Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Guilt is a Beautiful Thing

Misty Belle and Mr. Quinn:  Mom, we're glad you decided to get a fresh tree and that you decorated the pencil tree in the living room.

Me:  Aww, you're welcome pups.

Misty Belle and Mr. Quinn:  Are you glad too mom?

Me:  Yes, I'm glad I was able to put my vintage French postcards on the living room tree, and I know I will love having all of the family ornaments on the live tree in the family room once I am done putting on the lights.

Misty Belle:  This postcard with the roses is my favorite!

Me:  This one is my favorite, the people are all dressed up like they are going to a holiday soiree!

Mr. Quinn:  I like the Bingo card that Linda sent you last year!

Me:  Me too Quinnie!

Me:  And I love the old felt stockings my mom made us, this one was for my Nanna, she would have loved you guys!

Misty Belle:  Mom, you said you felt guilty not decorating this year, what is guilt?

Me:  Well Misty Belle guilt is...oh nevermind, guilt is a beautiful thing this year!

Me:  Misty Belle?

Misty Belle:  Yes Mom?

Me:  You better take another look out that window and see if Santa is on his way!

Update:  A live tree, new stand, and new lights (though not enough) now grace our family room, so tonight's project will be getting more lights and trimming the tree.  Though I don't say this often, ok, never, the guilt which led to us getting a tree really will be a beautiful thing when it's all said and done! :)


  1. So pretty, Kat...the pups do seem to be enjoying it! I love how you've displayed and decorated the pencil tree...and I'm glad you liked the card! Have fun with the tree decorating!

  2. You had me giggling and made me go way back to a mental health lecture about guilt. The tree is beautiful. I have decided we will not have enough lights. xo, olive

  3. LOL- oh yeah...can't wait to see your "guilt" at work-xo Diana

  4. Guilt comes in so many forms. For me, it's a song from the kitchen.........
    Your tree is very pretty!

  5. you go girl and enjoy every minute of it :D

  6. Guilt comes in many sizes and shapes. Mine is white...like in divinity! I hope you, the mister, and the kids have a wonderful Christmas.

  7. Misty Belle and Mr Quinn are delighted. Happy Christmas to you all from Molly x

  8. Guilt frèe :)
    Beautiful here and the pups look to be enjoying what's to come.
    Our little italian Greyhound does not know what to make of all the craziness going on, but she'll learn at 4 months old its hard to keep them out of stuff.

    The tree is perfect in Eiffel Tower beauty here.
    A very Joyeux Noël
    To you and yours


  9. Love your tree with its wonderful antique cards.

  10. I love the laundry cart (?) you have your tree in! So pretty!

  11. Aww your dogs are beautiful! Yes, guilt does lead to beautiful things sometimes! Your home looks lovely! I'm dragging getting everything done too.

  12. Kat- your decorations are so beautiful-- the new tree is just so perfect. A great choice for your room. The pups look pretty happy too. I love the vintage postcards on the tree-- just gorgeous.

    Christmas wishes to your family--

  13. No doubt that Nanna does know about and love those sweet fur babies. Everything looks perfect and simply beautiful Kat! xoxo


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