Saturday, October 6, 2012

Days of Wine and Roses

Thank you to everyone who fell in love with the Beautyberries in my last post, they truly live up to their name!

Life around here has been quiet, it seems that the auto accident we had a little over a month ago is letting itself be known with some lingering shoulder and back pain.  The soreness has been there all along, but it seems to have gotten worse over the past few weeks so I'm off to see a doctor on Tuesday.

I hope he will be able to fix me up quickly, because I have to say that as someone who has never had back pain before, it really is the pits, and keeps you from doing things like taking pictures and spending much time on the computer!

Mr. Tide and I really aren't big drinkers, in fact we rarely drink at all, but we do keep a bottle of Willm, a lovely pinot gris, around for when people come to dinner, or to take as a hostess gift when going to a friend's house.

We discovered this lovely, slightly sweet white wine on a visit to Whole Foods awhile back, so when we make our bi-monthly pilgrimage to WF, which we affectionately call the land of joy and joyness, we always pick up a bottle.   It's from the Alsace region of France, the area that we visited around this time last year.  That was a wonderful time, our very own days of wine and roses!

I hope each of you is enjoying your weekend!  And a very Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!


  1. Beautiful imagery, perfect for a wine tasting advertisement! Beautiful textures and lighting. Love, love, love!

  2. Kat, I'm sorry to hear about your aches and pain from the auto accident. Last November I (driving my car) was struck by a car, and I in turn hit 3 other cars. It was a nasty accident that was entirely the fault of one distracted driver. I had minor back pains, but luckily they went away. Good luck with your appt!

  3. The land of joy and joyness, I will remember that when I visit WF. I hope you heal quickly from the car accident.

  4. Back problems are the worse. I hope you feel better soon.

  5. it's always nice to have a bottle of something special and meaningful in the house. have you looked into acupuncture for your back pain? I know many people who have had success with it.
    Bec x

  6. I'm sorry to hear of your injures. Hope the trip to the doc gets you some relief.
    I think I need to steal a few beauty berry branches to take home too. Heck their not selling:(


  7. Kat I hope you are better very soon!! Lovely images and I do love a glass of crisp Pinot Grigio occasionally!

    I do hope you will come enter the last weekend of my Giveaway of Velvet Pumpkins from Love Feast!

    Art by Karena

  8. Those beautyberries certainly are pretty. Hope you feel better soon, its not fun having a sore back :)

  9. Oh thanks for that tip. My husband and I wander around the wine dept at WF not knowing what to the pick and will try it soon :) Hope you have relief from the back pain soon. I have suffered a bit of back pain the last few years from overdoing is misery! Take it slow....

  10. Oh, I'm sorry to hear you are still having problems from the accident! Hopefully the doctor can offer some answers! Beautiful roses...

  11. Thinking of you and your back pain, I'm glad you are going to the doctor...need to take care of it, and know what you are dealing with. I had two bad car accidents, that have affected my neck a decade later...hopefully you have a minor injury and a quick fix!

  12. Thank you for the wine tip; I shall look for it.

    I hope you're feeling much better soon. It's so hard to live with chronic pain and irritation, isn't it.

  13. Oh, dear, I hope your doctor
    can help you put this pain
    behind you, Kat. I've been
    through it and as you say, it
    IS the pits!

    How nice that your WF has
    wine....If ours did, I could
    truly say that all good things
    come from WF!! Unlike you,
    I am a wine-o : )

    Gorgeous pics, as always....

    Happy Tuesday,
    xo Suzanne

  14. So sorry to learn of the lingering effects of that accident Kat. I do hope you have found some relief from your Drs. visit to make your day to day activities a little less painful for you dear. Your photography is always such a delight to behold. xo ~Lili


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