Sunday, December 15, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree

Some of you have been so sweet to inquire about my whereabouts of late.  It's been a crazy kind of holiday season, but I'm still here, still trying to get my act together.  We went to visit my in-laws in the Midwest for a few days, and although I did some decorating the day before we left, I still don't have my tree up yet...a first for me!  My birthday is in early December and so having the tree up by then has always been the tradition.

We have had an artificial tree since my father gave us his after my mother passed away 9 years ago.  I used to be horribly opposed to fake trees, and I would threaten every year to get a fresh tree, but somehow the convenience always won out.

Then a few days ago when my helpful husband brought ours in from the garage, we realized that even fake trees have limited lifespans.  He called to me after dragging it around from the garage to our back door to bring it in and gave me the grave news.  He motioned towards the floor and the plethora of fake needles scattered about...not a good sign.  And then he asked if I thought it smelled musty...another bad sign!  He then mentioned that some of the branches were irrevocably broken, and it was then that I felt both joy and sadness.

Sad because I was geared up to finally decorate the tree, but kind of secretly joyful that this year we would have a real tree again and the smell of frasier fir filling the air once more.  I know you can buy candles and sprays to mimic that smell, but to me they are poor substitutes for the real deal.

A few days passed, we went shopping, ostensibly for a tree, but each time we never made it to get one.  So  today we both looked at each other and realized Christmas is only a few days away, and asked we really NEED a tree?  The kids are grown right?  We have very few presents to wrap and put under it, but that's a whole other post, so, why do we need a tree?!

And, I reasoned, we have a beautifully lit blue spruce shining brightly each night in our front yard, and we relegated our partially defunct former tree to the back patio, which looks lovely all lit up through the doors each night.  Not to mention the fact that I got a wild hair before going to Indiana and brought in an old pencil tree (think skinny) and put it up in the living room, where it's still sitting unadorned and rather pitiful looking.

Now, I could decorate the pencil tree, but it can't possibly hold all of our ornaments, and how am I supposed to choose which ones are special enough to make the cut?!  Plus, let's not forget the tradition I started years ago of giving my children a new ornament each year to commemorate something meaningful about the year, plus an ornament to honor my parents who are deceased!  I guess the kids can unwrap them and carry them around all day instead of hanging them on the tree...sure, that could work! *rolls eyes*

So you see, it appears that we will be schlepping out tomorrow to find a tree, which will cascade into needing lights, a stand (yup threw ours out in the move), and whatever else I decide we "need" in order to satisfy my inner Martha Stewart!


I wonder if this eagle I captured a few days ago is eyeing the crazy woman who took his or her photo and wondering what all the fuss about a tree is about.  Eagles don't seem to have any trouble finding a tree they like and making the best of it...ahh to be an eagle! ;-)

I hope all is well with you and that your trees are up, decorated, and sparkling brightly!


  1. Hello Kat,
    Have fun buying a tree and decorating it. I don't think it's Christmas without a tree. I found out yesterday that my daughter and SIL are not putting up a tree and I am very sad about that. Hope you and your family have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


  2. As you know my trees and decorations have been done for weeks..Good thing too. I have been working almost non stop and I would be pulling out my hair if I had yet to start. Whew! 5 more days until days off YAYA!

  3. And who needs a Partridge in a Pear Tree when you have an Eagle? Have fun schlepping around looking for a tree- You know you will LOVE it once you GET it! xo Diana

  4. It sounds like a fun opportunity to get a great new tree! This year I didn't dig out our ornaments, or put up our big tree. We just have a 4 foot tabletop tree...I had a box of 20 ornaments in my studio, and that's what I used! It still feels very Christmasy though with all the white lights!

  5. Dear Kat, I could echo this post in spirit if not in facts. My tree is up but naked because of our sweet yet bad kitten. CC is apparently staying in South Korea and will not be home for Christmas. The whole time feels disjointed for me somehow. I will enjoy our church service Christmas eve. The traditional and contemporary Christmas music does cheer me a lot. Your eagle is magical in itself. olive

  6. Hello Kat,
    Happy belated birthday! :) We used to get really big Christmas trees and had so much fun decorating it. But taking all the ornaments and lights down....always a drag. So for the last 4 or 5 years, only a tabletop tree. We love it - still festive but more manageable for us. Merry Christmas to you all!

  7. Kat, We do not have a Christmas tree up either! We have a few little bottle brush ones sitting around, but that is it! I love Christmas and all that goes with it, but I wanted a stressfree Christmas! Our kids are grown with families of their own. We will just visit them and their lovely trees! Beautiful photos as always! Merry Christmas Kat!

  8. Hi Kat, I'm not doing a tree; just not 'feeling it' this year. The girls weren't too happy about it at first, but I didn't worry because they will get to enjoy my sister's who we will spend Christmas with. And everyone seems to be over it now. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and wish you all the best in the year ahead!

  9. Your eagle pic is exceptional! Wow!

    Last year we were not going to be home for Christmas so I put the top of our 9 foot tree in a pot on a table. It was NOT THE SAME! Told myself I would never do that again. The trouble of the tree paled in comparison to the joy the tree has brought this year already. I have everything from homemade dough ornaments the kids made at school to Radko and each has precious memories. It is not perfect and actually I have more ornaments I haven't put on but enough. My parents didn't put up their tree until their anniversary which is Dec 15th. You still have plenty of time.


    Merry Christmas to you. Bonnie

  10. Wow! That eagle! Never mind the tree . . . haha!

  11. It is good to see you here Kat!! We got rid of our worn out fake tree and bought a real one this year. Actually our daughter, Jenny and her 2 little boys, Owen and Jack went with me to get a tree. Owen walked row after row of trees and he stopped at one and said, "I like". Nana now has this tree in her living room shining brightly! He calls it Owen's tree! Jack has taken a shine to Christmas tree lights. At 8 months he really can't express himself as to his likes and dislikes but you can definitely tell he loves the lights on the tree! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my friend!!

  12. Oh that eagle is magnificent! xoxo


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