Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Luck of The Irish and a Giveaway

This past year my daughter did some genealogy research on my side of the family and found out that we had English, Irish, Welsh, and Scottish heritage.  I was thrilled since I've always had and affinity for Ireland, England, Wales, and Scotland, and I have always felt that I've been blessed with the luck of the Irish!

Even our dogs have lineage that ties them to some of these countries!


If I ever had any doubt about how lucky I am, I would never wonder again after all of the amazingly supportive and wonderful comments, phone calls, and emails I've received over the last few days regarding my new photography venture.

You may think that you are simply leaving a comment, but you are in fact bolstering my soul and propelling me forward with your wonderful words!  I read each comment and although I don't get to reply much of the time, they touch me in a way that I can't even put into words, and you can't get much more lucky than that in life!

This afternoon after Mr. Tide finished work, we took the dogs out back and laid in the hammock.  It was chilly but swinging in a hammock is such a comforting thing and so very relaxing.  As we chatted about the day's events and everything we have going on he said, "are you ok, or are you trying to do too many things?"

When I asked why he was wondering that, he jokingly said that I sounded a little Charlie Sheen like today, trying to juggle this and answer that.  I laughed but then I said to him really?!  Do I really sound like Charlie Sheen.  He said, "well you are so full of ideas and always working and creating things and I don't want you to get overwhelmed trying to do too much."  It's true, my brain is always ticking away, always thinking, always moving forward.  It's amazing I actually get to sleep at night, since I go to sleep thinking and wake up thinking...ideas are always freely flowing around here...which I consider lucky too!

This week has been filled with wonderful surprises and chance encounters....

First I met Terry John Woods completely by chance when he sent me a friend request on Facebook.  If you aren't familiar with who Terry is, you will surely know his work.  When I first saw his friend request I thought oh that name sounds familiar, and then I saw his profile picture and I thought WOW!  You see Terry is not just anybody, he's a talented artist, a renowned teddy bear designer, stylist, and the author of an amazing book called New Farmhouse Style, which has sold like hotcakes since its release in October of 2009.

Now you could have knocked me over with a feather when he friended me, and even more so when I sent him a  message and he responded back!  And today I got a chance to speak with him on the phone and I have to tell you all that he is all that and a bag of chips!  He is a down to earth man who has a passion for restoring and decorating old homes.  And if you loved his first book, well you're in luck, he has another one coming out called The Summer House which is due out in late spring/early summer, and he has a shot from the book as his header for his blog.  The photos in his books are by Kindra Clineff whose work is jaw droppingly gorgeous!  You can pre-order his new book on Amazon, and I'm sure it will be equally, if not more successful than New Farmhouse Style!

I feel so very lucky to have met Terry and I hope to stay in touch with this truly talented and inspriring man!

Some of you may be wondering why I included a picture of crystal in my header and on a post about St. Patrick's Day.  The photo is of some of the wonderful Irish crystal made by Waterford that I got as wedding gifts and another pattern I inherited from my parents.  My parents actually drove all over the DC metro area amassing a large collection of 3 different patterns of Waterford years ago.  And the best part is they actually used it often when they entertained friends and family.

My daughter Angelfish sent me a lovely email today where she confided in me that since my mother passed away St. Patrick's Day has always made her sad.  Though I don't know if  my mother knew of her Irish heritage, she certainly loved the holiday and made traditional dishes like corned beef and boiled cabbage each year on March 17th.  And there were lots of little leprechauns and shamrocks scattered about her house as well.  My daughter said that my header reminded her of her Nana and she though my mother would like it as well.  I created the header on a whim yesterday, so perhaps my mother was smiling down and wanted my daughter to learn to not be sad and love St. Paddy's Day once again...I hope she will!

