorning our homes and setting up as many trees as possible. The photo of the candles and cardinals could be a postcard - there's a wonderful vintage look to it! Ciao, bella!

  20. Hey Kim, I just love everything you have shared here. I will definately be going there on the 13th. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos. I love the second set of photos as well I tried to post a comment but I couldnt for some reason. You have been my life line to Maryland. EVERY place you have suggested has exceeded my expectations!! Last weekend we visited Antietam which was just amazing. Maryland is so rich in history and beauty. I hope you have a gr8 day and hope to see you at Esker antiques.

  21. Oh my...what a wonderful place. I guess it is too far to drive in from Illinois :(

  22. That is one of the most delightful holiday decor I have ever seen! And ooooh I really like the touches of purple! xo ~Lili

  23. Soory Kat I meant to say Kat and I said Kim so very sorry!

  24. I have lived in the Southern Maryland area since 1980 - seven miles west of La Plata. Last week, when I received a beautiful arrangement from Studio Three, was the first time I hrard of them. I must get into the village soon and see the shop for myself. Sounds as if they are somewhere close to my hair dresser. How is it that I have never noticed the shop or seen ads in the county paper? Thank you for making me aware of this business with such taste and flair. It will be interesting to see if they qualify as a rival to my current La Plata flotist - she is uber talented creating one of a kind arrangements for me since I moved here - including a wedding.


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