Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Newest Addictions

Thanks everyone for your well wishes following our accident in Williamsburg.  We are slowly feeling less sore, and working towards getting our car repaired.

I've been taking it easy this past week, trying to get my cortisol levels back in whack.  When you have an adrenal condition like I do, what would normally not affect someone else can really throw my body for a loop, so I'm taking baby steps until I'm back to normal again.

One of the most important things I can do is to eat right and get plenty of rest...oh and avoid the news at all cost...Mr. Tide is keeping me up on current events so that I don't sound like a total dimwit!

Over the last 6 years eating organically, eliminating all sorts of things from our diet like transfats, etc., and in the past 9 months going gluten free, has been key to my feeling better.  And when I'm under stress, or have experienced a stressful situation like our accident, it becomes even more important for me to keep up a strict healthful diet.

I really try to eat mostly fruits and veggies throughout the day supplementing those with protein, and I've become a little addicted to Whole Foods spreadable cheeses...like the Pepper Jack Cream Cheese pictured above.  I've actually been out of it for a few weeks and I have to say that withdrawal has not been easy!

The other thing I am totally in love with are these Glutino Gluten Free Bagel Chips...both the original and the Parmesan flavor...YUM!  When gluten free tastes this good, you kind of forget that it can be a royal pain to stick to a gluten free diet.

The only problem is that our local stores don't stock either of these, and I've yet to find a good spreadable goat or cream cheese that can match the stuff they sell as their store brand at Whole Foods.

This was my lunch a few weeks ago, and let me just say that it was delish!  Usually I would have less fruit and more veggies, but our local grocery stores are severely lacking in good organic produce, and because Mr. Tide was on a trip, I hadn't made the 2 hour trek to our closest Whole Foods for awhile.  In fact, we are long overdue for a visit, but that will likely have to wait until sometime next week.

So curse you Whole Foods and your delicious spreadable cheese...and curse you local grocers for not getting more organic fruits and veggies so that I wouldn't have to drive to the ends of the earth to find some!  Oh and curse you people who have a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's right down the street and take it for granted...envy, thy name is Kat!

On a totally different topic, but still pertaining to addictions...let's chat about roses shall we?!

When we moved into this house 5 years ago we had the ubiquitous knock-out rose bushes, one pink tea rose, and another yellow hybrid tea...I really have no clue if they are hybrids or teas, but it makes me sound more educated so I'll go with it.  In total, we had 9 rose bushes...4 of which were knock outs and 2 were some sort of spray type bushes...and yes there will be a test at the end so keep track.

Thanks to the world of blogging, I met Connie of Hartwood Roses.  Connie is what I like to refer to as a rose "dealer."  You know the type, they talk about roses with a passion in their voice, invite you to their property which looks like a rose garden from an old English estate...well because it is an old estate and she has lots of rose gardens, and they slyly lure you in!

Then they put their crafty, mesmerizing spell on you and BAM you suddenly think to yourself..."hey, I could do this, I could grow roses with names I'll never remember, and care about each individual plant as though it's an adopted child!"

And so here I am, just a year and half later, with 25 rose bushes...yup 25...and counting!  A few of them are knock outs, but most are old fashioned roses that I've purchased from Connie or been gifted by friends and family.  I also have some David Austin roses, like the white one above, but please don't ask me their names.  

Unlike the gardens of true rose enthusiasts, my roses are not neatly tagged, beautifully trimmed, or probably even in the right soil or getting the perfect amount of sunlight.  But they do bring me joy and happiness, and I do care for them in my own way.  Heck, I'm even thinking about buying a wide brimmed straw hat so that I at least give the appearance of knowing what I'm doing!

Connie has taken a break from selling roses in order to tend to the many beautiful plants in her own gardens.  What she may or may not realize is that she did way more than sell roses to unsuspecting people like me...she actually created little rose loving addicts in the process.  And as I wander my yard cutting fragrant blossoms to place here and there throughout my house, I know it was never about the "knowing" part of growing roses she was trying to instill in others...it was always about the "loving" part and finding my inner rose addict...for that I will always be thankful to her!

What are you addicted to lately...do tell!

And for those of you in Isaac's path...STAY SAFE!