I also spoke to Fifi today which is always a treat!  If my husband thinks I have a lot of irons in the fire well he needs to chat with Fifi!  That woman has more irons in the fire than a ten armed smithy!  She will soon be on a whirlwind book tour promoting her wonderful book Romantic Prairie Style.  I have my order in and can't wait to receive it!   Have you ordered your copy yet?!  If you haven't then you better hurry, I've seen some of the pictures and I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that you will fall in love with this book!  And Fifi hasn't asked me to tell you any of this, I just know that you will want to have your very own copy to hug and squeeze and drool over! Click here to order a copy from Amazon!

You can also visit Joy's wonderful blog Savvy City Farmer to win a copy, but hurry, her giveaway ends soon!

The other two phone calls I've had this week were with a lovely woman about maybe showing my artwork at a local fundraiser.  We ended up talking about all sorts of things besides the fundraiser, like how we both learned to drive a tractor before we learned to drive a car, and how very lucky we both were to grow up in the country with fields and woods to play in!  We also knew a lot of people in common, such a small world I tell ya!

The next phone call I had this week was with Becky from Sweet Cottage Dreams.  Becky lives out in California and truly does live the sweet cottage dream life!  She has a wonderful sense of style and we had an instant connection, and talked for over an hour as my son drove me up the road to Whole Foods.  She shares her charming home with her son, husband, a cute kitty, and two of the most darling Scottie dogs you've ever seen.  Plus, she plays wonderful music on her blog which makes me feel like I'm having a pint at a Scottish pub!  I feel so very luck to have met Becky, she is an inspiration and an amazing person!

And last, because even I am thinking I'm sounding a little like Charlie Sheen with my ramblings, I wanted to tell you that the latest issue of Cottage Style is out and I have 2 articles in it.  One even made the cover, but that's not my photo, I just wrote the stories!!!  The best part is that both articles are written about homes owned by friends of mine, so I'm super excited to see these beautiful homes gracing the pages of Cottage Style!

The whole issue is full of great homes and wonderful inspiration!  So...

I also have a copy to give away.  So if you'd like to win one (and the giveaway is open to anyone) all you have to do is leave a comment telling me what makes you feel lucky!  I will chose a winner this Sunday, March 20th and announce the name on Monday.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!  May the luck of the Irish be with you, and to my dear Irish friend Julie...Happy Birthday AND Happy St. Paddy's Day, you are a true belle of Ireland!

Don't forget it's a Vintage Source weekend this weekend!!!...check out their New Arrivals!!!

Continued well wishes for the people of Japan.

Spread the Love by donating to help rebuild their country...


  1. My goodness what an amazing day you had. I think you've had a touch of the Irish luck yourself.

    By the way - I think we are related as my background is a dogrel mix of English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh. See we must almost be cousins or something with a background like that.

    I'm going to look for that magazine tomorrow when I'm out and about, but if I don't find it - here's hoping I win.

  2. Oh my, Kat! You ARE busy! Good for you--it's wonderful to be busy & I think it's just fabulous that you'll be selling your photography!

    My heritage is very similar--it's a good combo!

    Hope your day is wonderful, my friend...and that you get some sleep tonight!


  3. I feel very lucky to have great blogs like yours to read! I am too lazy to blog, but I enjoy the talent and effort of others. Thanks you.

  4. Living here in Florida makes me feel lucky! Knowing I can walk outside most any day and ride my bike or walk is great! I also feel lucky when I get online and visit with my friends! Thanks for the fun! The number 4 is my lucky number! ♥

  5. Kat, that I have come to know your blog and photography makes me feel lucky! That I had the fortune of marrying a sweet, funny, hardworking guy 14 years ago makes me feel lucky. That we were able to take our kids to my mother's land in beautiful Galway, Ireland and see the land my dad grew up on in Mayo, Ireland makes me feel lucky! I am so excited for you on your cover! Even if I don't win this I will definitely buy it to see you work!
    Have a happy St. Paddy's day tomorrow!

