Saturday, January 11, 2014


There's not much new to report from my neck of the woods.

The weather has warmed up, but the fog and the rain quickly rolled in shortly after I took these images a few days ago, so it's been rather bleak around here.

I'm on deadline for a story, and because procrastination is my middle name, I've been busy surfing websites hunting for end of season deals instead of taking pictures to accompany my story...I blame the lousy weather for not allowing me to take good pics and finish my assignment! ;-)

We filled the bird feeders before the bitter cold and light dusting of snow hit last week, and the birds all seem appreciative of our efforts.  I don't even know what kind of bird this little guy pictured above is, any birders out there that can help me out?

Of course I always know this bird when I see it, and I always smile when a bluebird graces me with his or her presence.  I think they secretly know that just a little flash of their bold blue feathers will help bolster me throughout the day and remind me that the colors of spring must be just around the corner!

I'm off now to do some cleaning, and to talk myself out of a pair of boots I've been eyeing for 2 months now.  Sure, they are on sale, but they aren't dirt cheap yet, and that's the only way I like my after season sales Coach, if you're listening...please take 90% off of all your boots so that I can get my work done...ok?!...and thanks in advance!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Gorgeous photos! Love it when you shoot birds. We see lots of cardinals in our garden. Beautiful, Kat! Good luck on your boots :)

  2. It's been such a long time since I saw a cardinal - they don't live out here on the island, and I miss that flash of red on the winter landscape. Yesterday the rain stopped for about 10 minutes. It was just long enough for the birds to take flight and burst into song - magical moment.
    Get the boots. Life is short!

  3. The bird pictures are gorgeous - love the little blue bird in the bottom pic.

  4. Haha! I spent some time online shopping today, was feeling a little dumpy after spending the holidays with my (much) younger sister who has always been very chic, and was looking for some boots (not waterproof, New England winter boots!) and new jeans to take the edge off the middle-age angst I am currently sporting. Your photos are absolutely stunning. Thanks for the reminder to stay focused on creativity and art!

  5. Beautiful pictures of birds! Also - there are times I've delayed ordering something, only to discover it was no longer available when I decided to order. Never know when those boots will come in handy.:-)

  6. So pretty, Kat! I always love bird photos! Since I was traveling, I did my shopping before Christmas this year...but there were still some great sales!

  7. Nature really has some of the prettiest colours and you always capture them so well, Wishing you all the best in this New Year, Kat.

  8. This cardinal is sure a nice bright spot in an otherwise cold, rainy week. Thank you for posting it today....and oh....I am doing the end of season thing too. LOL

  9. I felt so bad this week with HIGHS
    in the sub-zeros for not having any
    bird feeders. I need to remedy that!
    Just don't want to attract mice, which
    happened in one home where we lived : )

    Glorious pics, as always. When they
    are giving those boots away, drop me
    a line, please!

    xo Suzanne

  10. Your skies looked to be a gorgeous shade of blue days ago. I haven't seen that since...well, I just don't know! The boots will be marked down next season for sure.


  11. Your birdie pictures are just so sweet and always made me smile to see what you capture. Hope you got your story done. A pair of Coach boots sounds wonderful, at say 90% off that is!! xo


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