Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pluses and Minuses

Women Boots
(Photo Courtesy of Unlisted Website)

I'm married to a funny guy, both literally and figuratively speaking.  The other day he asked me if I was going to do a post on my "new" new boots and when I asked him why he said, "well your last post was so sad."  Funny, I never thought of it as sad, I was going for tongue in cheek, but this man of mine knew how much I had longed for those boots, so for him it was a sad post.  Little does he know...well actually he does but he must have temporarily forgotten, that I can turn on a something one minute and be moving right on down the line the next.

I returned the Coach boots and never looked back, in fact I felt kind of relieved that I had made the grown up decision of allowing comfort to trump looks.  In my younger years I would have likely muscled through wearing those boots, only to regret it when I needed to take a nice long bath to soothe my aching arches!  Now, don't get me wrong, I wasn't giving up that easily, I knew I would find other boots, and so it was last Sunday night on our way to dinner when I said, "hey let's stop by the store and buy you some really need some new jeans."

I tried on 3 pairs of boots, all with lower heels, and when I tried on the ones pictured above, I knew they were the ones!  Comfy...check...on sale...check...and in my size...double check!  They are not red, though if they had had the red ones in my size, you can bet your bottom dollar they would have come home with me too.  They are from Unlisted by Kenneth Cole and they feel like bedroom slippers, at least to me they do.  They are almost a grey/green and will go with everything, so all's well that ends well.  I even put them on in the car and wore them to dinner...and did I mention they were only $23?!  And everyone knows that getting a good deal makes you love something even more...well, except in the case of the .99 cent off brand cookies my dad used to stock up on...they were disgusting, but we're not talking cookies here people, we're talking dirt cheap booties!

Fast forward to today, and although I have new boots and Mr. Tide has new jeans, neither of us will be wearing them.

We got some snow throughout the day yesterday and into last night, and along with the white stuff it's been blowing a gale.  Our temps were in the single digits, and the wind chills took us into minus territory...I think last night it was -8, and that was before midnight!

Even this afternoon when I took the dogs out it was still blowing, but not nearly as badly as yesterday, for which Mr. Quinn is very thankful.

He and Misty love the snow, but even they are smart enough to know that when it feels like 7 degrees outside, they shouldn't play for too long.

That face pretty much says it all.  That's the face of a happy, albeit cold doggie!

Misty insists on rolling around and burying her entire head in the snow like a snowplow.  Even in the minus temps, it is always a plus to have them around!

If you are part of this big snow storm, or feeling the chilling temps of January wherever you are, stay safe and warm my friends!


  1. Lovely photos of your beautiful dogs enjoying the snow. And I'm so glad you got a new pair of boots, and bargain ones to boot!

  2. Your new boots look a lot like a pair that I got on clearance at Target last year ... mine are brown, though, and they aren't leather. Comfy as slippers, though.

    With the new little dog, I have a whole new respect for being out in the cold. Till now, I would send the dog(s) out and watch for them from the door. With this new gal, I have to be right there with her, putting her down and picking her back up, and sheltering her in my jacket/robe. Worth it, though, because she's a real sweetheart. Can't wait for you to meet her!

  3. I celebrate with you that you found boots that are handsome, comfy and a great price. Well done lady. It is surprisingly warm here, in California, but I may ask you to send us some water this summer as we need rain, rain, rain.

  4. Yikes you are just as cold as we are, but we dodged the snow this time. Now I have to go and read your Coach boot story. So glad you are happy with your newest Kenneth Cole brand...the footwear agrees with me too! xo

  5. You are so wise Kat.
    And I loved your 'turn on a dime' explanation.

    I am EXACTLY the same way.

    Stay Warm!


  6. I am loving your new red boots! I have a similar pair. And something about wearing that color lifts me right up. I am so glad I am old enough now and comfortable enough now to wear them :-)

  7. LOVE the new boots...and knowing they fit so great...even better! Beautiful photos of your sweet pups, Kat! Stay warm...we are FREEZING here, too!

  8. Brrrrrrr - no snow here - it's quite enough to read about it on your post!
    I like the boots very much and the colour sounds delectable. Well done!

  9. No snow here, but it certainly is cold! Love that you were able to find some good boots at a bargain!

  10. Glad you found some comfy boots that make you smile. Fantastic photos. They are predicting snow here on Friday, but it won't look like yours. ;-)

  11. Your pup is adorable and your photos are always so good! So happy you found some new boots that you will enjoy wearing!

  12. Hi Kat, I am excited you found those cute boots. I was dreading yesterday as I had set it aside to buy jeans. The first pair I tried on were perfect. I could not believe it. I did not want to spend hours looking at my butt and I did not have to. The snow images are terrific. I am going junking today in very cold weather but we never have snow-would not know what to do with it. xo, olive

  13. I love those boots and would have bought them in red as well. Gorgeous pictures of Misty enjoying the snow.

  14. Oh, I know you are rocking
    those boots in KW style!!!

    Super cold here (-37 wind chill
    when Will got on the bus!), but
    we are die-hards at this stuff.
    I know it must be tough for you
    in Maryland. Stay strong and
    cozy warm, sweet friend!

    xo Suzanne

  15. I like the new ones better than the Coach ones. I'm going to look for a pair for myself!!


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