  6. Wow! Two Articles! Congrats - that's so awesome!

    I'm taking myself out of the running for this giveaway, because I just won your last one, but I'll be sure to run over to B&N and grab a copy.

    My dear friend's daughter(Maid of Erin this year) has been irish dancing at an international competition level for years. She's gone to Worlds the last 8 yrs. At most competitions Waterford crystal goes to the victor, so she has scads of it, each one absolutely gorgeous. I love your goblets! They're especially beautiful catching the light from the window. Thanks for sharing.

  7. i still have both parents my sons's and hubby r healthy my youngest boy is gettin married this year....and even though my hub didn't work for 2 yrs we kept our home food on table and even splurged when life isn't to bad..

  8. Taking the next breath makes me feel lucky -grin-. Congratulations on your articles, great accomplishment!

  9. Dear Charlie, I was born lucky!


  10. Phew! What a day Kat! How amazing to be able to connect with those wonderful people and share so many things in common! That is amazing about the woman who wants to show your work! That is so great!!! Another step through the door. :) Love your photos and your header and so glad that it sparked a memory for your daughter and for you.
    Happy St. Patties Day my friend and have a wonderful day!

    Oh as you know I have a copy so please do not include me in the giveaway. :) It was fun to read again!! :)

  11. Congratulations for your Cottage Style articles. I'll be sure to pick one up this weekend!

  12. Congratulations! It sounds like life is fun and busy for you-good on you!

    Happy St Patrick's day!

    Best wishes,

  13. Wowzers!! Kat, you DID have a busy day! Man-0-Man!
    I will be sure to check out all of the links that you mentioned. I cannot wait to read all of the new books that are coming out! A day in the hammock with them sounds deee-vine!

    It was just pure fun to chat with you on the phone! Like I said, I felt like I have known you for years and years. You are that kind of a warm person! Thank you for your friendship!!

    Well, have a super fun St. Paddy's day. Thinking of you on this day.......

    Tipping a pint of Guiness for you! *clink*


  14. PS: only enter my name ONCE...but I forgot to mention thank you for the wonderful giveaway offer! I spy a REALLY cute aqua pillow on that chair that I recognized from a recent post of yours! *wink*


  15. Kat, what a beautiful post. So sweet about your daughter thinking that the header reminds her of her grandma. So so sweet!

  16. I enjoyed reading this post very much. I'm lucky for so many reasons, but mostly because I married the most wonderful man 15 years ago. He has made a lot of my dreams come true. Oh, count me in for the giveaway. If I don't win, I'll definitely go out and buy a copy to read your articles.

  17. Your header is particularly beautiful today, and I suspected the glasses were Waterford. Boy you sure did have an exciting series of phone conversations. I just love Terry John Woods' style and did you know he has a house in Maine? I'm lucky because I finally am living in the place that I love, along with my love. Happy St. Patrick's Day Kat! xo ~Lili

  18. I'm lucky to have been reading your blog for quite a while now, and enjoying it always. Thank you for posting almost every day ... I'm so happy that your creative work is coming to fruition for you!

    Happy St. Patty's Day!

    Sharon C.

  19. You are so busy AND productive Kat! LIfe sounds good, complex in the best way - you must be doing something right!

  20. Wow - you are ridiculously busy! Congrats on having MORE of your work published. You are so talented.

    I am half Irish (my dad is 100% Irish) and hmmm....what do I feel lucky about today? I would say seeing my happy little Lillie running around in the sunshine and feeling this new little one wiggling around in my belly!

  21. Oh wow, what a day! It made me dizzy just to read it! :-) Thanks so much for sharing all those interesting links! Have a wonderful day!

  22. congrats on the articles!! Why can't I find that mag around here??... and I feel lucky because I am living in my dream home, we are all four of us living in this house HEALTHY, and with any more luck, there is plenty of great life adventures ahead.

