Friday, March 11, 2011

Blissfully Unaware

This morning I got up early to let the dogs out and to see my son Bugs off to college.  Today is the first day his eye is back to a point where he can safely drive again.  I took the dogs outside for some play time and even snapped a few photos of the minor flooding we experienced here after the torrential rains we had all day yesterday.

I began thinking about a post and even thought I would brave using the laptop again so that I could let you all know who won my latest giveaway.  I thought I would title it something like "let the river run" or "opening the flood gates," something catchy that would tie in to our high water levels.

When I came back inside I sat down at my computer to start getting caught up on work emails and things I needed to get done before the day was through.  Just then my phone rang and it was my dear friend Fifi O'Neill.  She had called to check on my son's eye and to talk to me about a few homes I had in mind for some shoots this June and also to talk about her new book project.

As we chatted about work things and life things I mentioned our minor flooding.  That is when she asked if I had seen the news about Japan.  

About a year or so ago I gave up watching the news on TV and every so often I quickly skim CNN online, but not every single day.  I simply can't stomach the steady stream of bad news and I really can't stomach the way the media often covers meaningless topics like what a celebrity is saying or doing 24/7 when there are so many more important events going on around the world!

The result of my blissful ignorance is that I sometimes am just that...ignorant, about what is happening in the world or even my own backyard.  I've asked my children and Mr. Tide to try and keep me at least a little up to date on the major events in the world, but today I was blissfully unaware of the complete devastation in parts of Japan.

My heart goes out to those affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami!  I quickly emailed my daughter to see if one of her closest friends, who lives in Japan teaching English, was ok.  I got an email back saying that she was and for that I am thankful!  But I'm sure that as time goes on we will find that many people were not so lucky, losing everything they own, or far worse, their loved ones!

I will be back soon to announce the winners of my giveaway, but right now I just want to get caught up on what I've been missing.  You can't live in a bubble for too long it seems!


  1. Kat, we are so lucky here to have the CBC- our national public broadcaster. We get great news, professional reports and a general lack of sensationalism. I swear if they do away with it, I will go live in the rainforest...I can;t bear CNN and all the others owned by media companies.

    I was alerted to Japan when I turned on my computer this morning as Google issued an alert right belove its infamous image. It is just awful, but I have been reading that their building codes are very high so the damage was not nearly as bad as it could have been.

  2. Jeanne we have just been watching the news in shocked silence. Like you I'm not too keen on watching all the bad news happening in different parts of the world. But like you, with all these terrible events, my heart, thoughts and prayers go out to all those poor people out there in Japan.

  3. Kat I'm so sorry I've called you Jeanne by mistake!

  4. Chania, you are so right, because of their stringent building codes hopefully the losses will be minimized. And I wish we had something like the CBC here!

    Molly, no apology necessary! :-)

    Kat :)

  5. I don't watch the news on tv a lot either, but saw it when I logged on the computer this morning...such a sad situation. The video coming out of there is amazing! I am glad your son is doing better! That was a rough infection! I have been covered in paint with my kitchen project...the paint you suggested is perfect!

  6. I watched for hours in real time last evening, being a night owl...and actually seeing the water take over miles and miles in real time has left me raw and weeping. So much has been edited out from last night's broadcasts. Last night I just watched in horror.

    Life is a mixed bag - the joy and the sorrow.

    Hold tight to those you love.


  7. Even the most sturdy bubbles have to pop at some point. I don't watch the news as much as I used to, but when on the computer so much of the day, it's hard not to peek at it now and then.

    So glad Hawaii was not hard hit.


  8. Kat, I haven't seen the news today, I'll be checking it out a.s.a.p. I was aware of the earthquake yesterday but hadn't read about the tsunami!

    Your tulip photos are lovely.

  9. Happy to hear your son is recovering well. Your tulip photos are stellar! And hoping like you, for the safety of those in the earthquake path.
    xo Cathy

  10. Kat,
    Your header photos are stunning, as usual. Glad to hear that Bugs is recovering.
    Yes, my prayers go out too, to those affected by such a great tragedy. I cannot imagine.

  11. You KNOW that you are
    singing my song. I
    would have been oblivious
    except that my hubby has
    colleagues in Tokyo and
    he heard about it through
    his work grapevine and clued
    me in. Certainly puts A LOT
    in perspective! Glad your
    son is doing better ~ whew.
    Enjoy your weekend!!
    xx Suzanne

  12. I'm blissfully ignorant of most news too - - - I just heard about the EQs JUST NOW as I began to check in on my bloggy world.