  1. Hi, Kat - Your roses are really beautiful! They look so PERFECT, and as usual, your photographs are gorgeous!!

    I only have the knock out roses....very low maintenance, repeat blooming and self cleaning. But alas not fragrant.

    I guess I should start appreciating WF and TJ more. You are a trooper....2 hours, WOW!

    Glad you are feeling better, my friend.

    And thanks again for sharing your lovely Williamsburg photos.

  2. I have never been to Whole Foods but we do have a Trader Joe's about a half hour away. I don't always eat organically, but when I'm there I love to think I'm eating healthier. The cheese spread looks delicious...you are great at photographing food!

    I'm envious that you have 25 rose bushes! I tried my hand at planting a climbing rose last year and so far, so good. We have so much shade, it's impossible to have more. I enjoyed your pictures. You don't have to know the names, just love them!


  3. We drive 90 miles to Trader Joe's. I second those curses I guess.I have never been to a Whole Foods. I did not know of your accident and am thankful you are okay. I am sort of in and out of the blogs these days myself because I am in need of some surgery that is coming up soon. We have bought another lot beside our yellow house and I could plant lovely roses there. I have considered taking the master gardening course next year and may need to if I try the roses. The blackrot is bad her. Take care Kat.

  4. glad your getting back on track Kat....i have no idea how people stick to these ways of eating.....for the life of me i can't make the change over to eating differently due to finding out i have had heart attacks ( yep didnt know it) i just love my fried foods, REAL butter, tators you know all that good farm girl cooking...lol i guess i hust havent taken my situation serious yet.....mabe i need to join some kind of anti-fried food group...snickers, well anyways some time you must take pic's of all your rose bushes i don't think i have ever seen many pic's of your outdoor area.....hope pups are doing well also.....be safe Kat!!

  5. I thought you had pretty much not been blogging anymore so haven't been by to read or comment. GOOD GRIEF, now I'm so far behind on your posts I'll never catch up.

    You were in a car accident? Don't believe I knew that either. Hope you are doing well, or at least better by now... keep eating fruits and veggies... they are the way to a long and healthy life. :-)

  6. I love the roses, and your new addiction but WHAT? YOU WERE IN AN ACCIDENT?!!! I have completely missed this information.

  7. I too didn't know about the accident, so glad your safe and here to show us all those delicious foods.
    The roses are sublime!
    Please take care and stay healthy.
    Bec x

  8. A wide-brimmed straw hat and a Sussex trug Kat, that should do it - you make me miss all the David Austen roses I had in London!
    (however I do have Trader Joe's and Whole Foods opposite each other just two miles down the road, and a superb local market in walking distance...)

    I'm glad you are feeling better and looking after yourself.

  9. I hear you- My daughter lives about 1o blocks from a Trader Joe's. I am soooo jealous!

    What fun that you have so many roses. I love the David Austins, too. I think that white one MIGHT be Heritage. It is just gorgeous. I left one like that behind when we moved...mores the pity.

    Glad you are feeling better- xo Diana

  10. what a nice spread- We sure are glad you are on the mend.

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  11. OH the plate of food looks delicious! I'm always happy to find a store with good organic and gluten free foods, too! Your roses must be beautiful!

  12. Connie is very special! I love visiting her and roaming through her gardens and greenhouse...She is so knowledgeable and is an awesome resource to us all!!! I am going to have to try the Gluten Free Bagel Chips...fortunately I commute (somehow that doesn't sound right) 50 miles for work, in the same direction as a Whole Foods. Praying for healing from inside out! donna :)

  13. Hi Kat!! That lunch you took a picture of looks so yummy! The peach looks so good-I wish I had one right this minute-LOL!! Your roses are gorgeous! I have one of Connie's roses! I have it all potted up and I'm waiting to move into the new house to plant it there. I was hoping to buy some more from her, but I just learned from you she isn't selling them anymore. Hopefully she will return to selling them again. Take care of yourself, rest up, relax and enjoy the end of summer!

  14. Oh dear, I'm glad you are okay from your accident, geez I've really missed alot over here. The food looks so appetizing and I'm in love with all those roses and the idea of having so many of them too! xo ~Lili


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