  23. Would love to win the magazine; congratulations on having articles in it. That's quite an accomplishment!

    What makes me feel lucky? Hmmm, hard one. I've always felt like I was lucky, like I had someone (The Big Guy) looking out for me. But I guess what makes me feel really lucky today is just being as healthy as I am, being an optimist at heart and spring!

  24. I'm lucky (blessed) to have a set of amazing parents, great in-laws and a wonderful husband! Happy Spring!

  25. Kat, in my family we say "busier than a one-armed paper hanger" ~ yikes!

    Being married to my husband makes me feel lucky - everyday!

  26. Living in the lovely Outer Banks of NC makes me feel so lucky and so blessed... oh and an endless supply of chocolate makes me feel pretty lucky!

    I sure would love to win this magazine!

  27. My, you did have a lot to share and you HAVE been busy. Two articles in a magazine--that's pretty special. And, isn't it interesting who shows up on FB sometimes--sounds like you were thrilled by your new "connection". Always fun to stop by your blog. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Mickie

  28. Kelly J/ Hunters HIllMarch 17, 2011 at 11:00 AM

    Living in Southern Maryland makes me feel lucky every day. Having a happy healthy family is also something I am lucky and grateful to have!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  29. This may sound so simple, but having two healthy, happy intelligent sons (conceived through God's grace) after doctors said I could never have kids. Each day I look at them and realize how wonderful my life is because of them.

  30. Luck is like Beauty..Lies In the eye of the Beholder!
    Personally I feel I've been Lucky to undertand my true strenghts and have had the apptitude to pererve through some difficult times.
    I feel that Believing it LUCK is with in us. Be positive and have faith that we truly can make our own LUCK***
    Anything Great that comes your way is because of who you are you may think its Luck however ....believe it's YOU!!!
    Happy St. Patty's Day

  31. I feel lucky to have a husband and a puppy who love me and remind me every day that I'm blessed!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

  32. I feel lucky to have been born of an Irishwoman, who was born of an Irishwoman, who was born of an Irishwoman, and so on back to days of mist and kings. My heritage is something I will never forget and can never escape. It is formative in so many ways--a love of the sea, sky, and wind; of words, a good story and a joke; a fire in the fireplace; animals; and weather of every kind--and, as with all things that are woven into us, both a blessing and a curse.

  33. I'm feeling VERY
    lucky to count you
    as a friend, dear
    Kat!!! And so very
    happy that all your
    dreams are coming
    true : ) Top 'O
    the Mornin' to you,
    xx Suzanne

  34. I am lucky for more reasons than I can mention here, but atop my list is being right where I am today in this life. Thankful for everything and everyone who has shaped me in my 45 years and for those family and friends I love and those who love me...just as I am. I count my Irish blessings often and very seldom do I come up short!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! :-)

  35. Goodness, what wonderful happenings! So very exciting.
    I've kind of been 'away' so I'll have to scroll down through old posts and catch up.
    What makes me feel lucky? The love and support of a good and godly husband.

  36. What a wonderful giveaway! I feel lucky because I have wonderful friends (you are one of them) and my family!! I also feel lucky because I have a grandson on the way!!

  37. Well, you may sound a little Charlie Sheenish to your husband, but your life is certainly more interesting than mine.

    What makes me feel lucky? Good Health and my family...who could ask for more?

  38. Hello, Oh what a wonderful giveaway and congratulations on the two articles. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and your family. I always love to visit your blog, love your photos. Have a great time away. Hugs, Terri

  39. Umm, did I enter this giveaway already? Old ladies like me forget sometimes... LOL Love the magazine and would adore having a copy.


  40. Congrats to you my friend...I'm so happy for you:) What makes me feel lucky? Having a loving husband and knowing that he puts GOD first and also for my two beautiful daughters who have always made some really good choices.


  41. Gracious, what a day!
    I feel lucky by having such good, caring friends.

  42. I feel lucky to have found your blog!!! So happy you have two articles published in the magazine. Congratulations!!

    Mary Lou


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