  13. Your photos are simply beautiful! I too try to not watch the news! Too much negativity every day! It really is so sad the devastation that the Japanese people have just endured. I will keep them in my thoughts!

  14. Kat, I got up made coffee and turned on the t.v. and was shocked. It is terrible news and so strange how this earthquake can effect so much of the world with tsunami warnings. I am glad that your daughter's friend is alright.

  15. It must have seemed like the end of the world to them when it was happening, it's so hard to comprehend when I look at the videos. Glad to hear Bugs is able to drive again. We all have so much to be thankful for. xo ~Lili

  16. I just can't imagine what the Japanese people are enduring this very moment ~ I'm glad to hear your daughter's friend is o.k. ~ keep them all in our thoughts and prayers.
    The tulips are beautiful and it warms my heart to see them ~ thanks ;-)

  17. I usually do not watch the news for the same reason and it wasn't until I spoke with my mom that I found out. I turned on the tv and was horrified at all the devastation! My heart just ached for those that were experiencing it and things just seem to keep happening there. I am glad that you daughters friend was ok.

  18. Hi Kat,
    I'm glad to know that your son is doing better and able to return to school.

    I'm like you. I try to avoid the news because of all the news chanels repeating stories over and over again. I get sick of hearing about Charlie Sheen and Lindsey Lohan! LOL!

    The terrible tragedy in Japan is beyond the scope of comprehension. My heart goes out to the people there. My niece is in Hawaii and called her Mom last night to say that she was okay.


  19. Kat, I too feel so sorry for the people of Japan and anyone else affected by this awful disaster. I agree about the news, I don't like to listen to it either! There is enough things in this world that are depressing, who needs to add to it!

  20. Glad your daughters friend is ok. Something big is happening on the news every day or week lately. It's actually getting difficult to keep up with everything that's going on.

    Lisa x

  21. I do want to hide sometimes but it's the reality of life. At the very least, we can be summoned up to help if we can. I always wanted to be in the Red Cross! My prayers go out those people.

    Hope your son is better.


  22. It's devastating news. One of the parents at our school is over there right now and will be flying out tomorrow. There is no food at the airport, no hotels open, devastation everywhere, but the airport where he is has been cleared to begin moving people out tomorrow. He's been given a thin blanket, some water and some packs of crackers. He's lucky to be alive.

  23. You already know that I boycott the news on TV most of the time, too. I found out about the Japan earthquake early yesterday morning when I went online and saw the note at the bottom of the Google page. I immediately turned on the TV to local news to see the details. I cannot fathom the level of devastation and grief that the people there are dealing with.

    I thought about you yesterday, as our river rose out of its bank and covered the adjacent road. Thought about calling, but I got distracted and didn't. It's good to hear that everything at home is well ... dear Bugs' eye included!

    I imagine you're cleaning up quite a crop of muddy dog prints.

  24. Well, it looks like there are only two of us so far, who turn on the news in the morning. I intensely dislike celebrity news, but I turn the news on each morning at 5:30am and it stays on until 6pm. I take a break on the weekends unless there is something going on that I think I need warrants my attention. I don't watch local news, if something major is going on, it will show up on my other news channel. There, I freely admit, I am a news junkie. I want to know what is going on in the world around me. Blogging is my distraction.

    With that said, when I turned on the tv yesterday and heard the news, I was heartbroken for the people of Japan and worried about our Pacific Coast. Early reports are so sketchy and I only knew then that tsunami advisories and warnings had been issued. My son lives just blocks from the coast, so that made me even more concerned. Since it was only 2:30am in California, I had to wait hours to call. I was glued to the tv watching updated reports on the tsunami and seeing the devastation in Japan. Having experienced two major quakes in California, I knew just what an 8.9 meant.

    Yes, their building codes and the technology they've developed is amazing, far superior to California's, but there is no way to prepare for that amount of water. Much like the flooding after Katrina, the tsunami was what caused such tragic losses.

    Yes, my heart is with the people of Japan and I'm sure those of most.

  25. These photos are far, far beyond the land of beautiful, my dear!

  26. Have a wonderful week!


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